Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Luddites are coming..:)

The Luddites are coming..:)

Vedic Astrology has left a new comment on your post "The Cosmic Microwave Background":

The CMBR is well explained by the Big Bang model – when the universe was young, before the formation of stars and planets, it was smaller, much hotter, and filled with a uniform glow from its white-hot fog of hydrogen plasma. As the universe expanded, both the plasma and the radiation filling it grew cooler. When the universe cooled enough, stable atoms could form. These atoms could no longer absorb the thermal radiation, and the universe became transparent instead of being an opaque fog. The photons that were around at that time have been propagating ever since, though growing fainter and less energetic, since the exact same photons fill a larger and larger universe. This is the source for the term relic radiation, another name for theCMBR.

Maybe not..:) This comment doesn't come from a real Luddite..:) that is, from a real Inflation Theorist..:) The explanation is too imprecise to be rebutted properly.

The first problem is White-Hot Plasma... that is way too cold...:) What is the black-body temperature that corresponds to white...:) 6000 degrees is already yellow...:)

What kind of Big Bang yields just White Hot Matter??????? If you tell me that there is an initial sea of radiation that is decaying into particles, that makes more sense to me...:)

You remember... IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE LIGHT..:) not Hot White Plasma...:)

The Astrologist did not provide a time frame for the cooling or thermal equilibration and did not mentioned the requirement that the 15 Billion light years Universe size to be reached in an attosecond after the Big Bang..:) small details, of course...but they are worthy of comments since they require matter to travel faster than the speed of light and then stop or travel at speeds below the speed of light..:) Forget momentum conservation, that is another law that goes off the window in Inflation Theory. It begetts the question of what happens to the light that bounces back from the Universe bondary???? Can we see a reflected Universe there?....:)

Any theory that proposes a finite 3D Universe suffers from this problem. Infinite 3D Universes have bright nights..>:) One cannot win...:)

Notice that my 3D Universe is finite but cannot be traversed neither by matter nor light...:) It expands due to the natural expansion of a 3D shockwave within an infinite 4D spatial manifold. There is no need to create space out of nothing...:) space is always there, we are the stuff that is moving outwards, radially, at the speed of light. Also, nights are dark, not bright due to the expansion of the shockwave radius. Farther apart light sources suffer from Doppler Shifting and no light ever reaches from anyting farther that a radian away or 15.6 billion light years....:)

I will summarise the salient points of any physical model describing the initial few attoseconds of this Universe.

• Instead of White-Hot Plasma, consider Protons, Neutrons, Electrons surrounded by a sea of Gamma Rays.
• Inflation Theory adds to this an almost infinitely fast expansion process where the "boundaries" of the Universe (edge of it, if you will...:) quickly expanded to current positions. With the newly discovery of a continuous expansion, this image has been patched to contain a process of continuous "space creation"... Thus between any two points in the Universe, there is some space been created... I think this doesn't make absolutely any sense. Of course, almost infinitely fast expansion of the Universe means that matter would be traveling together with the boundaries at speeds larger than the speed of light...:) another offensive hypothesis.
• Considering these two hypotheses, one would expect that the almost infinitely fast expansion would NOT result in thermal equilibrium between Gamma Rays and particles. Does light also speeds up during the Inflation Period????

On the other hand an expansion yields a sudden decrease of density and that means a burst of any radiation that is not "THERMALIZED" that is a burst of Gamma Rays at the beginning of times is something to be expected..:)

As far as I know, there is no indication of any dependency of a Gamma Ray photon wavelength with the size of the Universe. As you know, the Universe is not a box and a Gamma Ray photon is closer to a localized particle than to a normal model (pure frequency) of the Universe box…J

The appropriate reading of inflation theory indicates that the initial expansion takes place in such a short time that there is not time for cooling equilibration. In addition, there is no proven relationship between "The Size of The Universe" and the wavelength of a photon traveling within it. If the Universe were to change the dimensions of everything equally as it changes its own size one would have an atom of the size of a planet...:).. Of course, the inflationary period changes only the distance between particles. On an amazing stretch of imagination one might say that it also changes the wavelength of White-Hot Plasma radiation. The scale of the inflation is such that no Gamma Ray or White-Hot Plasma radiation would survive above DC (zero frequency or thereabouts). Thus one cannot consider that whatever radiation we had at time zero, were to do a wavelength scale corresponding to the size increase of the 3D Universe...:)

