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This blog needs to be unbroken.  Many of the links were associated with another (now dead) site.

I recreated the blog as :

There you will be able to see the Hyperon Family assignments better.  The new site is not perfect yet.  Comments are not associated with posts properly and I know that there are a few pictures missing (mostly views from the top (perpendicular to the 3D Universe) of some of the Hyperon Family members).

I will continue polishing that site and later rebuild this one.

Please run and review the Hyperon Family..:)  This part of the theory has been missing for some time.



Saturday, November 07, 2015

Did the Universe came from Nothing?

Did the Universe came from Nothing?

Where is God's Hand in the Universe Creation...:)

For as long as there was people and before people for as long as there was Dinosaurs..:) , there were people exploiting people by claiming to speak God's Word.

This is an interesting debate about Religion:
Does God Exist? (Frank Turek vs Christopher Hitchens)

It is interesting but it pains me that Christopher Hitchens doesn't have my simple explanation to rebut the question about Everything from Nothing.

The question about Morality coming from molecules.  There is no reason to consider that morality (compassion, family ties, sense of mortality etc) doesn't have a biological (chemical) basis.   Elephants, dogs, etc show compassion, love or emotional attachment, self-sacrifice etc

Those characteristics can be naturally selected since they relate to societal (group) life.  Groups are stronger than lonely individuals.  I have no doubt that a large fraction of being Good and being Evil (psychopath) is biological.  So I think that Hitchens could have a clearer position against Turek argument that Morality is Divine.   If Divine means qualities that are naturally better selectable, then Morality is Divine in the same way as Gravitation/Electromagnetism is Divine.

It is just an Antropic Label...  Natural selection will not select a bunch of selfish psychopaths facing the Glacial Age (for instance) or facing competition for food and being food in a Primordial Forest. Natural selection will favor collaborative, loving people instead, so Natural Selection supports Morality.

The only salient point of Turek's position is if there is an interventionist God.  All the other arguments are trivially rebuttable. He didn't try to prove that.

That said, the discussion is pleasant to listen to  and I highly recommend it.



Do we live in a 3D Hypersurface...:)

Do we live in a  3D Hypersurface?

How would we know about it?  We can see the three dimensions.  The surface aspect would come into play if those three dimensions were embedded into some extra dimension.

If there was something outside that Hypersurface, we would see it in the same way, a Soccer ball left under the hot Sun, would feel its heat.

That heat would be diffuse and since no direction within a 3D spatial manifold could be used to point to the actual source.

Luckily, we don't see that happening, which means we are not in a collision path onto another part of this Universe (4D spatial manifold).

So, it would seem that a fourth dimension would be unknowable..:) Einstein proposed that time is relative (time flow).  That sound like a great sound bite...:) and clearly incorrect since we all describe the beginning of times to be around some 14 Billion years ago.  So there is something timing the Universe expansion and that somehow always flow in the same way no matter where you are in the Universe.

The timing of the Universe expansion is mapped into the Cosmological Time in my theory.  The fourth dimensional radius of the Universe is related to it by the observed speed of light.  The fourth dimensional radius of the Universe is C (observed speed of light) times Omega (Cosmological Time).

In my theory, the actual speed of light is SQRT(2) C...:) since in my theory our reference frame is a lightspeed traveling reference framework.

Other Hypergeometrical Universes
In my theory, numbers and Number Theory plays a strong role, albeit accidental.  I am not a Numerologist..;) Primes felt on my lap when I started my assignment of Hyperons.

Primes also appears in my reference to a Number Universe where the volume of each Number is always a product of vectors along Prime directions.  This view of a Number Universe has a reflection on the Hypergeometrical Universe Cosmogenesis.

Remember that the Cosmogenesis started in Zero Dimensional Fluctuations (0 = 1-1= 2-2=7-7 etc).
Fluctuations of Zero Dimensions could be followed by One Dimension Fluctuation through a Dimensional Transition.

The next step is Two-Dimension embedded into 3D, Three-Dimension into 4D...

Remember that the Origin of the Universe is the decay of the Fundamental Fluctuation into a myriad of small fluctuations. Enthropy creates the barrier to the recombination into Oblivion.  The question is how entropy barrier depends upon dimensionality.  I am not going to dwell on that issue right now, but entropy increases with dimensionality (higher number of possible states), thus it is necessary a minimum level of Dimensionality Migration to create a long lasting Universe.

At this point we can define an Anthropic.  Our 3D Hypersurface (lightspeed expanding due to the partial recombination of the initial fluctuation) would certainly fit the mold.

The next great question is if Primes controls the dimensionality of Universes... :)  I would be my house (I live in an apartment..:).

It is an appealing concept. I will make it MP Conjecture..such that my name is attach to it..:)
Under those conditions the total dimensional of spacetime would be 7. Our Hypergeometrical Universe is 5D (4 spatial dimensions and one Time dimension to time it).

Under those conditions, the lightspeed expanding Hypersurface would be 5D, embedded into a extra spatial dimension, plus a Time to time the whole thing...:)

The other question can our 5D Universe explosion be part of a 7D Universe explosion.  I cannot see how, so due to the frailty of my mind have to consider that this Universe is all alone until its death.
The Cosmos will end, eventually and the Dimensional transition into a Zero Dimensional Space will happen...and everything will start over again.

