Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Silence of The Lambs

The Silence of The Lambs..:)

Life is stranger than fiction. In July, I will be joining a group of rebelious scientists in a Castle in Wales to discuss our proposed alternatives to the Standard Model. Hopefully, I will find a way to create the experiment that will prove the existence of Coherent Nuclear Processes...:) Imagine a thermonuclear explosion traveling only in a single direction, in an extremely narrow beam...:) and in a controlled manner...:)

This simple idea might save your soul when the Asteroid comes down in 2029..:)

Of course, this experiment has to be done in the Large Hadron Collider...:) but maybe Livermore might be good enough for testing it in a smaller scale...

This blog is about to reach its 13,000 unique IP readers...:) Hurray!!!!

I didn't know there were so many cosmologists, string theorists, particle physicists in the planet...:)

There are many reasons to celebrate...

The theory has been published in two books:

  • Quantization in Astrophysics - containing the Grand Unification and New Cosmology Paradigm

  • Hadron Physics New Energy Issues - Containing the Hypergeometrical Standard Model
and a third one is to be edited and published soon...The Flying Orchestra

not that bad for something created in the everyday commuting to work (on a shaking NYC subway..>:)

and also the following crowning achievements...:)

  1. I corrected Newton's equations by eliminating all non-geometrical elements of Classical Mechanics.

  2. I kept the theory relativistic despite of introducing Absolute Time and a Preferential Frame of Reference or at least a preferential direction of reference (R).

  3. Somehow, it seems that I introduced a geometrical interpretation of Lorentz transforms of all things... I did not hear any angry relativistic cosmologists telling me otherwise...which is a surprise... I thought everyone knew that Lorentz transform is a rotation by an imaginary angle...

  4. I introduced a new model for matter... the first non-obvious model. Up to know things were waves, particles or particle-waves...:) The dilator is a wavegenerator that flows like a wave...:) It is a new paradigm which obeys Quantum Mechanics since its position follows the surrounding dilaton fields and the projection of these dilaton fields are the de Broglie Waves...:)

  5. The Humble Fundamental Dilator shows how a proton and an electron are the same entity and have the same 4D Mass, thus simplifying tremendously the understanding and unification of the Universe. This paradigm eliminates the asymmetry between Protons and Electrons - they have the same 4D displacement volume or 4D Mass.

  6. The Fundamental Dilator Paradigm eliminates Electromagnetism and Gravitation asymmetries.
  7. By replacing the Quark Model (Standard Model) I also eliminated the r:1/r symmetry requirement, thus simplifying the Universe to level that even a String Theorist can understand...:)

  8. The Humble Fundamental Dilator is also the hidden variable Einstein tried throoughout his whole life to find. The entity that creates Quantum Mechanics.

  9. I challenged the concept of Field and showed that implicit in it is the existence of a Cosmological Coherence (all dilators in the Universe dilate in synch with their local dilaton fields). Synchronization is evident using absolute time (in the RXYZ frame).
    I Grand Unified all the Forces (Gravitation and Electromagnetism) while providing a replacement for the Gluon-Quark paradigm (the dilator itself) and for the Electroweak force (the advent of nonlinear hadronics)...

  10. In replacing the Gluon-Quark paradigm I modified the symmetry requirements for a Grand Unification or Supersymmetry Theory. The pesky Reciprocal Symmetry is eliminated and with that the need that everything very slow to have the same energy as everything very fast...:) This is an outrageous symmetry... Physicist should be kissing my ring for eliminating such nasty constraint....:)

  11. I proposed the solution for all energy problems in the shape of fusion reactors while produce fusion (or fission) products along a single direction (or cone)...:) Energy is readily extracted through magneto-hydrodynamics means... Charged products make up powerful currents to be slowed down by reversed accelerators...:)

  12. I proposed a now topology for the Cosmos...:) which eliminates the need for Einstein Cosmological Constant, dark energy, inflation... This at a time when inflationary people are adjusting their parameters to explain the whole chimichanga...:) Very unfortunate...:) At least at this time, I would love to say Ockham's Razor... People have already readied their acceptance speeches for the Nobel Ceremony...:) Horrible situation...:)

  13. In creating this new topology, I explained why the speed of light is the limiting speed in our Fabric of Space..(3D Universe)...