The second possible physical argument that one can raise to explain the dependence of radiation wavelength with the size of the Universe is the Variable Size Resonance Cavity Model. In this model, one consider that Universe to be initially a very small box of conducting matter. Inside it, our 3D Universe were sitting hot and bothered....white-hot and bothered...:)

Under those circumstances, radiation is constrained by the permitted normal modes of the Resonance Cavity. As the cavity changes size, there is a crossing or elimination of orthogonality of the different modes and energy relaxes into the new lower modes. Under these circumstances one can consider a radiation cooling process synchronous to the change in the position of the boundaries (Resonant Cavity Dimensions). The physics is similar to considering that the photons were particles with momentum hk bouncing of the walls of this Universe Box. Adiabatic cooling happens when one changes the size of the box quickly. Pressure times Volume should remain the same, that is, larger volume implies lower pressure or lower photon momentum hk...:) This would meant that an Universe expansion would yield photons with lower momentum or larger wavelength.

This is fine and dandy, but it requires that radiation bounces back and forth off those walls during the equilibration period. In a 15 Billion Light Years Resonance Cavity this is a strech...:) In addition that it requires that end of the Universe to be a perfect conductor...:) (superconductor to be precise...:)

I hate to say, but this stinks...:) Not physical process we know would propel all the stars in the Universe at speeds almost infinitely larger than the speed of light... stop their motion after an attosecond...have a perfectly reflective End Of Universe...:) etc..

Let's review this part of the commentary:
The photons that were around at that time have been propagating ever since, though growing fainter and less energetic, since the exact same photons fill a larger and larger universe. This is the source for the term relic radiation, another name for theCMBR.
Photons do not loose energy - become less energetic by traveling through space. If that were the case one wouldn't see far aways stars... their radiation would be tired by now..:) There is a funky Tired Photon theory which I discredited in some other posting that talks about tired - less energetic photons due to traveling through distances..:) One cannot take that idea seriously... This idea has been used to keep the Universe nice and infinite...:)

Below is the simple picture I draw to explain what is the meaning of looking into the past or into the distance within our 3D Universe.

This picture was created to explain how to calculate the real age of the Universe using my proposed topology and the appropriate Hubble Law in the Pioneer Anomaly posting

Remember that we are actually looking into the past through a 4D Spatial Manifold... Also notice that light always travels along the 45 degrees direction (the shockwave is also traveling at the speed of light).

Of course, the external hypersphere is running away from the internal sphere with an speed that reaches the speed of light when the internal sphere is just a point..:)

This means that the radiation emanating from that initial 4D point has zero frequency (DC). Any radiation traveling from a slighter period would be in the microwaves, later in the visible etc...:)

Under these conditions, there is no need of thermal equilibration in an attosecond. Gamma radiation is emitted as Gamma Radiation. The observer on Earth will see it as microwaves due to the well known Doppler Effect. THIS IS A PHYSICAL THEORY. No slight of hands, no unproven relationship between exoteric non-observable (Edge of The Universe, Size of The Universe), infinitely fast matter-radiation Thermal equilibrium...etc.

Due to the symmetry of the topology, any place is the Center of The Universe. For the Narcisistic Scientist this is the Ultimate Paradigm..>:)


Here everyone is happy ... you are always at the Center of the Universe... :) no matter where you are...

I think I ranted enough about that simple and imprecise paragraph.

I would like to thank the Vedic Astrologist for the opportunity to clarify my problems with Inflation Theory and to show how my much simpler explanation explains the events as well or better than the competition..:)



PS- I would love to have scientists to pose their opinions in an up-front manner - without hiding behind the Vedic Philosophy...:) I presented a counter argument based upon my theory, which is the subject of this blog. If one presents an argument supporting another theory and I am kind enough to post it and debate it here, I would expect to receive back a correction to my counter-argument and a critique of how I use my topology to explain the same events (Big Bang).

I am looking forward to that..>:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letter to Dr. Steven Chu

Dear Dr. Chu,

I created a new paradigm for modeling the Cosmos and particles and ran into trouble getting over the non-scientific barriers one finds when revising science.