It is a boring Universe but it is Ours...All Ours..:)  Don't miss the opportunity to explore it...  Great Place to Visit...:)



Friday, April 17, 2015

Unnecessarily Constrained

Unnecessarily Constrained..:)

Little by little this theory is gaining some track.  It is a humble, simple theory of everything..:)

Humble because it could had been created by a High-Schooler.  Simple because it is really simple. It was developed using two dimensional cross-sections..:) One cannot simplify the Universe more than that... :)  It is doesn't even require three-dimensional modeling..:)....mostly

It has strong points...mainly with respect to its conceptual framework.  Even the fact that it was created using such a simplified framework brings up extremely deep questions.  What seems to be a weakness is actually a tremendous strength.

For instance, in my theory, the dilaton field (which carries the only means of action-at-distance within the theory) decreases with the number of de Broglie cycles  along a two-dimensional cross-section of a five dimensional spacetime manifold.

How can any theory based on this model be correct?  Any previous theory always used the underlying hypothesis (not normally in an explicit form) that whatever is carrying action-at-distance effect, is spreading out on a expanding surface (expanding at the speed of light).  That is a good idea, if one has a lot of photons, gravitinos, or whatever you are thinking to be the carrier of your force, that is, on average, the carrier of the action is distributed on a surface... but that doesn't mean that the basis of the theory should make use of this hypothesis.  It conflict head-on with Relativity.
If you have a single photon being emitted, its absorption by a molecule, detector etc, in a location in the Universe collapses the wavefunction at infinite speed..:) - creating a real problem with Relativity.

It turned out that this is one of the important questions that only a very good Quantum Mechanics student would ask...:)

This simple example showcases hidden cracks on how we model interaction and hints that the normal modeling of energy distributed throughout sphero-radians or tridimensional or higher-order dimensional area is not a good idea.  I developed a theory that works both with a single photon or dilaton or many...:) and reproduces the results we already have for a large number of photons without conceptual sacrifices.

There are other constraints that our Science have but doesn't know they are artificial.

As I mentioned in the post The Image in the Mirror when I explained how time passes by..:)

Using the basic equation (Unification Equation) describing the displacement (x) traveled at each de Broglie stepwise expansion of the Universe, we showed that that displacement gets smaller and smaller as matter reaches closer and closer to the speed of light (45 degrees trajectory).  This means that time passes by at the same speed.  The effect of interaction gets smaller and smaller (as if the effective time were to slow down). In my theory, the effect of speed is not slowing down time, but it is implicit on the way matter (dilators) interact (through dilaton waves and the Quantum Lagrangian Principle).  Just as a reminder, The Quantum Lagrangian Principle is the simple notion that any dilator moves such as always to be in phase with the local dilaton field.

This means that those considerations of infinite energy to make something travel at the speed of light might be unwarranted.  If the acceleration is due to self-acceleration (propulsion traveling together with the rocket), then as velocity increases, the chemical, nuclear reactions taking place on the propulsion system would slow down and be actually less energetic...less effective in producing further acceleration.  That wouldn't be the case under different conditions..:)

On the other hand, one should think along the lines of Voltage, Resistance and Current.  Lets say that Resistance is equal to Inertial Mass.  Voltage is equal to Force and Current is Velocity.

One can envision resonance conditions where the resistance goes to zero, as in a LC circuit.  That would be equivalent as minimizing the inertia of matter.  Remember, velocity in my theory corresponds to a deformation of the local metric (Strain). Force corresponds to Stress.  Space is flexible so there is a frequency of resonance..:) One just has to handle space at that frequency to accelerate matter...:)  Simple problem if you understand my theory..:)

Another unnecessary constraints we impose ourselves is the concept that losses are inherent in the acceleration of charged particles.  That is the reason why we created such horrendously big particle accelerators.  If you eliminate radiation losses, you could have the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) inside a briefcase..:) or a laptop...:)  My theory sheds light on how to do that.  Please feel free to ask questions.



Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Broken Link to Main Paper

Broken Link to Main Paper Restored

I noticed that the main paper was missing in action.  I restored its link in the side panel.

You can find it here also.  There is a caveat. Since I wrote this version I realized that the Pioneer Anomaly deceleration is twice what one would expect from just the curvature of space within the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory.  This means that other factors are also decelerating the spacecraft.  Thermal Irradiation anisotropy was suggested to account for the rest of the delay.

This correction hasn't been loaded into this version of the paper yet.  It will be done soon.



Friday, November 21, 2014

Milk Way Monster Black Hole Ignores Snack

Milk Way Monster Black Hole Ignores Snack

To the disappointment of the many Black Holists, the Gas Cloud G2 survived passing close to the Lion's Jaws...:)

The Hypergeometrical Universe offers a much more nuanced view of Black Holes that current General Relativity or Quantum General Relativity does.

Black Holes are close related to the initial metric fluctuation that generated the Universe.  It doesn't have the antisymmetric (dipolar) nature of the Original Quantum Fluctuation but it can have anisotropy (Black Hole Tubes), dispersion (higher order metric deformation states will present no Gravitation nor long-range interaction for that matter).

Anisotropy can be understood when one considers what I would expect from a Black Hole with angular momentum (axial symmetry or Black Hole Tubes).  These are new Black Holes since angular momentum would be transferred to the Galaxy through Gyrogravitation (see my formula for Gyrogravitation) as time goes by.  New Black Holes would also be highly active (see White Orifice Posting).

The reason for G2 survival might be due to the age of our Sigma* Black Hole, size (thus collapsing into a higher level of metric deformation and thus emitting different frequency dilaton field).  A different frequency dilaton field is present on neutrinos and would also be present on an old, hyper massive Black Hole.