  14. I acknowledged that in fact things can move faster than the speed of light by traveling (surfing) along an interference pattern...:) This might be someday used to create superluminal traveling when people learn how to pattern dilaton fields...:) or die waiting to ride a Tachyon driven spacecraft...:)

  15. I provided the equations to Cosmological Constants (vacuum permittivity and magnetic susceptibility).

  16. I also showed that the Gravitational Constant is not constant and scaled down with the inverse of the age of the Universe....:) Earlier times had stronger Gravitational fields..>:)

  17. The Gravitational "constant" dependence provides the blueprint for the demise of the Universe...:) The relaxation of the dilators... A totally new Cosmogony..>:)

  18. I provided an alternative explanation for the Action-At-Distance paradox which bothered Einstein so much and that is the basis for a total delusional state of mind where people throw their hands up and accept anything..:) from time travel to time traveling backwards in Black Holes ... to Black Holes...:)

  19. I also provided an alternative explanation for the Double Slit Experiment. In my theory, dilators (electron included) travel on a four dimensional space at the center of a horospherical reference frame. The waves it creates are the same it surfs, that is, the electron surfs a four-dimensional wave (dilaton field) and by simple projection, it also surfs the 3D projection (de Broglie waves). This means that the de Broglie wave is not a matter wave. Instead, it is a metric deformation wave created by the dilator. The much larger wavelength is due to the way things are projected in an hyperbolic space... The electron in the two slit experiment will travel through a single slit while its dilaton field projection will travel through both...:) On the other side of the barrier, the electron will continue to surf the interferometric dilaton fields and thus will deposit itself on an interferometric pattern onto the detector..:) Very simple and again I would love to say, Ockham's Razor... despite my qualms about its usage...:)

  20. I provided a simple multi-coherence (dilator dimensional chords) description for each and every hyperon and isotope (isotopes are trivial since they only have protons and neutrons)...: )

  21. I provided an alternative solution to the mass paradigm by assigning it to an overlapping 4D volume (dilator overlapping with the fabric of space at specific phases of the dilator spinning).

  22. I created an extrinsic representation for the Spin.... that obscure quantity that bothered so many quantum physics students for so long...:) and explained What the Hell is the meaning of 1/2 ... as you might know rotation description does not include any quadratic potential and thus there isn't any zero point rotation....:) It was always a bothering 1/2 to me...:)

  23. In making Spin extrinsic, I introduced the delightful Girlfriend on a Swing Gedanken Experiment to show how time could be Pseudo-Quantized..>:)
  24. I corrected all Newton's equations (Four of them) and provided the really relativistic Biot-Savart law. That law can be used to project better Tokamaks if that is the way one wants to proceed.

  25. Einstein also got his share...:) In creating an Absolute Time and explaining the meaning of inertia, I rebutted Mach's principle of nonlocal interaction and restored Newton's Absolute Time..>:) which times the existence of the Universe as opposed to our short existence...:)
  26. I did all this by looking into what people did right and throwing away without fear what people did wrong...:) That was easy since I don't have to write this as a grant to my reactionary peers..:)

  27. Most of all, I told you that the most important outlet for Physics - The Cornell-Los Alamos E-Print Repository should be in the hands of someone more capable than Paul Ginsparg. It is a shame Science can be silenced by arbitrary actions of a single person...:)

I also pleaded for my Lambs not to remain silent and to speak up their minds. I value criticism and would be happy to post any one of your meaningful comments. I know that in those nine thousand readers many are scientists (professional scientists).

What I expect from them is either a statement telling me that I made a mistake here or there or some active action against the barriers that precluded a more wider distribution of this theory, namely, to request, demand that my theory receives a 1 megabyte space on the Cornell-Los Alamos E-Print Repository hard drive..:) NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK...:)

I've fulfilled all the requirements to post the theory there... (already peer-reviewed, published work that has been endorsed)...:)

Double-click the Bird below to find out more..>:)

I would welcome anyone to take the initiative to publish my paper on the Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives. :)

The pdf is here. This is a shorter version of the theory. Just below 1 megabyte length. It was accepted and endorsed the last time I attempted posting it there.

As I mentioned, I would be eternally grateful to anyone (My Giordano Bruno) that would bring this work to a wider audience through posting it at the Arxives or through forwarding this blog link or the pdfs to other people...

Considering that this theory provides a new paradigm for Coherent Nuclear Fusion, the planet you might save might be yours...:)

Feynman wouldn't blink in face of this challenge...:)

The current version of the work is here.

I know that if you do so, Paul Ginsparg might place you on his blacklist. I know that I am not a professional scientist any longer..:) I know it all....

I also know the VALUE OF IDEAS and that they are worth fighting for. I don't expect any thing less from a scientist (professional or not)...

Just think, "What would Richard P. Feynman do????"

Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars - mere globs of gas atoms. I, too, can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more? Richard P. Feynman

Don't make me explain analogies:

  • Poets - String Theorist, Supersymmetrists...Gauge Physicists...:)

  • the Beauty of the Stars - The Beauty of Weyl Fermions, Higgs, Bosons, Dirac Matrices, etc...

  • Mere globs of gas atoms - My humble and simple theory

  • Feynman - The little me...