The paradigm shift proposes that the 3D Universe is a very thin 3D shockwave traveling at the speed of light within a 4D Spatial Manifold. Thus in my model, the Spacetime Continuum is actually 5D and there are a preferred spatial Direction (R) and an Absolute Time PHI, although both are non-observables from within the 3D Universe or 4D Spacetime Continuum.

The figure that describes such paradigm is reproduced here:

Figure 1. Two cross-sections of the Universe. The internal radius is the speed of light times the age of the Universe. The Green circle represents the 3D Lightspeed Expanding Hyperspherical Universe or just our 3D Universe (XYZ).

It should be easily verifiable that the standard relativistic reference frames (xTau and x’Tau ‘ related to each other by a Lorentz Transformation ) are at hand from inspecting the PHI.XYZ cross-section shown on the right panel of Fig 1. The left panel contains the RXYZ cross-section.

The more interesting paradigm shift is the representation of particles.

The four elementary particles (Electron, Proton, AntiProton, Positron) are represented by four phases of a metric coherences that spins as it travels at the speed of light with the 3D Shockwave Universe. The spinning makes up for an intermittent overlap of the coherence (dilator) and the 3D Universe (Fabric of Space).

The Fundamental Dilator representing the 4 elementary particles is shown below:

Figure 2. Balls Diagram representing Electron and Positron.

The different phases represent metric dilation (Green) or compression (Red). Being an Electron or a Proton indicates just a difference in displacement volume. The phases with horizontal lettering are flush (full overlap) with the 3D Space while the vertical are not thus having no footprint in it. No footprint implies no interaction. The footprint is modeled as our 3D Mass.

Below are the diagrams for Proton and AntiProton:

Figure 3. Balls diagram representing Proton and AntiProton. The change in color and orientation represents tunneling and spinning concomitant processes.

I was able to represent all hyperons accordingly. Next you can see the representation of a Pion Plus.

Figure 4. Balls Diagram for Pion Plus. This diagram represents a complex coherence with three Fundamental Dilator subcoherences.

The point I want to reach is that this representation is amenable to shifting the paradigm for nuclear reactions from Nuclear Chemistry (with reagent and product states with a barrier in the middle, transition state etc) into Nonlinear Hadronics - where particle creation is the result of nonlinear beating between two coherences.

This paradigm shift gives support for the experiment of COHERENT NUCLEAR FUSION.

Normally one, using the Nuclear Chemistry paradigm collide particles with maximum energy (temperature) such as to create fusion. This paradigm disregards length of interaction and phase-matching angle. A velocity defines and angle with the Fabric of Space and thus one can probe the metric elastic ellipsoid of revolution and find the appropriate phase matching angle.

This means that a COHERENT NUCLEAR FUSION experiment would start with particle beams traveling along the same axis. They would interact by converging under the influence of a magnetic lens. Their conversion length would be defined by their de Broglie wavelength and the focal length of the magnetic length as in a standard nonlinear optical interaction. Under perfect phase-matching condition the productions (beating) would be released at specific angles. That would facilitate energy extraction through magneto-hydrodynamics methods.

I know that this is not the most efficient manner to convey a new idea, but there isn't other available to me at this time.

I seek support for the evaluation of my ideas and/or the test of them in the aforementioned experiment.

Nuclear Chemistry experiments are not easy or cheap and are defined by committees or very invested scientists. This means that they would always be timid and always err on the side of caution and never test a new revolutionary idea.

If correct, this paradigm shift would permit the solution of energy problems, interplanetary travel etc.

Please take a second looking at my drawings. I believe someone as intelligent as you are would be able to grasp my paradigm quickly.

I will post this message on my site;

By the way, I also derived Grand Unification equations, Cosmological Constants from first principles, explained the Pioneer Anomaly, derived Gravitational Lensing and the Precession of Mercury's Perihelion etc. Everything is posted in that blog.

Please feel free to ask me any questions or to contact me.