Of course, the model for mass accretion within the Hypergeometric Universe Theory has the following characteristics:

a) Mass is accreted. nuclei distances decrease until they reach the fundamental dilator de Broglie wavelength divided by SQRT(2).  At that distance, dilators sense no gravitational force.  Topology depends upon angular momentum.  Cylindrical topology for young Black Holes (with angular momentum), spherical topology for Black Holes without angular momentum.  Angular Momentum is transferred to the surroundings through Gyrogravitation.
b) If mass pass a threshold, dilator rearrange into a higher order deformation state at the core and lower order deformation state at the surface.  That is, one would expect that the Gravitational pull of a Black Hole wouldn't go to zero, but would stabilize at a given value (which might still be total mass dependent).  This is the Black Hole shell that stars and G2 Glass Cloud would perceive.
c)It is not questionable if Hawking radiation would occur.  The question is where (perhaps just outside the metric deformation excited level core and thus still inside the normal matter shell).  If that were the case, one wouldn't be able to see Hawkins radiation and the Black Hole Evaporation would take much longer than currently expected.
d) a more interesting issue is the cooling of Black Holes.  As Hawkins radiation takes place, the excited core would cool down.  Since it doesn't interact with the surroundings, cooling would be much faster that expected.

Remember the solution of my Illuminati Puzzle... "There is energy in cold"...:)



Wednesday, October 08, 2014

From Dust it Comes ... To Dust it Returns..:)

From Dust it Comes ... To Dust it Returns..:)

Happy (then) BICEP2 Scientists

Another fancy claim bites the Dust, Galactic Dust, I should say.

The experiment Bicep2 announced with great fanfare this Spring that they were able to see large anisotropy swirls remnants from the Big Bang.  I scratched my head to see if that made any sense in my theory.  It could.  Any theory that starts from a single point (or small volume) would contain correlated regions and thus a correlation distance.  That correlation could manifest itself in anisotropy swirls.

While struggling with the Pioneer Anomaly, I reached after a few trials, the conclusion that one couldn't ever see the Big Bang.  The initial Gamma Ray burst wavefront is (SQRT(2)-1)*c*AgeOfTheUniverse ahead of us at this time.

My initial analysis required us to be able to see that burst if we were to look far enough.  I was wrong.  Long gone are those good old Gamma Rays...:) Thankfully.

Now this report brings down another outrageous claim of flimsy Science.

People should take a clue from this and reevaluate our God Particle...:)  the Higgs Boson... as well as the concepts of Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

Not enough discussion, not enough dissension has been permitted on Cosmology and Particle Physics topics.  One understands the reason, after all, one has to spend tens of billions of dollars to do an experiment.

That said, now that everyone already got their Nobel Prizes, got their data...:)  It is about time to discuss alternatives.



Friday, August 01, 2014

A 3.5 Factor, Hyperluminous Neutrinos and Infinitely Fast Processes

A 3.5 Factor, Hyperluminous Neutrinos and Infinitely Fast Processes

First let's talk about a 3.5 factor in my theory.  When developing the theory, I as everybody else, took clues from reality.  A theory has to be self-consistent and consistent with reality.  I realized that deriving the theory just by looking at cross-sections of an light-speed expanding hypersphere wasn't in line with the standard way of thinking.  One normally thinks about a force, being communicated through space and distance... so the field will naturally be diluted by the area though which it is diffusing..:)

If I were to use that kind of reasoning in my theory, I would have a much harder time thinking about the physics... in addition, I noticed that deriving a physical theory in an noncompact 4D spatial manifold using cross-sections yielded the same laws as deriving a theory using fields in a 3D-manifold. Of course, this has implications on the meaning of a delocalized mode.  If one considers a photon being emitted by a molecule.  That photon at long distances, can be thought as being carried by a spherical wave. Of course, that wave collapses immediately at the time that photon is absorbed by another molecule.  What is the meaning of distributing it throughout space, just to collapse it instantaneously during absorption. One doesn't have to remind you, that this goes against Relativity.  It is a form of instantaneous communication in the same way as the process of spin correlation in correlated-at-origin photons.

These are hard questions about the Nature of Photons.  In my theory, photons are spatial modulations of the dilaton wave-generator (dilator). The same difficulties arises. So the idea that interaction has to have a representation as diffusive process on an area or volume is hardly clear. The derivation by cross-section (2-Dimensional) circumference might be closer to the actual physics than a diffusion of a field through an expanding area.

I decided to go against fields (Fields of Dreams - my prior posting) as static properties of space.  Instead I decided that space should not be subject to a static strain, but it should be flexible and be the medium for waves.

In a cross-section analysis, I made the 'field" (wave amplitude) to decay inversely proportional to the number of nodes.  The same reasoning using fields, would imply that the field would decay inversely to the square of the distance...:), that is, having the amplitude of a dilaton wave decaying inversely with the number of nodes together with the usage of the Quantum Lagrangian Principle (each dilator dilates in phase with the local dilaton field) yields the same laws as considering that there is a field and that that field decays inversely with the square of the distance (or area covered).

There is more than just a predilection and sense of aesthetics in play here.  You cannot create a theory of everything by introducing more things (more constructs - force, field, mass, etc).  It is just a Rube Goldberg Machine....:)

In deriving the equations, I considered how much should the field decay at each de Broglie step.  There were three identical cross-sections (3) and there was a linear dimension along the radial direction where the dilaton field would also propagate.  At the time, ridding a subway, shaking left and right, it made sense.  Now it makes less sense and might require the addition of an extra parameter (there is almost no parameters in my theory).
That parameter would relate 4D Mass to 3D Mass.  We always knew that to go from 3D to 4D required a strong analogical mind... :)  For 3D to 4D gravitational masses, my initial 1:2 relationship is fine.  When I move to 4D electromagnetic mass, extra parametrization might be required.  When I have time, I will develop this further.  This shouldn't be a problem to any physicist worth their salt....after all, whenever it was convenient, infinite became finite (renormalization) in our current physical theories..etc.