PS_I wonder if my friends from the Laser Laboratory at UofR or at the Fermi Lab are reading the changes in paradigm for nuclear fusion....:) I once told Professor Huizenga while attending a party at his house, that I knew how to make a Gamma Ray laser... He looked very surprised and most likely somewhat amused..>:)

I am sure that in his mind briefly passed those concerns about the problems pumping an ultrafast decaying nuclear transition, etc... As usual, people can only think within the paradigms they lived by...I wasn't able to create any interest in that brief interaction...:)

I told the same thing to Gary Holton many years ago... Life is full of hits and misses...As usual , I would love to hear from my friends at UPenn, Princeton, Berkeley, UofChicago..>:) CERN, Steven Hawking comes to mind, the 5Dimension Centre, USAF, Whiteman Airforce Base, The Institute for Advanced Studies, well, the Devil Himself (I mean, Paul Ginsparg).....>:)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Electron-Proton Fundamental Dilator Review

Electron-Proton Fundamental Dilator

This is a review of the Fundamental Dilator. At the time when I first wrote this piece, I was using the projection paradigm to explain the differences observed in the 3D Shock Wave Universe (SWU) for the different phases of the fundamental dilator coherence.

Since then, I found out that the correct paradigm is one of an intersection between the spinning dilator and the SWU. I repost it here correcting that paradigm. Please feel free to correct me if I left something in the old paradigm hanging there...:)

This is a LIVE BLOG...:) that is, Science is being created in real-time. I have to say that it came out almost perfectly on the first time...:)

The two minor corrections were this intersection paradigm for the 3D Mass interpretation and the restatement of the Electron Neutrino Level Diagram. In the past, I considered that the coherence took place in the electron associated states. Later, I decided that the best assignment would be with the proton related states. This is not what I expected at first. The electron neutrino ended up associated with a 3D rotation of the proton state..>:)

I might be wrong or I might be right... This is a minor point in the assignment process. The bigger point to be made is that life, science is not about what you expect but what you find out...:)

We will start reviewing the fundamental dilator. This dilator generates the highest Fourier component of the Universe dilaton field. This will become clear from the Hyperon's modeling, but it shouldn't come up as a surprise, since most of the Universe is composed of Protons, Electrons and Protons/Electrons Together (Neutrons).

Let's start with some pictures... They always make life easier...

Below is a figure displaying the Fundamental Dilator or coherence. Notice that I represented a Double Well Potential. This double well potential is created by initial conditions of this 4D deformation. As the Fundamental Universal Fluctuation decayed, it created spinning deformations, being the Electron-Proton dilator a coherence between the two ground states of each potential well. One can think about the Proton-Electron dilator as a slink traveling on a sloped plain. Each side (electron or proton) has a different footprint (4D displacement profile).

Consider that the slink is also rotation (spinning) as it travels downhill and that the 3D space footprint corresponds to the intersection between the dilator and the 3D Shock Wave Universe (SWU) along a given direction parallel to the slope gradient. Under these conditions, if the spinning maintains a 2:1 relationship with the slink "walking" step, then the figures below will be easy to understand..:)

Now seriously...:), the above analogy is perfect and easy to imagine, but the drawings below are also equally simple...:)

As in any other propagating disturbance, energy has to be stored in a different state every half cycle. One cannot have a sound wave that is always potential energy (pressure) as doesn't convert into kinetic energy on the next half-cycle. Similarly, the dilaton propagation requires two states where the impacted energy can be stored. One state looks quite like a Proton (3D intersection can be proportional to a proton mass), while the other state looks quite like an Electron (3D intersection can be proportional to a electron mass). This means that the Electron has a small butt, while the Proton has a big butt. By now, you should be remembering what I said about the Fat Electron.

This is the deformation levels associated with the electron:

Here are the corresponding transitions for the proton:

Notice that the only difference is the tunneling phase. The electron starts as an electron and the proton starts as a proton!!!!

Notice that in the traditional standard model the electron has no Quarks. The quantum numbers, associated with the 4D deformational states, are modeled as axes’ lengths of a 4D ellipsoid of revolution. Negative values correspond to 180 degrees out of phase with respect to a dilator with a positive axis. This means that when the positive dilator is expanding the 4D space, the negative dilator is shrinking 4D space.

Also present in the diagram are the "excited" deformational states and the spontaneous dynamic symmetry breakdown. States (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3) have different "energy" levels and thus slightly different 3D displacement volume intersections (different masses).

I mentioned dynamic because, the breakdown should be due to dynamic effects as oppose to other standard symmetry breakdown processes.

The difference is mass is exactly the half-neutrino chord. This will become clearer when the model for the neutron is presented.

Thus the electron is shrinking 4D space while a proton is dilating 4D space. The ratio between these displacement volume intersections with the 3D shock wave universe is equal to the ratio between the two masses (MassOfTheProton/MassOfTheElectron)...:) well, the absolute value of this ratio....:)

The figure also shows that the spinning is half the frequency of the dilation (tunneling between the two wells). This means that while the dilation runs half-cycle, the spinning has only done a quarter-cycle (90 degrees) rotation.