This is a brief exposure of an conceptually challenging revisionist theory. I am not seeking your endorsement or support. I am just mentioning that this theory if correct would lead to a novel path in energy production and that the only way to seeking this new path is through the exploration of novel paradigm (Nonlinear Nuclear Hadronics). The current paradigm wouldn’t support event the simple exploratory experiments needed to test this paradigm, that is, Science needs a theoretical base to even consider other possibilities.

My theory provides that theoretical support.



PS_ I wrote this letter to Dr. Steven Chu in hopes that it brings attention to my new paradigm. Despite of all claims of perfect knowledge of the Universe, including mines...:) Science is still an experimental branch of knowledge. I wrote the letter trying to shortcut the arduous path of bringing a new revision to Science into the mainstream discussion. Earth could use an alternative energy solution to fossil fuels and the sooner the better. The faster I can bring this paradigm into discussion the sooner someone can decide to do the simple experiment to test the Coherent Nuclear Fusion Hypothesis.

Of course, I will continue explaining my theory here. Now there is a possibility of publishing it into a mainstream journal. I will eventually do it while doing my balancing act with life...:)



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of The Lambs..:)

This blog is about to reach its 33,000 unique IP readers...:) Hurray!!!!

I didn't know there were so many cosmologists, string theorists, particle physicists in the planet...:)

There are many reasons to celebrate...

This is a rerun and a review, creating well defined claims and easy targets for criticism...:)

I said many times, I would welcome criticism and that is the reason why this blog was written in the first place - to have a public peer review since the stardard reviewing process is so INAPPROPRIATE for the review of an extensive logical framework.

The theory has been published in two books:

  • Quantization in Astrophysics - containing the Grand Unification and New Cosmology Paradigm
  • Hadron Physics New Energy Issues - Containing the Hypergeometrical Standard Model

not that bad for something created in the everyday commuting to work (on a shaking NYC subway..>:)

and reached the following crowning achievements...:)

  1. I demonstrated that the theory provides the appropriate solutions to the Precession of Mercury's Perihelion and the Gravitational Lensing problems.
  2. In the Gravitional Lensing blog, I showed how a simple reasoning about the usage of Gerber's potential could be used to show that Gerber's potential (Hypergeometrical Potential) could predict the correct Gravitational light deflection. Somehow that simple reasoning was beyond the specialists of the time and since then. Einstein, very cunningly, placed the responsibility for the demise of Gerber's ideas in the hands of the specialists at the time. Something like, I wash my hands..:)
  3. I provided the solution to the Pioneer Anomaly in which I clarify the meaning of Hubble equation and the topology of looking into the past...:)
  4. I provided a full description of all particles (hyperon family and isotopes).
  5. I corrected Newton's equations by eliminating all non-geometrical elements of Classical Mechanics.
  6. I kept the theory relativistic despite of introducing Absolute Time and a Preferential Frame of Reference or at least a preferential direction of reference (R).
  7. Somehow, it seems that I introduced a geometrical interpretation of Lorentz transforms of all things... I did not hear any angry relativistic cosmologists telling me otherwise...which is a surprise... I thought everyone knew that Lorentz transform is a rotation by an imaginary angle...
  8. I introduced a new model for matter... the first non-obvious model. Up to know things were waves, particles or particle-waves...:) The dilator is a wavegenerator that flows like a wave...:)
  9. The Humble Fundamental Dilator shows how a proton and an electron are the same entity and have the same 4D Mass, thus simplifying tremendously the understanding and unification of the Universe.
  10. The Humble Fundamental Dilator is also the hidden variable Einstein tried throoughout his whole life to find. The entity that creates Quantum Mechanics.
  11. I challenged the concept of Field and showed that implicit in it is the existence of a Cosmological Coherence (all dilators in the Universe dilate in synch with their local dilaton fields). Synchronization is evident using absolute time (in the RXYZ frame).

