Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where is the Hyperon Family?

William has left a new comment on your post "Deuterium Coherent Fusion Questions":

Where can I find: "Those are experimental results and have been verified.
It also matches all decay reactions (see the Hyperon Family), that is also another experimental result." I don't see Hyperon on this site.Thanks...


Thanks for the question.

The Hyperon Family was covered although not completely in the Blog:

Please check the blogs of August.

Of course, a slightly expanded version of the blogs can be found in the paper on section 4: The Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

Notice that I created a consistent description of all nuclear decay reactions of all hyperons and also provided an alternative explanation (one that does not violate energy conservation) for the Solar Neutrino Puzzle on page 78 (Solar Neutrino Conclusion). I mentioned that the electron neutrino could capture an electron and a muon neutrino to become a tau neutrino. This would satisfy energy conservation. The current explanation fails to do so. It is based upon a neutrino oscillation model, thus relies on a coherence between wildly different energy levels (the three neutrino masses are quite different).

I will include the mass calculation of all isotopes and hyperons in my next version.

Please feel free to ask me question. It is the only way for me to teach the Hyperon Model.



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