This also means that if a particle starts in phase as a proton, when it becomes an electron it will be sidewise and have zero (very small) 3D intersection. In fact, if the radial direction thickness is very small, that intersection will become very small as soon as the angle changes from perfect allignment with the SWU. This is why for us, an electron is always an electron and a proton is always a proton. The same is not in the 4D space.

I will not explain again the pseudo-quantization of time here because I have to get to the Hyperons, but you have to understand pseudo-quantization of time to understand the Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

Below is another simpler representation of the dilators. Remember that sidewise states cannot be seen in the 3D Universe and that upside states are anti-particles, that is, if a coherence is represented starting with an upside-down name, that is an antiparticle..:) just to be clear. Any particle has always its anti-phase (upside-down) within its cohrence.. What defines an antiparticle is the phase of the initial coherence with respect to the 3D Universe. Of course, upside, positive, matter and antimatter are just definitions in the same way that a proton has a positive charge (as oppose to a negative one).

The last element of the coherence corresponds to the first state of the next chord. These are like musical chords. The only difference is that smooth space is being deformed instead of air...:)

Thus this chord (proton, electron sidewise, proton upside-down, electron-sidewise) would repeat itself for the life of the particle. In this case, basically forever or until the coherence dephases.

Notice that anti-particle are the same coherences, with an extra rotational phase (180 degrees rotation) with respect to their corresponding particles.

The Neutron

The Neutron Model is the first interesting case and contains the first description of how nuclear energy is stored in deformations of the Fabric of Space.

I will briefly describe it here but I will come back later when I describe how to create coherent nuclear fusion.

Notice that the Neutron is composed of a electron and a proton chords. There are in between those two chords, two transmutation notes...:)

The transmutation notes are transitions which add additional dilation phase to the process, thus making the Proton to transmutate from a sidewise proton to an in-phase proton.

Of course, the Neutron model also has a state coherence representation.
Figure below shows the transitions corresponding to the neutrino and transmutation chords.

These transmutation transitions are related to the neutrinos (of course)...:) and they are approximately half of a neutrino chord each. In the diagram above, you can read the electron chord, followed by a electron-proton transmutation note, followed by a proton chord and finally a proton-electron transmutation note. Notice that the transmutation notes are sub-coherences between proton states and excited electron states. The diagram should indicate clearly the presence of a proton, an electron and an anti-neutrino.... the decay products of a neutron.

Since the phase shift is not perfect, the intra-chord transitions generate a dissonance or a tilted proton/electron or Fabric of Space stress. This stress, which is related to a kinetic state of motion, will result in the phase matching conditions for the decaying products.

This will be reviewed later.

Just for fun, let's see a more complex hyperon...:)

Shown below is a quite complex hyperon: Delta Zero
It decays onto a pion-zero and a neutron or into a pion minus and a proton...:) and has spin 3/2.

As it should be clear by now, the total charge of this particle is zero. It contains 3 electrons chords, two positrons chords and a proton chord, thus having zero charge. It also contains two electron-proton transmutation notes and two proton-electron transmutation notes. All these transmutation notes are spinning counter-clockwise and they carry a half-spin. One of these chords (sub-coherences) is spinning counter-clockwise while all the others are spinning clockwise. Since each coherence carry half spin, the total spin is 3/2.

I hope you had fun... :)

In the next few blogs, I will start the hyperon family from the bottom up and then you will have the chance to finally understand the whole Universe...:)


ps- I struggled with the Electron-Neutrino state diagram. Until I studied all the other neutrinos I couldn't find out if the coherence was between the upper or lower states. When I finished the Hyperon compilation it became clear that the Electron Neutrino was associated with the lower (proton rotation) states.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Balls Diagram Review

Greetings MP,

I read your blog from bottom to top. I like the theory and am impressed at the breadth it covers, it's agreement with what is already known, and it's recovery of all the standard equations and constants. I easily grasp the 4D shockwave in a 5D universe, and that we are all traveling at the speed of light.

Unfortunately, my math skills petered out at calculus. Even in calculus I could never remember the formulas. I always relied on visualization to gain an understanding of the problem and choose an appropriate analysis method. Then I had to recover the formula for the method from my visualization of the steps of the analysis process. Essentially, anything I can visualize, I can understand well enough to work with, but you will never see me produce neat formulas.

I can just about manage to visualize 3D objects that are morphing shape while both translating and rotating. I believe this may be sufficient to be able to fully visualize your theory. I only need to get an accurate set of visualizations built up.

I think I understand the 4D shockwave and absolute time. I follow the Hubble velocity being due to universe expansion, and inertia as a result of space trying to relieve the strain of a distortion. I start to get lost at the balls diagrams.

I understand electron = proton = positron = anti-proton as four different rotational positions of the same 4D space distortion (dilator). I'm not certain I fully understand rotation vs. tunneling. I'm also not getting a good visual of neutrinos as pairs of transmutations.