  12. I Grand Unified all the Forces (Gravitation and Electromagnetism) while providing a replacement for the Gluon-Quark paradigm (the dilator itself) and for the Electroweak force (the advent of nonlinear hadronics)...
  13. In replacing the Gluon-Quark paradigm I modified the symmetry requirements for a Grand Unification or Supersymmetry Theory. The pesky Reciprocal Symmetry is eliminated and with that the need that everything very slow to have the same energy as everything very fast...:) This is an outrageous symmetry... Physicist should be kissing my ring for eliminating such nasty constraint....:)
  14. I proposed the solution for all energy problems in the shape of fusion reactors while produce fusion (or fission) products along a single direction (or cone)...:) Energy is readily extracted through magneto-hydrodynamics means... Charged products make up powerful currents to be slowed down by reversed accelerators...:)
  15. I proposed a new topology for the Cosmos...:) which eliminates the need for Einstein Cosmological Constant, dark energy, inflation... This at a time when inflationary people are adjusting their parameters to explain the whole chimichanga...:) Very unfortunate...:) At least at this time, I would love to say Ockham's Razor... People have already readied their acceptance speeches for the Nobel Ceremony...:) Horrible situation...:)
  16. In creating this new topology, I explained why the speed of light is the limiting speed in our Fabric of Space..(3D Universe)...
  17. I acknowledged that in fact things can move faster than the speed of light by traveling (surfing) along an interference pattern...:) This might be someday used to create superluminal traveling when people learn how to pattern dilaton fields...:) or die waiting to ride a Tachyon driven spacecraft...:)
  18. I provided the equations to Cosmological Constants (vacuum permittivity and magnetic susceptibility).
  19. I also showed that the Gravitational Constant is not constant and scaled down with the inverse of the age of the Universe....:) Earlier times had stronger Gravitational fields..>:)
  20. The Gravitational "constant" dependence provides the blueprint for the demise of the Universe...:) The relaxation of the dilators... A totally new Cosmogony..>:)
  21. I provided an alternative explanation for the Action-At-Distance paradox which bothered Einstein so much and that is the basis for a total delusional state of mind where people throw their hands up and accept anything..:) from time travel to time traveling backwards in Black Holes ... to Black Holes...:)
  22. I also provided an alternative explanation for the Double Slit Experiment. In my theory, dilators (electron included) travel on a four dimensional space at the center of a horospherical reference frame. The waves it creates are the same it surfs, that is, the electron surfs a four-dimensional wave (dilaton field) and by simple projection, it also surfs the 3D projection (de Broglie waves). This means that the de Broglie wave is not a matter wave. Instead, it is a metric deformation wave created by the dilator. The much larger wavelength is due to the way things are projected in an hyperbolic space... The electron in the two slit experiment will travel through a single slit while its dilaton field projection will travel through both...:) On the other side of the barrier, the electron will continue to surf the interferometric dilaton fields and thus will deposit itself on an interferometric pattern onto the detector..:) Very simple and again I would love to say, Ockham's Razor... despite my qualms about its usage...:)
  23. I provided a simple multi-coherence (dilator dimensional chords) description for each and every hyperon and isotope (isotopes are trivial since they only have protons and neutrons)...: )
  24. I provided an alternative solution to the mass paradigm by assigning it to an overlapping 4D volume (dilator overlapping with the fabric of space at specific phases of the dilator spinning).
  25. I created an extrinsic representation for the Spin.... that obscure quantity that bothered so many quantum physics students for so long...:) and explained What the Hell is the meaning of 1/2 ... as you might know rotation description does not include any quadratic potential and thus there isn't any zero point rotation....:) It was always a bothering 1/2 to me...:)
  26. In making Spin extrinsic, I introduced the delightful Girlfriend on a Swing Gedanken Experiment to show how time could be Pseudo-Quantized..>:)
  27. I corrected all Newton's equations (Four of them) and provided the really relativistic Biot-Savart law. That law can be used to project better Tokamaks if that is the way one wants to proceed.
  28. Einstein also got his share...:) In creating an Absolute Time and explaining the meaning of inertia, I rebutted Mach's principle of nonlocal interaction and restored Newton's Absolute Time..>:) which times the existence of the Universe as opposed to our short existence...:)
  29. I did all this by looking into what people did right and throwing away without fear what people did wrong...:) That was easy since I don't have to write this as a grant to my reactionary peers..:)
  30. Most of all, I told you that the most important outlet for Physics - The Cornell-Los Alamos E-Print Repository should be in the hands of someone more capable than Paul Ginsparg. It is a shame Science can be silenced by arbitrary actions of a single person...:)

I also pleaded for my Lambs not to remain silent and to speak up their minds. I value criticism and would be happy to post any one of your meaningful comments. I know that in those thirty thousand readers many are scientists (professional scientists).