When I have time, I will revisit this subject.

Hyperluminous Neutrinos

In my theory, an electron neutrino (related to Neutron decay), maps to a two dimensional wave propagating in the 4D spatial manifold. The neutrino is responsible for rotating the dilaton within the 3D Hyperspherical Hypersurface (3D Universe).

Since Neutrino and Light (photons) are elastic propagating deformations of space in my theory, one would expect them to travel at different speeds - think dispersion..:).  Neutrinos are transversal waves and photons are longitudinal waves.  Under normal materials, transversal waves are faster, which would make Neutrinos Hyperluminous.

Faster than the speed of light neutrinos were "observed" in an experiment Opera, just to be denied a few months later.  The poor scientist Prof Antonio Ereditato  who dared to Challenge Einstein's Theory, had to resign. Of course, I've never considered that neutrinos and light traveled at the same speed and still believe neutrinos are faster, just because of their topology (transversal spatial deformation waves).

Of course, I don't have a place to resign, so I can say anything.. and that is a good thing. Backing me up, is another physical observation .  The early arrival of neutrinos when a Supernova exploded (Supernova 1987a,) someplace else.  Neill deGrasse Tyson, who has a place from which to resign, cautiously suggested that there was a way to explain why a photon (which has no mass) should be slowed more by a gravitational field than a neutrino which supposedly might have some mass...:)

I don't know how he does it... The mental contortion to avoid stating the obvious - that Neutrinos - whatever they are, might travel faster than the speed of light... after all they arrived earlier than the light from that Supernova...:)  The difference in speed is 0.0000003%, something Opera couldn't never detect.

That is the problem with idolatry... Einstein was good, very good... but if we keep him in a pedestal, we are not going anywhere.

Infinitely Fast Processes

What would be the reason for something to be infinitely fast.  I can give you one situation.  Let's say that space deformation is quantized, that is, the energy to deform space tunnels from mode to mode.  We know that tunneling is instantaneous....:) you are either here or there... not in between...

I draw circles showing the dilaton field expanding through space.  The energy impacted in that dilaton and  its polarization are quantized.  That is, if you change it in one place of the Universe, that would be the same as if the dilaton converted into another mode (for instance, a mode of perpendicular polarization to the initial one).  That can occur instantaneously, since despite the dilator field is spanning a large distance, the two perpendicularly polarization modes occupy the same volume in space.  That solves the problem of non-local interaction.  I believe, this works at particle level also, that is, if one can convert a dilaton field into a dilator, one can create teleportation.  There is a big if...  IF you want to know the answer, work harder at understanding the theory and how it applies to solving your energy problems, stellar travel...etc..

Ask questions while I still might know the answers...:)



Sunday, December 08, 2013

The ABC Conjecture, The InterUniversal Geometry and the Hyperon Family

The ABC Conjecture,

 The Hypergeometrical Universe 


The InterUniversal Geometry

In my prior posting about the ABC Conjecture I mentioned that in creating the assignment for the Hyperon Family, I came across the ABC conjecture.  I have to say that as many of the mystic mathematical associations with the Physical World, I wrote it half tongue-in-cheek.  Half because it takes a little more time than I have right now to investigate the extension of the validity of any association.  The other half is that I believe some if not all of those associations will be held in one way or another.

In my theory, particles can be represented by simple integers because they are multiples (in general) of the Fundamental Dilator. This makes my theory easy to map into Pure Mathematics.... :) All the other theories are cacophonies of "Quantum Numbers", thus necessarily multidimensional.  Quantum Numbers are used even while the reasoning for the word "Quantum" is not clear in those theories - no explicit quantizing process taking place anywhere.


  • I mentioned that the charged hyperons mapped into Primes which make them related to the Riemann Hypothesis (that the poles of the Zetha should be primes).
  • Any neutral hyperon should be a sum of two primes (two charged hyperons). This is the Goldbach's Conjecture..:)
  • Neutral particles are Goldebach numbers...:)
  • Every integer greater than 5 can be written as the sum of three primes, would indicate that any particle larger than five-dilators could have a three particle decaying path
  • FIVE are the CRAZY DELTAS 

  • Any Majorama particle is equal to 2^n.
  • Any three particles dissociation process follows the ABC Conjecture.  This is simply because if they didn't the dissociation path would lead to a higher order many-body process or interaction.  The three numbers or particles should be co-primes, that is, they cannot be decomposed into a common particle otherwise the actual dissociation pathway would be the one for ABC divided by that common denominator.  So the family is to be created by bootstrapping coprimes of the Fundamental Dilator unit...:)

I liked that Shinichi  Mochizuki used the term InterUniversal Geometry..:)

If I am right, if one delves into describing the elasticity of space and the topology and taxonomy of particles, one will find that the ABC Conjecture has to do with volume in a number space. The volume of a number is the product of its primes

For instance 

10=2*5 is two dimensional and has more volume than just 5.  Primes are unidimensional, thus are the axis of this infinite number space.

If you think about numbers as volumes in a number space, then ABC is a law of conservation of volumes.
Along the same lines, the Riemann Hypothesis or the zeros of a Zeta Function are the eigenvectors of a number space, each prime points to a different direction in it.

Similarly, the Goldbach conjecture is about even numbers being simple two dimensional retangles in the number space.