A neutrino should be just another kind of space distortion, like the electron/proton/positron/anti-proton. If so, I can see how interactions between them could possibly result in a disturbance of the synchronization of your fundamental dilator so that it began to present itself to 'reality' as a different 'particle'.

There is a lot more I would like to clear up, but this is enough for a start. I hope you check this email address. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

The Balls Diagram Review

These are questions that show a great level of insight and thoughtfulness. It gives me the chance to try to clarify and emphasize some points... :)

Let's review what is the meaning of the Balls Diagram and Tunneling and Spinning...:)

The goal of the Balls Diagram is to represent a shape-shifting displacement volume (metric distortion) which in addition to being a 4D displacement volume also spins (rotates along an axis perpendicular to R and any other direction in the 3D Shockwave Universe -SWU). The horizontal lettering represents the that state is with full intersection with the 3D SWU. The alignment of the Balls is just to indicate the sequence of events. At each de Broglie step of the SWU we reach one state represented by another Ball in the sequence. The four Balls also mimic a chord of dimensional notes (space deformational notes) and are the components of the fundamental dilator.

The reasons for a fundamental dilator are simple. They provide the carrier frequency for all communication..:) In other words, for interaction to occur, the interacting parties have to average out to something and that only happens if they have the same base frequency...:)

A very simple and fundamental justification for the Fundamental Dilator. This is also the reason why Quantum Mechanics is so simple...>:) Well, the Quantum Lagrangian Principle and its application to the Gran Unification Equations is a give-away for the reasons for Quantum Mechanics. Here it became clear that de Broglie waves (3D projections of the dilaton field) is an actual deformation of space. Since the dilators surf the 4D space on their local dilaton field, their 3D projection also surfs the 3D SWU in the corresponding projections of the 4D dilaton waves - the de Broglie waves.

This is the reason behind Quantum Mechanics. Each and every scientist that worth their salt tried to find the link between Classical and Quantum Mechanics. Of course, that includes all the Brainiacs (Pauli, Schrodinger, Weil to say a few).

Einstein was the most refractary to the Quantum Leap of Faith associated with the Equivance Principle that created Quantum Mechanics. He conjured up the Hidden Variables Conjecture. The idea was that there was some hidden variables from which Quantum Mechanics could be derived and thus eliminated. He spent his life trying to eliminate Quantum Mechanics rational that matter has an wavelike character.

It just happens he was wrong and there was waves in the problem after all!!!

Matter (dilators) surf and generate waves (dilatons)...:)

By the way, I am most likely the first one ever to introduce surfing into Physics...:) I am sure someone made a physical study of surfing..:) but not the other way around...:)

Let's start with spinning...:) Spin was the most obscure physical property of matter. Its normal description is that Spin is an Intrinsic Degree of Freedom...:) which is suppose to mean that it is some internal degree of freedom (some internal rotational degree of freedom of something as obscure as a particle-wave duality)...:) If that is not clear enough for you, you shouldn't be a String Theorist..:) or someone with a nullified critical sense...:)

To be fair, the problem did not exist until I explained the thing better..:) Until I created my theory, intrinsic degree of freedom was a code word for something you will never understand... You might think you understood but not really... You can fool yourself for some time, fool many people for some time, but you can never fool everyone forever...:)

Eventually someone will say, Dude - This doesn't make sense...:)

In my theory the INTRINSIC character becomes EXTRINSIC in a 4D space manifold where the shockwave 3D Universe propagates.

I did it...:) but the replacement argument requires a broad understanding... Simpler, but broader. The first thing is that in my Hypergeometrical Universe, Mass is replaced with space deformation volume. I kept the "Quark" description where it made geometrical sense.

The Standard Model, which my theory challenges, states that a proton is a up,up, down quark particle. In other words, it contains a 2/3,2/3,-1/3 quark composition. This doesn't make sense as it doesn't make sense the word Quark in that sentence. The reason being is that there are other ways to describe Quark Soup, Gluon Soup etc in terms of my dilators...:)

It makes sense the 2/3,2/3,-1/3 classification. The reason being is that one can assign 2/3,1/3 etc as being the axis length of a four-dimensional ellipsoid of revolution in such a way that 4D volume is conserved upon nuclear reactions.

I used this reasoning to assign the electron and antineutrino Hypergeometrical classification.

Neutron decays into a Proton, Electron and an anti-neutrino.
A Neutron was assigned (-1/3 , -1/3 , 2/3 )
A Proton was assigned (-1/3 , 2/3 ,2/3 )
An Electron was assigned ( 0 , -1/3 , -2/3 )
An anti-neutrino was assigned (1/3 , -1/3 , 0 )

You might say that the total volume of the electron is zero as it is the total volume of the anti-neutrino...:) Sometimes a Zero is just a Zero, other times a Zero is just a very small number - different from Zero..:) This is the later case.

The other fine point to observe is that there is an important difference between the Electron and the Neutrino. Since the Neutrino is a coherence between two rotated states of an Electron 4D Stationary Deformational State, the Neutrino acting upon an electron will make it rotate...:) within the 3D Space.