What I expect from them is either a statement telling me that I made a mistake here or there or some active action against the barriers that precluded a more wider distribution of this theory, namely, to request, demand that my theory receives a 1 megabyte space on the Cornell-Los Alamos E-Print Repository hard drive..:) NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK...:)

I've fulfilled all the requirements to post the theory there... (already peer-reviewed, published work that has been endorsed)...:)

Double-click the Bird below to find out more..>:)

I would welcome anyone to take the initiative to publish my paper on the Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives. :)

The pdf is here. This is a shorter version of the theory. Just below 1 megabyte length. It was accepted and endorsed the last time I attempted posting it there.

As I mentioned, I would be eternally grateful to anyone (My Giordano Bruno) that would bring this work to a wider audience through posting it at the Arxives or through forwarding this blog link or the pdfs to other people...

Considering that this theory provides a new paradigm for Coherent Nuclear Fusion, the planet you might save might be yours...:)

Feynman wouldn't blink in face of this challenge...:)

The current version of the work is here.

I know that if you do so, Paul Ginsparg might place you on his blacklist. I know that I am not a professional scientist any longer..:) I know it all....

I also know the VALUE OF IDEAS and that they are worth fighting for. I don't expect any thing less from a scientist (professional or not)...

Just think, "What would Richard P. Feynman do????"

Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars - mere globs of gas atoms. I, too, can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more? Richard P. Feynman

Don't make me explain analogies:

  • Poets - String Theorist, Supersymmetrists...Gauge Physicists...:)
  • the Beauty of the Stars - The Beauty of Weyl Fermions, Higgs, Bosons, Dirac Matrices, etc...
  • Mere globs of gas atoms - My humble and simple theory
  • Feynman - The little me...



PS- Since the first release of this blog, I had the opportunity to discuss my theory with Craig Markwardt from JPL. I will present the discussion in its interity soon.

I wonder if my friends from the Laser Laboratory at UofR or at the Fermi Lab are reading the changes in paradigm for nuclear fusion....:) I once told Professor Huizenga while attending a party at his house, that I knew how to make a Gamma Ray laser... He looked very surprised and most likely somewhat amused..>:)

I am sure that in his mind briefly passed those concerns about the problems pumping an ultrafast decaying nuclear transition, etc... As usual, people can only think within the paradigms they lived by...I wasn't able to create any interest in that brief interaction...:)

I told the same thing to Gary Holton many years ago... Life is full of hits and misses...As usual , I would love to hear from my friends at UPenn, Princeton, Berkeley, UofChicago..>:) CERN, Steven Hawking comes to mind, the 5Dimension Centre, USAF, Whiteman Airforce Base, The Institute for Advanced Studies, well, the Devil Himself (I mean, Paul Ginsparg).....>:)

Thursday, August 06, 2009



Life is challenging. Every so often one feels the need for a pick me up...:) Some people play the Lottery...:) I hate to lose money so I try not... but it is Human Nature...

When all the stars dim out in the sky - paraphrasing the last chapter of the Lord of The Rings...:)
when all hope is gone... some giant Eagles will come to rescue...:)

I felt like that not too long ago and reached out to a Fortune Cookie just to get this one...:)

Of course, I read my fortune on those fortune cookies...:) and totally believe that everything happens for no reason whatsoever... at least the events of chance - without direct causal linkages...

I felt silly ... made fun by a cookie...:)

Eventually I found reasons to be hopeful.

A student from University of Illinois sent me this nice email asking me questions. Since I know the horror of censorship by the establishment I will ellipse his/her name. I always try to do no harm... the first rule of hypercivilisation.. The second is to try to help.

This is another example of student engagement that makes me very hopeful someday people will fully understand my simple theory.

Dear MP,

I am a Physics undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago and am about to finish up my Bachelor's in Science. The current models just don't cut it for me and so I am always looking for a new, more intuitive explanation for our observed phenomena. So when i came across your blog, i was very excited and intrigued. I have downloaded your latest paper and am slowly working through it, though i have hit a conceptual roadblock. I can not get my head around your concept of the fundamental dilator.