Similarly the Majorama particles being equal to 2^N gives rise to a number resonance in the Dilator Space..:)  1+3=4, 5+3=8 (5+3=8 is more stable than 1+7=8 mostly likely through entropic arguments....although most likely both pathways would be possible)...

This seems to talk about a unit of area in the number space.  So if you think about numbers as vector in a number space, the ABC conjecture can be thought as:
a)  rad(ABC) is the unit of volume ((AxB).C ) under the product ABC 
b) C is the sum of two vectors in the number space, each with a length equal to A and  B (A and B is the same as Volume of A and Volume of B in the number space), although the number itself is a vector in that space.  This means that a number is both a scalar (volume) and a vector or a vector with a length equal to the volume... etc..:)
The ABC Conjecture looks to be like A+B -> C

There is a simple extension of this reasoning that might be clearer.



Friday, February 15, 2013

The Importance of Physics!

The Importance of Physics

Physics, the understanding of Natural Laws is a captivating lifetime pursuit to me but it is also important to the survival of Mankind.  Today's Asteroid,  Meteors is an emphatic exclamation point to my The Importance of Physics headline.

This posting was initially  published on Sunday, March 04, 2007 and didn't refer to this Asteroid specifically.  I was referring to another one that will be even more dangerous. I am republishing it to remind us why the censorship of my ideas is not a good idea.

There are questions about the the exact trajectory of an incoming doomsday asteroid but there is certainty a high degree of self-censorship with respect to information about that event.

Today, I read again about the 450 million tons asteroid that would cross Earth's path in 2026 at a distance closer than the Moon. It was written in the article that even that was not what the scientist were concerned about. There would be an even closer fly-by.

Well. I came to write this blog and came back to pick up the reference and link to the news. Google had already moved it around or eliminated it.

The case in point is that I have been hearing about this incoming asteroid since December and did not see any scientific discussion in the media about the validity of this information.

If a doomsday asteroid is coming, I would like to offer some fresh ideas on how to eliminate the problem. That will not happen if this theory is not properly evaluated. If theorists put their petty vanity ahead of the needs of Mankind.

I believe some classification of theories in a manner similar to the one that exists in Philica should be in place within the Los Alamos Arxives. One thing that should NOT exist is plain censorship.

Los Alamos Arxives is a taxpayer funded pre-print (eprint) repository, that is, it is the place for papers that were not necessarily sent to a journal or received a peer-review yet. Peers would provide a peer review and that is fair.

In the past, there was no censorship or obstacles to publishing. Eventually, the bar was raised and an endorser was required. I passed that obstacle just to receive an "Inappropriate" review. Nothing else than the word "Inappropriate" was said about the theory. There was no need for anything else. The one who "owns" the repository actively controls whatever is published there.

If a theory has evident flaws the author should be told and the paper should NOT be published. If that is not the case, the paper should be published (eprinted) and occupy some few bytes in some server some place. The incremental cost is zero. The resistance to new ideas by established scientific elites has been an obstacle to the progress of science since there were scientists or the Church.

Today, we have the means to publish our ideas despite these obstacles, but that doesn't provide the extremely important peer-review and peer-recognition. By recognition I don't mean recognition of the author of the idea, but recognition of the idea itself.

An idea stands by itself long after the author is gone, but it has to be recognized by the Intelligentsia and to become part of the idea soup that feed our progress...:)

What we cannot accept is to have physics theories censored willy-nilly by simple minded molecular biophysicists (the "owner" of Los Alamos Archives is coincidentally a Molecular Biophysicist of all things)...:)

I believe that Physics is Fun but it is also Serious. The consequences of censorship, the hyping of stupid ideas for sake of book selling, TV show deal...:) can be high and maybe way too high for us to pay.



Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Whole Universe and a Grain of Sand

The Whole Universe and a Grain of Sand

Normally, I wouldn't bother to juxtapose my ideas against the accepted mainstream Science.  This time, I found this show and it states such stupid ideas that I had to do it.

This show is well done, nice pictures, smiling scientists..... as opposed to my crude postings, so I will do the best I can.

The point I would like to make is the problem associated with a 3D spatial Universe and the Grain of Sand comment.  The curvature of the Universe, according to General Relativity, depends upon the mass it contains.

Since in the mainstream Science there is no fourth non-compact spatial dimension as in the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory, when one talks about curvature, one is always conjecturing about a spacetime curvature.

Depending upon the Universe mass content, the spacetime curvature would be concave, convex or flat (positive or negative or zero).

In a simple manner, a convex spacetime wouldn't have a cycle, that is, the Universe would follow a never returning life path.  Since it has a start - a Big Bang - it would just expand eternally. Conversely, a concave spacetime would indicate a boom and crunch 3D periodic Universe, like if the total mass of the Universe would generate enough gravitational pull to decelerate all the Galaxies and collapse them into a Big Crunch.

The difference between one and the other Universe scenarios lies just on one extra Grain of Sand...:)

If I had conjured up a theory which had such level of criticality, I would be strongly suspicious that I made a silly mistake somewhere.

That should be enough to make any reasonable person to realize that something is amiss...

My theory includes a fourth spatial dimension and keep our 3D Universe in a light-speed expanding hyperspherical hypersurface.  Hence, the curvature can be either a spacetime curvature or a spatial curvature of the Hypersurface within the 4D spatial manifold.  This curvature increases as time goes by no matter what is the distribution of mass within the 3D Hypersurface.  The hyperspherical symmetry makes any point of the hypersphere to be equivalent, so there is no locus of the Big Bang to create a Big Crunch some time later.