The other fine point is that any any given time, looking from afar, the Neutrino displacement volume is approximatelly Zero. One axis stretches space, the other compresses space. The far field or metric at distance is not changed. This means that the Neutrino, not only has the wrong frequency, but also it is a weak emitter (just near field is significant)...:)

Those two factors are the source of the very weak interactivity of Neutrinos.

The neutrino is notoriously non-interacting. There are reasons for that. I will talk here about the first reason. The straigh-up dope is that the tunneling frequency for the neutrino coherence is different from the fundamental dilator coherence...:) That simple. Nothing exchanging gluons in a primordial soup or a disconnection with the Higgs Bosons or other mumble jumble...:) Just different frequencies and thus the interaction averages out to zero..>:) Just Fourier interactions.

The second item in the agenda is the understanding of the meaning of Tunneling. In a geometrical sense each stationary 4D deformational state is a collapse of the metric in a region of space, that is, the distance between two points radially opposing a "particle" is changed by the presence of it. Let's say that an electron will shrink a little the distance, while a proton will increase that distance. The increase in distance by a proton is circa 2000 times larger than the shrinkage generated by the presence of the electron.

The diagram below shows the four transitions associated with the fundamental dilator. The particular particle being represented depends just upon which phase is in phase with the Lighstpeed Expanding Hypergeometrical Universe.

I chose to start this diagram with the Electron State (0,-2/3,-1/3)

The meaning of a coherence is that energy flows from one state to another and vice-versa until something out-of-phase steals that energy. There is nothing out-of-phase in the fundamental universe, that is, Protons and electrons are the two lowest states from a double potential well, thus there isn't any other state for the energy to decay into...:) This means that it is hopeless to try to observe a Proton or an Electron decaying...:) for many reason including the fact that they are the same entity..>:)

As you follow the arrows up and down what is happening is the the shape of that volume changes from a small contraction of 4D space into a larger contraction of 4D space into a small expansion of 4D space into a larger expansion of 4D space. As it (dilator) shape-shifts, the changing displacement volume generate waves (dilatons). Through these dilatons, dilators interact.

I introduced a Quantum Lagrangian Principle to derive the Grand Unification Equations. The Quantum Lagrangian Principle states that the dilator will always dilate in phase with the surrounding dilaton field. Thus there is never dephasing. That is the reason for the proposed Cosmological Coherence, that is, the whole Universe is always in phase (well, whoever is not in phase - hyperons, neutrons etc will eventually dephase into something that is in phase).

Thus up to now, you should be able to understand the Tunneling and its effect upon the dilator. If you remember that this dilators are traveling at the speed of light (and dilatons),you will realize that the dilator is like being in the cockpit of a Mach One jet. There is no noise reaching anything in front of the jet until the jet passes and if you were traveling in another Mach One Jet in the shockwave generated by the first you would be able to hear anything happening in the first one...:) In the Hypergeometrical Universe, everybody can hear you...:)

Now remember what Newton said. Matter Attracts Matter with a strenght proportional to the product of their masses. If you replace in this statement Masses by 3D intersection volumes and matter by dilator, you will have half of my paradigm.

The giveaway is the word intersection. If you have a non-spinning 4D volume which is changing shape, you would see all the different shapes. If this 4D volume is spinning then you will only see an intersection at very specific phases (if the 4D volume is thin along the radial coordinate).

This is where the Balls Diagram enters.

what is being represented here is not only the shape-shifting coherence, but also the spinning. The sideways written phases represent the sidewise 4D volumes, thus Zero intersection with our 3D Hyperspherical 3D Universe.

If you remember what Newton said, then it becomes clear that the sidewise phases do not interact. That is the reasoning behind the Stroboscopic Universe concept. Despite of a continuous time flow, interaction is intermittent, thus existence is intermittent...:)

I interact, now and then, therefore
I exist now and then.


Where are those Sorbonne Philosophers when you want one..:)

To understand the Neutrino, you will have to think about where it came from. Below is the Neutron Balls Diagram:

Or its decay reaction:

Here you can see the two dilator sequences. It is clear that the red lines introduced a phase shift (delay) between the tunneling (shape-shifting) transitions and the spinning. Remember that something has to spin around an axis. In a 4D space you can choose any one of the three axis to spin (perpendicular to R and X, perpendicular to R and Y, perpendicular to R and Z). These correspond to the SpinX, SpinY and SpinZ particle polarizations.

To understand the Neutrino and its non-interacting nature, you have to look at the state diagram above.

You can see the coherence sequences (electron followed by a half-neutrino, followed by a proton followed by another half-neutrino).