I can see it as a this perturbation that tunnels between two finite potential wells.

But the notation regarding spin is confusing me (the notation in Figure 4 in your paper titled "The Hypergeometrical Universe"). What exactly are these spins?
also, and i guess more fundamentally, what do you mean by "I modeled “particles” as coherences between 4D stationary states of metric
deformation." Namely, what is this coherence you bring up repeatedly?

Lastly, I was wondering if you are free within the next few months (as i am on summer break) to meet in person and talk to me about your model? I am in Chicago but am willing to travel to meet with you.

Thank you for you time and contributions to the field.


Name withheld by MP...:)

Well, how not to be hopeful with the future of Mankind when one faces the intellectually curious youth.

I will reproduce my quickly jotted down answer and try to fill in the blanks that I might had missed in my first attempt.

Sorry taking so long to reply. I rarely reads this email. Please use comments or send me email to

I am preparing myself to go to work so I will be brief here. If you be so kind, I will use your question in the blog such that everyone can learn.

I certainly believe that my theory provides a better framework for describing the Universe than the rest. I would be happy to meet you in NYC or if you could arrange a little student gathering in Chicago, I would be happy to provide a brief talk about the theory.

Figure 4 contains the rotating double potential well associated with the fundamental dilator coherences. The fundamental dilator coherence is a coherence between two metric deformational states. This theory seeks how much one can say without defining details and what can be learn from that. This simple picture does not provide you with any information about the potential wells themselves but provides a picture that can be mapped to particles.

The spinning corresponds to a rotation on a four dimensional Cartesian manifold where the dilator not only spins (rotates around axes perpendicular to R (R is perpendicular to the Fabric of Space or our 3D lightspeed traveling hyperspherical shockwave universe). The dimensions associated with each state corresponds to metric deformation axes. I envision the dilator as a shape-shifting spinning hyper-ellipsoid of revolution. It has three axes as opposed to two axis in the standard ellipsoid of revolution.

The axis corresponds of a change in distance felt by two points on radially opposing directions to the ellipsoid.

The spin half which always bothered me as a graduate student is a relationship between spinning and tunneling.

If one considers the fourth axis to be very thin or Nil, the overlap of this ellipsoid is only not null when the dilator finite axes are flush against the fabric of space. This creates the stroboscopic Universe and preserves the character of our fundamental particles (electron, proton, positron, antiproton). They are just different phases of this coherence.

In summary, the intrinsic rotation (spin) is made extrinsic ( an actual rotation) in my theory.

By the way, I have a great friend at the University of Illinois. He works at the Supercomputer Center.

Please feel free to ask any questions, propose problems and just criticize the theory. I will defend it as I can.

I placed the theory on the web because I wasn't able to receive any meaningful criticism other that INAPPROPRIATE (see the censorship of my theory sister blog).

I believe the theory will percolate the community in the next few years. It takes time for people to understand something new. By the way, the spinning creates the stroboscopic universe and also solves the problem of how to abridge the gap between classical and quantum mechanics.

I explained already how to do it, but I didn't apply the theory to a hydrogen atom. I used the Quantum Lagrangian Principle to derive the forces.



Figure 4 is shown below:

There are a few salient aspects in this diagram. The first is that I maintained a notation that parallels the Quark composition of particles in the Standard Model. They have a different meaning and serve a different purpose. In the Standard Model, they correspond to quarks up and down (2/3, 1/3 respectively). In my case, they correspond to the axis lengths of a hyperellipsoid of revolution (an ellipsoid of revolution with three axis as opposed to two).

I chose an hyperellipsoid but I could equally well had chosen a hyper parallelepiped...:) What matter is that it has three axes and thus defines a volume. In my case, it is a displacement volume. A displacement volume is the volume that disappears or appears as the dilator tunnels from state to state.

If one conceive the four dimensional Cartesian space where our hyperspherical expanding 3D Universe exists as an elastic medium, then the tunneling by the dilator generates waves on a pristine space. Pristine is only the outwards of the hyperspherical Universe. The inwards (corresponding to the region inside the Hypersphere) is not pristine and is full of dilatons but no dilator. All dilators travel at the speed of light with the shockwave Universe.