The light-speeding expanding hyperspherical universe provides the flat curvature as a given.  The curvature is the age of the Universe times SpeedOfLight, that is a very large radius of curvature and thus a very small curvature.  Expansion occurs without the need of Dark Energy.  Prior Eras had a gravitational force that is stronger according to the inverse 4D radius of the Hypersphere, so looking into far away (the past) one has to take that into consideration when calculating mass (this should eliminate the need for Dark Matter altogether.

Using this simple Cosmological Topology there is no Proof of God's Existence from an extra Grain of Sand or Grain of Salt..>:)... No mesmerizing Cosmological Accident or Feat of God's Engineering...:)
There is no need to invoke a Multiverse nor the Circular Reasoning of the Anthropic Principle where the reason we think about this because this Universe allows us to think about this...:)  This creates a natural filter on the Multiverse.  In all the Universes where we don't exist, we don't ask these profound questions about it Laws.

This is, for me, an example of the utter vanity that prevails in the minds of these scientists and the vanity used to sell ideas to the general public. Not unlike the Comment "Subtle is the Lord", "I want to read God's Mind", or Seeing the Hand of God in a particle collision...:)

Human Vanity is used over and over again to sell shoes, cars, particle accelerators, String Theory, and to give some scientists a bully pulpit...:)

My theory is a simple, humble theory  :), but it should be discussed since the alternatives are really, really stupid.  Well, if not stupid, just plain unnecessarily complex, not unlike the original primitive model of a Flat Earth and a Dome full of Twinkling Stars..:) where all the complexity is hidden in a Almighty God...:)



ps- by the way, String Theory has been disregarded as a solution to this "Puzzle" because given enough parameters it can be the solution of anything.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Stroboscopic Universe Questions

Henna has left a new comment on your post "The Stroboscopic Universe":

Would it be possible to observe outside our "Frequency" and what would we see there? Different laws of physics perhaps? Chaos?

Henry asked this interesting question!

The answer relates to the Ghostly Neutrinos.  Most of the particles have multiples of the Fundamental Dilator in it.  This means that the mean frequency of the outgoing dilaton field is the Fundamental Dilator Frequency. 

For example, the four fundamental particles (electron, proton, antielectron and antiproton) are just different phases of the same Fundamental Dilator coherence.  The states involved are shown below:
Neutron contains also a transmutation chord.  The transmutation chord corresponds to a half-electron-antineutrino. Within the coherence, the half-antineutrino corresponds to a rotation within the 3D hyperspherical Universe (as opposed to the more normal spinning -tumbling around within the 4D spatial manifold).  That section of the coherence changes the phase relationship between spinning and tunneling between local metric deformational states, and thus changes which phase is in phase with the 3D lightspeed expanding Hyperspherical Universe.
When a neutron decays, it releases an antineutrino, which corresponds to a two-dimensional deformational coherence.

The involved levels for the neutrino are (2/3,-1/3,2/3) and (2/3,2/3,-1/3).  The levels involved in the fundamental dilator are (2/3,2/3,-1/3) and (0,-2/3,-1/3).

These levels corresponds to two different frequencies.  The difference in frequency means that interaction will be vanishingly small due to the averaging of two cosines of different frequencies go to zero.  This also means that interaction will only occurs at very close range.

So in my theory, the result of having particles that creates dilaton fields of different frequencies yield the so called Ghostly Particles or non-interacting particles.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012



YES. I am sure the numerologists will have a field day..:)

As in any good Horoscope, there is a caveat. There are exclusions to the Prime Rule. They are associated with another nice mathematical formula, the formula for 2 to the power of another number. (2,4,8,16…)

TWO is the precursor to a Gamma photon from the annihilation of a Positron-Electron pair.

FOUR is the Pion Zero


Later, I will show how the mathematical space topology and mathematical instrumentation needed to solve the Riemann Hypothesis also describes the mass of the Hyperons…:)

A hint. Look at the Fundamental Dilator coherence 'energy' diagram. The degenerated states on the two potential wells lose their degeneration due to the finite velocity of light, which creates a time delay for a spatial rotation within the 3D Lightspeed Expanding Hypersphere.

Think about what does it means to be real…:) and read the Meaning of Material Existence blog I wrote in the past.


As in any good Horoscope, there is always something for everyone. It just happens that 2N is also a valid mapping for Neutral Particles.

Of course, since they decompose into opposite charged particles, they have to be the SUM OF TWO PRIMES (Goldbach's Conjecture) or 2 Particles supported by the Riemann Conjecture…:) . All together supported by the ABC Conjecture..:)


Now that you know the answer to the question, it should be easier to derive the equation that describes the process...:) I wrote a book called The Flying Orchestra, which represents our journey through the Universe inside the Ligthspeed Expanding Hyperspherical Universe. Most of us :) are composed of isotopes, which turned out to be quite harmonious dimensional notes. The Hyperons are the basic notes of our Universe, that is, the most unique, cacophonous notes one can create- like Heavy Metal...:)

In comparison, the isotopes are like Mozart fact, they are quite boring and more like Kenny G

In the next few blogs, I will address the isotopes, the mass equation (or God Equation if you so prefer :) .

I am awaiting for Steven Chu to say something before I write about how to make a neutral particle accelerator or anything accelerator or dimensional accelerator...:)



Protons, Electrons, Antiprotons, Positrons and Neutrons

Riemann Hypothesis: Are all Spin Half Hyperons Primes?

YES.  I decided to add ONE to the prime sequence just as a rebellious guy I am..:)

In my theory one can easily relate ZERO to the dilaton field and its spatial modulation (electromagnetic waves).

