Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going NOWHERE Fast

Going NOWHERE Fast...:)

Well, well....:) Now you can stretch your brain a little more and understand what Science is grasping at straws to explain...
The Supersolidity Effect..

Not unlike in the case of liquid helium 4 superfluidity, the thought constraints due to the Equivalence Principle between Gravitational and Inertial Masses created the conjecture of solid superfluidity..

This is a much simpler problem if one understands quantum mechanics, motion (accordingly to my model) and simple topology.

Supersolidity is the idea that a solid can freely pass through itself ??? whatever that means.
The experiment that gave rise to such a contrived idea is the following:
a) Pick up a bucket of solid helium 4
b) Rotate it around its axis and cool it down further.
c) At a given temperature, the bucket of Helium 4 suddenly starts rotating faster....:)

The simple-minded explanation is that somehow the core of the solid helium rotating volume simply stopped rotating while the exterior crust started rotating faster to conserve angular momentum.

This is an idea with very large holes..>:)
a) First, for the middle core to stop rotating, it has to receive a torque..>:) supposelly the same torque that makes the exterior crust to rotate faster afterwards... THE OBVIOUS QUESTION IS WHY??????


I am not going to waste time thinking along those lines...

Quantum Mechanics provides a much simpler although extremely surprising (for the people who doesn't know the Hypergeoemtrical Universe theory) answer.

As the temperature goes down, the wavefunction defining each atom in the spinning bucket gets wider. This means that any observable quantity has to be the result of averaging this wavefunction with the observable operator. In the case of velocity, the operator is the inclination of the local space. I will not try to draw a Mexican Hat or a twisted Mexican Hat...:) it is too difficult...

I can tell you in simple words... As the wavefunction gets wider, it starts probing positions on the other side of the center of rotation, that is, it probes motion with components both positve and negative. This averages the state of motion to a lower effective velocity. As the temperature goes down further the masses positioned close to the center of rotation changes their state of motion into no motion and that state doesn't change with an increase in angular velocity.

This means at that lower temperature, the boson solid loses moment of inertia but doesn't lose gravitational mass. It also doesn't lose inertial mass for linear motion!!!!!

This decouples Gravitational Mass from Inertial Mass and Linear Inertial Mass from Rotational Inertial Mass...:) QED.

If you now ask me what would happen in a bosonic celestial body that is close to zero kelvin... I would say it would rotate at the speed of light...:) No ifs or buts...

If you read my theory you will realize that there are other ways to reach things deemed impossible by our Science....:)

Rebel against that... There is a lot to lose if one stops dreaming, but to dream that things are in a way they are not is not conducive to a great human adventure...



The Silver Surfer and The Hypergeometrical Universe

The Silver Surfer and The Hypergeometrical Universe

I am back after a long hiatus due to life...:)

In the next few blogs I will try to clarify some aspects of motion. It would be a good time to reread my prior blog about Why do things move?.

The trouble started when Einstein proposed the Principle of Equivalence between Inertial and Gravitational Masses. Every time someone of great stature proposes something, that becomes either a beacon of light in the darkness of our ignorance or a tremendous hindrance to real progress..>:)

In this specific case, I believe it became a tremendous hindrance to thought.

I mentioned in the past that inertial and gravitational masses are not the same....or better one can have one without having the other... or have both for some kind of motion and not for another...:)

In any event, they are not the same and I will demonstrate that in the next blog as well as hinting how to move at the speed of light sidewise...:) that is, within our 3D Universe... :)

But first, let's address the Silver Surfer, the alien looking alien that surfs the Universe in a surfboard...:)

It is a handy concept the idea that if the Universe is a 3D Hyperspherical Spatial Disturbance (Wave) traveling at the speed of light radially, we would all be surfing that wave...:)

As you know the Radial direction is preferential but non-observable, since we can only measure relative motion with the 3D Hypersurface. On the left you will find the Silver Surfer just sitting on its board while the Hyperspherical Shock Wave Universe drags him along...:)

As I mentioned in the blog Why do things move, motion is a relaxation of local deformation of 4D space. A local deformation is created through the interaction between matter. Once the interaction vanishes, one is left with a state of deformation or motion which will relax until it reaches the region where is velocity matches its Hubble velocity. At that point, the surfer will be on the situation shown on the left...:)

Similarly one can envision the surfer riding a local dilaton field (local force). Under those conditions, the local space will be slightly deformed.

In the left picture we can see it traveling to the left...:)

Similarly, one can travel to the right...:)

These pictures should provide a clear picture...:) of what motions means within the framework of my theory: Motion is the relaxation of local 4D space deformation. 4D Space deformation is created by interaction between matter (dilators).

Now you have the basic understanding that will allow you to understand the difference between gravitational mass and inertial mass. That will be covered next..>:)