In the email, I was asked about what spins

Figure 4 contains the rotating double potential well associated with the fundamental dilator coherences. The fundamental dilator coherence is a coherence between two metric deformational states. This theory seeks how much one can say without defining details and what can be learn from that. This simple picture does not provide you with any information about the potential wells themselves but provides a picture that can be mapped to particles.

The spinning corresponds to a rotation on a four dimensional Cartesian manifold where the dilator not only spins (rotates around axes perpendicular to R (R is perpendicular to the Fabric of Space or our 3D lightspeed traveling hyperspherical shockwave universe). The dimensions associated with each state corresponds to metric deformation axes. I envision the dilator as a shape-shifting spinning hyper-ellipsoid of revolution. It has three axes as opposed to two axis in the standard ellipsoid of revolution.

The axis corresponds of a change in distance felt by two points on radially opposing directions to the ellipsoid.

The spin half which always bothered me as a graduate student is a relationship between spinning and tunneling.

If one considers the four axis to be very thin or Nil, the overlap of this ellipsoid is only not null when it is flush against the fabric of space. This creates the stroboscopic Universe and preserves the character of our fundamental particles (electron, proton, positron, antiproton). They are just phases of this coherences.

In summary, the intrinsic rotation (spin) is made extrinsic ( an actual rotation) in my theory.

One has to wrap one's minds around a shape shifting object, translating at the speed of light that also spins. In doing so, its overlap with our 3D Universe - also translating at the speed of light- changes from "Zero" to a volume that corresponds to a proton or an electron or an antiproton or a positron.

Note that there is intrinsically a tempo for all those transaction. If they were to happen out of phase the resulting interaction would be null. Thus one can envision the quantization of spin as real or the result of observation. Anything without that quantization wouldn't be detected in our Universe.
My position is that the quantization happened at time zero - when the initial bipolar macroscopic metric deformation decayed into the matter with which we are familiar.

I wasn't able to make a good figure or to make some animation. It would be great.

The best I could come up with was the Fundamental Dilator shown in this figure.
The colors indicate dilation or contraction of the local metric, the lettering orientation indicates the orientation of the dilator phase largest cross-section with respect to the 3D Universe. Horizontal lettering means total overlap with the 3D Universe. Perpendicular lettering results in zero overlap with the 3D Universe, thus those phases are not detected, but they produce a dilaton field (metric waves) since their contributions add coherently to the contributions of prior phases. Remember that even though I draw this phases along an horizontal line, they are occurring along the radial direction. The radial direction is perpendicular to the 3D Universe.

I mentioned in my theory that it provides the link between Classical and Quantum Mechanics. I used this link to calculate from first principles all the forces.

I did not use it to model the Hydrogen Atom for instance. I was hopping someone would ask me that simple question and I would advise them on how to do it. Time has passed by and I will be tackling this problem soon. Of course, I welcome help.

The last question is about what is the meaning of modeling particles as coherences between deformational states.

Well, let pick up a few examples. The electron and antielectron shown in the fundamental dilator diagram corresponds to the eternally (almost) repeating coherence show in the double potential well diagram. Depending upon which phase is in phase with the 3D Universe, one would observe one or the other particle. Observation is the result of stroboscopic interaction.

If you study Fourier series you know that overlapping sinusoidals only yield a non-zero integral if there is a frequency relationship between them. They should have the same underlying frequency to yield a non-zero integral Here we have the same problem, when two particles interact they change shape and thus attraction (repulsion). If in one phase they attract each other and in the other they repel each other, the resulting interaction is null. This would be the case of a Neutron. A neutrino has a different frequency component. The neutrino coherence is not between the ground states of the double potential well, but between the excited states of the double potential well.

Let's pick up another example:

This pion plus coherence repeats itself until it decays into an positron and a gamma ray. The gamma ray is the result of the decay of the electron-positron subcoherences.

The pion is actually a trimmer. Within the 3D space it will always look as structured to to its three components. There is a degeneracy on which phase is in phase with the 3D Universe. The three states coexist and provide an extra degree of freedom (orbital angular momentum or helicity).

Particles are derived form the Fundamental Dilator since most of the matter in the Universe is made of it and the particles interact with the Universe, thus they should contain its fundamental component.

Thanks for giving me hope...:)