ONE is clearly the Fundamental Dilator which represents all four fundamental particles (Electron, Proton, AntiElectron, AntiProton).

The topology is a point!

TWO is of course the Neutron

The topology is a segment!


Riemann Hypothesis: Are all Spin Half Hyperons Primes?



The cylindrical axis of symmetry spins within the 4-D Spatial Manifold


Riemann Hypothesis: Are all Spin Half Hyperons Primes?


THREE are the Pions

The topology is a shown below:

The cylindrical axis of symmetry spins within the 4-D Spatial Manifold


Riemann Hypothesis: Are all Spin Half Hyperons Primes?

ELEVEN are the XIS Star – This Channel decays into a KaonZero and a Pion Minus.

The cylindrical axis of symmetry spins within the 4-D Spatial Manifold


Riemann Hypothesis: Are all Spin Half Hyperons Primes?



The cylindrical axis of symmetry spins within the 4-D Spatial Manifold

Riemann Hypothesis and The Hypergeometrical Universe

Riemann Hypothesis and The Hypergeometrical Universe
Our love for knowledge and beauty has always driven us to find the most sublime analogies to represent what we are seeing in the Universe. Einstein wanted to read God's Mind. The Hypothetical Higgs Boson has been named by some as the God Particle. I equated the steps of my Lightspeed Expanding Hyperspherical Universe as being somewhat similar to the Pendulum of Brahma. At each cycle we see ourselves changed by that Universal Operator.

Mathematics is always the Golden Standard of beauty. We always hope to find a nicely fitting mathematical equation to describe the whole Universe. Mathematicians (String Theorists) are especially hopeful..:). Of course, after all, that would be redemption to their endeavor of creating the least physical (most mathematical) theory in history.

Euler's Beta Function relationship to the Strong Force model was immediately recognized as the sign we are on the right track, after all, for a theory to be correct it has to be aesthetically beautiful….:) Form over content…very typical of our Mankind always driven by superficial calculations….:)

It just happens that there isn't any indication that physics doesn't matter, that is, there isn't any indication that at the end of all, we will have everything described by a simple mathematical equations that overrules all physical properties.

For example, there is the wave equation which describes all waves as long as they have a natural velocity or one knows the elasticity of the medium where those waves propagate. This means that even though we have the knowledge of an equation which would describe such a general phenomena as waves, the physics is still there in the form of a pesky constant.. :)

This does not demerit the scientists who found those beautiful equations, it just serves as a reminder that there might be a limit on what mathematical abstraction can achieve.

It has been said with some understated deepness that the Riemann Hypothesis might be the solution to the Theory of Everything, that is, something, some force, some string might be represented somehow by the zeros of the Zeta function along the critical line. The details are fuzzy since this is just a wild (albeit educated..:)  guess...:)

Scientists look down to Horoscopists all their lives…:)  It is well know that vague statements can always find resonance within some fraction of the population and thus keep the readers happy and aware of their daily best options…

One might say that the same happens in Science. There is a difference. Since we are a much more educated bunch than the average person, our guesses are better educated..:) that is, there is something deep in the number theory applied to Primes..:)

Of course, this is just because people doesn't know how to think about numbers and one should expect that if the zeros of an equation are primes, most likely the logic behind the construction of the equation is such that only certain primes will be zeros..:)

It is like being surprised that f(x)=(x-1)*(x-2) has zeros equal to 1 and 2.

Number theory is just not developed enough to see the underlying logic behind the Riemann Hypothesis and the Zeta Function (or Eta Function on the Analytic Continuation).

As usual, the statement that the Riemann Hypothesis should be relevant to our understanding of the Universe can be decomposed into the simpler statement that Primes will be relevant..:) I am a simple minded man, so I will cut to the chase and explore this proposition..:)

Nobody bothered to think about Primes because nothing in Physics looks like Primes. If a poor string theorist looks around and think about making Primes to be some property of strings them we might end up with 10^500000000000000 possible Universes with different string theories explaining each one of them..:)

A Standard Model Physicist is not in much better position. Let say that zero are electromagnetic waves, the ONE is… The next basic particles are electron and Proton … Neutron might be TWO but that does not solve the problem. Electrons and Protons are certainly not equal in the Standard Model and the analogy dies there…:)

Of course, that is not the case in the Hypergeometrical Universe.


Riemann Hypothesis: Are all Spin Half Hyperons Primes?


THIRTEEN are the LUCKY OMEGAS (below are two decay channels)

The cylindrical axis of symmetry spins within the 4-D Spatial Manifold

Monday, October 08, 2012

Under the Night Sky

Under the Night Sky

In the last few days, I had to revisit my feelings about the creation of my theory. I have to say that despite of my own personal emotional investment on the idea, I always keep enough distance that I can say that this is a nice and simple idea that should be part of the discussion.

 I would never state that this is a theory of the 23rd Century that made landing on our 20th Century minds as some people from String Theory have said…J Just to be part of the discussion is a good target. Not because this is the most complex theory… but because this is the simplest theory and should be addressed.

As those obnoxious people say, Occam's razor. 

Before we address the reasons why everything failed (before they explained why the failures were to be expected..:) in the current theory (the detection of quarks, quantum chromodynamics color charges etc), we should consider the simplest theory we can create that equally explains reality.

 That said, I believe that myself and other crackpots from the internet (J), assorted String Theorists, Higgs Bosonists etc have in common the moment of discovery. We were all struck by some vision that requires a sizable amount of attention and the sacrifice of months, years of continuous thinking, always trying not to lose the thread of thought. Not unlike the thread in the Minotaur Cave Allegory, this is thread of thought that might bring a new level of understanding on the Wonders of the Universe, which would also bring us into the light.