The Proton and Electron coherences correspond to shape shifting processes. The half-neutrino sequences corresponds to a transition between two electron states (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3)...>:) You might say, "Hell, these correspond to the same volume, they just differ in orientation..>:)" and you would be correct. It happens that is takes time to reorient anything with a finite volume. This time is the needed delay to place the Proton shape in phase with our 3D Universe. I call those transitions, Transmutation Notes...:)

The whole thing has a musical analogy. Each Fundamental Dilator is analogous to a Four Notes Chord. The four fundamental particles correspond to the same Chord, just differing in which is the first note.

Transmutation Notes actually produces transmutations. This dephasing introduces intra-coherence space deformations (identical to the ones responsible for inertial motion in the Silver Surfer blog). In a Shockwave Universe, one only need to locally twist space to start moving. Similarly, the intra-coherence twisting generated by the Transmutation Notes generates potential motion, that is, they store the Nuclear Energy that is released upon particle decay.
Now, we now what is the meaning of a Neutrino within a Neutron. We have a volumetric representation of it. Does this means a Neutrino exists outside a Neutron. That is a difficult question, but the answer is Yes. This doesn't mean that one can only create a Neutron from an Electron and a Proton through Neutrino Capture. The intra-coherence space twisting and thus 3D intersection volume (or Mass) can be converted from simple kinetic energy (which is of course, space twisting).

In summary, a Neutrino will impact a 3D rotation into a dilator pair. In their individual existence, they carry angular momentum and Zero volume (a relative Zero as always).

More complex coherences correspond to more complex particles (hypernuclei or hyperons).

Below it is a nice example or a hypernuclei..:) The Delta Zero
which decomposes into this:

a Proton and a Pion Minus...:)

Notice the pentameric nature of the coherence. The Delta Zero is a Five Chord Coherence, thus it contains five fundamental coherence in it. Since the initial phase is unknown, all the phases coexist. If you create such a particle through high energy collisions you will see five unseparable entities. If you try to separate, another five will appear from each one of them..:) Like the Hydra...You cut a Head and a whole Body comes into existence...:)

This is my explanation for Quark Soup, Gluon Soup, or anything people might think they see in a collisional experiment. I personally don't like Quark Soup...:) nor Gluon Soup...:)

Matt, thanks again for the opportunity to explain the theory. I am always hoping that someone will understand this simple theory and ask some questions...:)

After all, it is not nice to be the only one who understands the Universe...:) Lonely here...:)
My work will be done when people see a traveling particle and realizes the it is just a metric distortion...:) .... while realizing that it sings its unique song...:)

It is coming the time that I will tell you how to manipulate space directly..:) With your very own hands...:)



PS- I tried to steal one of those nice graphics on the Great Wave Site (link on the side) but failed. There are some that resembles a rotation. For example, there is a trigonal dilator which would rotate 120 degrees if one were to see if in a stroboscopic light...:) Not unlike my pentameric Delta Zero. Since this is a 3D image, the rotation is in 3D. I tried in the past to strike a collaboration with the fellow in the Great Waves Site, but failed to receive a reply...:) I am just too busy to make my own rotating GIFs at this time..

By the way, the displacement volumes are always 4D and they spin in that 4D space manifold. Time is another matter. I hope to entice you into understanding TIME later...:)

Anyone can post a comment to the theory or email me directly. I moderate comments to avoid really stupid people from making their voices heard and to minimize the amount of distraction from my ideas. Remember, this site doesn't have my picture, my name (explicitly) or anything that resembles a personallity cult...

I am interested in scientific discussions and the ideas are at the center stage... :) If someday the forces that be stop censoring my ideas, then if you are interested, I can tell you a little about myself...

Currently, I am irrelevant...:)



PS - Click the Big Bird (Paul Ginsparg) to find out about Censorship in Physics...:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Spontaneous Breakdown of Symmetry...

Spontaneous Breakdown of Symmetry and The Great Achievement of Achieving True Supersymmety

Needless to say, this theory is aiming at being a Great Achievement of Some Sort Someday...:)

My prior blog was about the how Gallileo Gallilei Equivalence Principle - equating Inertial Mass to Gravitational Mass - threw off scientists into believing that there was an Spontaneous Breakdown of Symmetry between the Four Fundamental Fources of Physics..:)

Here, I should repeat the Fantastic Four: Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak Forces.

It should be clear to anyone who reads this blog that the Strong Force was replaced by simple local Fabric of Space deformational energy (Force). Weak force, which is responsible for the beta decay, was eliminated when I changed the paradigm for Nuclear Chemistry to Nonlinear Hadronics (similar to Nonlinear Optics).

If you are familiar with the symmetries associated with these forces, the Strong Force requires an infinite force at infinite distance while the others require Infinite Forces at Zero Distances. This means that the supersymmetric force would require infinite force on both extremes...:)

By eliminating the Strong and Weak forces by substituting them by infinitely simpler paradigms, I eliminated this symmetry requirement. The Strong Force is a direct byproduct of the Standard Model. The introduction of spurious Quarks which couldn't ever be seen resulted in the introduction of spurious forces that act in a crazy way... They GLUED things together to explain a null result or failed experiment.