 Every time I think about why I am trying to do what I am trying to do, I remember of our (Mankind) trajectory… From our days inside caves, marveled by the stars in the sky (always the same sky as the one in the picture), gullible enough to believe that the Sun is the Eye of a God, in fact that everything worked by Magic of some sort.

Scared, afraid of their own shadows, curious little monkeys…J That curiosity brought us far in a short period of time… extremely brief considering that those stars above have barely moved…

We might not even last long enough to leave any mark whatsoever in this Universe, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Despite of our disagreements on theoretical basis or merits of any theory, we all are driven by the best emotions (least selfish) that Mankind is capable.

One cannot envision how the Universe works and not know one's place in it. Nothing more than a handful of Star Dust that strived to look up into the sky and wondered about both The Why and The How.



Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Book


The theory has been published in a new book:
Quantization and Discretization at Large Scales

Which is a fitting title for a book containing a theory (The Hypergeometrical Universe) where the Whole Universe interacts in a Quantized Manner (Stroboscopic Interaction).

My Prior books:

I also learned about a list of Dissident Scientists..:)  As much as I would like to conform, my theory doesn't conform to current views and until I find a nice soul that will tell me wrong, I have the duty of defending the idea.  Not unlike Giordano  Bruno, but hopefully without the fire.

I am hopeful that before I forget about this theory and move on to my next project, some interested young students or curious Cosmologists/Particle Physicists will be motivated enough by a theory that settles down the dispute between Sir Isaac Newton and Christian Huygens in a total new way, by expanding Huygens Principle to all matter in a 5D spacetime while creating an Hypergeometrical Version of Newton's Laws.



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The ABC Conjecture

The ABC Conjecture and The Hypergeometrical Universe

The abc conjecture (also known as OesterlĂ©–Masser conjecture) is a conjecture in number theory, first proposed by Joseph OesterlĂ© (1988) and David Masser (1985) as an integer analogue of the Mason–Stothers theorem for polynomials. The conjecture is stated in terms of three positive integers, ab and c (whence comes the name), which have no common factor and satisfy a + b = c. If d denotes the product of the distinct prime factors of abc, the conjecture essentially states that d is rarely much smaller than c.
What could the identity
where a,b,c have not common factors have to do with a Theory of Everything..:)
a,b, and c are said to be COPRIMES
In number theory, a branch of mathematics, two integers a and b are said to be coprime (also spelled co-prime) or relatively prime if the only positive integer that evenly divides both of them is 1. This is the same thing as their greatest common divisor being 1.
This equation and conjecture reminded me the process I went through when I create my Hyperon Family Assignment.  In the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory, all particles, isotopes are multiples of a Fundamental Dilator intervened by one of a couple of Transmutational Dimensional Notes.  These Transmutational Dimensional Notes map closely to Neutrinos, as the electron antineutrino in the Neutron decay.

For me, the ABC equation (Conjecture) within the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory represents the decay equation for particles. Integer number are represented by multiples of the Fundamental Dilator.

In any other theory where there isn't a single building block (The Fundamental Dilator), this statement wouldn't make any sense.

In the Standard Model, due to the complexity of the ad-hoc quantum number zoo, particles differ too much to be placed in a simple abc equation that regulates the composition of new particles.

Of course, since I am modeling a finite and small number of Hyperons, I didn't have to face the tremendous hard task of proving the ABC Conjecture.  I believe it has a position in the Physical Sciences in the description of Particle Decay or on a positive note, Particle Creation.  All particles should follow the ABC equation and be coprimes in term of Fundamental Dilator Moieties.



Illuminati Puzzle Solution

Life is demanding and I still owe you the equation for all the particles and the solution to the Illuminati puzzle I created on the Verbum Significatium Posting.

A bright fellow/lady discovered the solution to this Illuminate Puzzle below:

The solution is: ENERGY FROM COLD

He asked me if this was some kind of Cold Fusion.  I told him not.

In my theory, Neutrons plays a very important role. They are first excited level of space deformation.

In my theory when matter collapses on itself to form a Black Hole, they form a neutron crystal with finite size and well defined compaction level  The distance between neutrons is defined by the dilaton wavelength (wavelength = Compton wavelength of a Hydrogen Atom).

The "force" that bring particles together (electromagnetism for charge particles), gravitation for neutrons goes to zero when they reached a level of compaction that brings them at distance equal to the Compton Wavelength of an Hydrogen atom.  There isn't any singularity in the interaction between dilators, so there isn't anything that requires the level of speculation that a Black Hole conjures in the impressionable minds of the Relativistic Scientists..:)

Of course, if the crystal is perfect and positions well defined, that means that the entropy within the volume of the "Black Hole" is zero, and all the entropy is in the surface of that neutron crystal.

That should come up as a nice touch considering that that is the expectation from current Black Hole Models.

Like in any other crystal, the Black Hole (made of a perfect neutron crystal) contains domains. In this case, the domains are made up by spin domains, not unlike a ferrimagnetic Yttrium Iron garnet of my childhood..:)

As the Black Hole cools down, the wavefunction of these neutrons extends into opposite spinning domains creating the conditions for annihilation and relaxation of the space.

Matter should simply disappear in a flash of Gamma Rays, leaving no trace other than the kinetic energy freed from the disappearance of the Gravitational Field.

I believe this is the mechanism of Gamma Ray Bursts.  They should happen when neutron domains becomes cold enough to annihilate themselves, leaving just the Gamma Ray (coherence between flat metric and deformed metric states).