I am sure someone is going to ask me how could the results of the Standard Model be so precise and yet be wrong...:) Well, well... the first question to ask is if the Standard Model has parameters..>:) Given enough degrees of freedom one can solve any problem to any precision.

My theory has no degrees of freedom. In lieu of a degree of freedom, it has the fundamental dilator paradigm, which places the 4D Masses of the Proton and Electron equal to the 3D Mass of an Hydrogen Atom...:) or half of the 4DMass of an Hydrogen Atom...

One might say that this is a parameter. I beg to differ. It is a paradigm..:) one that goes hand in hand with the Lightspeed Expanding Hyperspherical Universe (another paradigm which explains 3D Universe expansion without Dark Energy, Dark Matter etc), Hubble constant etc.
Together with these two paradigm, I placed the Quantum Lagrangian Principle stating that a fundamental dilator would only dilate in phase with surrounding dilaton fields, that is, a dilator wouldn't try to expand space in a point when everyone else is trying to compress that region of space...:) Another simple paradigm that can be shown in a simple experiment similar to the one where sand patterns are created in a vibrating drum...:)

The remaining asymmetry is due to the different masses of Protons and Electrons...:) If they had exactly the same mass, one could formulate an electromagnetic theory based upon positive and negative masses - in analogy to Gravitation (formulated in terms of neutral masss).

The simple solution to the problem was to rewrite Gauss and Newton's Laws in a 4D Spatial Manifold where a shockwave Universe traverses a Cartesian 4D Manifold at the speed of light...:)

The reformulated Gauss and Newton's Laws are similar to the 3D ones. The only difference are in the constants... and in the fact that in 4D your are twice as Fat!!!!!!

According to the Fundamental Dilator Paradigm, Gravitational 4D Masses of Electrons and Protons are proportional to the coherently aggregated 4D Displacement volumes associated with the Fundamental Dilator cycle. This is because the transitions occur in phase with the generated waves. This is because the source of the dilaton field travels at the same speed as the dilaton field itself...:)

Remember, the fundamental dilator is a lightspeed traversing shape-shifting displacement volume (metric modulation) that changes the distances between any two points diametrically positioned around it. That volume displacement can be an small dilation (electron), a big dilation (antiproton), a small compression (positron) or a big compression (proton).

Since all these phases occur as the dilator travels radially at the speed of light on the center of a horospherical reference frame, all the waves generated by each phase add in phase, thus it is the same effect as if one had an electron-positron dilator and a proton-antiproton dilator in their appropriate phases.

For this reason, I say that the 4DMass of an electron is the same as the 4D mass of a proton. I equate this to the atomic mass of a hydrogen atom. This means that an hydrogen atom will have the 4DMass of two Hydrogen Atoms..>:) or weight twice as much in 4D as they weight in 3D...:)

Notice that each phase of the fundamental dilator coherence is not a particle. Each one of the four fundamental particles (proton, antiproton, electron and positron) are represented by the same ever-repeating coherence, differing only by which phase is in phase with the shockwave 3D Universe.

This means that all equations of electromagnetism can be derived (and were derived in my papers) from an equation identical to Newton's Gravitation Law. The only difference is that one uses the mass of one hydrogen atom when calculating the number of dilators (electron or protons) per 4D Kilogram...:)

Without going into too many details here, it is late...:), it should be clear how the concept of the Fundamental Dilator eliminates the last asymmetry in the Fantastic Two..:) the last two standing forces..:)

The concept of Inertia, which puzzled mankind forever was explained in simple terms as the "area" of deformation in a Stress/Strain paradigm. This simple linear equation replaces Newton's Second Law (F=m.a) with a tremendous advantage. It doesn't introduce the concepts of Mass and Force..:) It keeps it all geometrical...:) as they say on the streets..:) Keep it Geometrical..:)

It is disappointing to many, me included, that inertia didn't keep the nonlocal nature proposed by Mach. It would be nice if we all could be part of the whole in a cryptic manner like the one expressed in - the part is equal to the whole..:) etc..

Sometimes it is nice that our philosophical mind is let down...:) One doesn't really need to have the part equal to the whole - the duality supplanted by a trinity..etc... or four huge turtles holding the Universe in place....or the Celestial Spheres being replaced by Celestial Hyperspheres...:)

Just take what life gives you and make the most of it...:)

This theory illuminates the path to an Infinite and Clean Source of Energy, The Promise of Space Travel .... it takes away some crazy ideas like wormhole travels or going into a Black Holes or whatever you might had concocted to look really smart in your latest paper...:)

Take Off Your Kazoos and Let Cellebrate The Arrival of Our 12,000 reader.

Thanks for taking the time and spreading the word about this work. It has been done with the belief that Ideas Are Important ...:)

They should always face scrutiny...:) I've just scrutinized Gallileo, Newton and Everyone who wasted time talking about wormhole travel..>:) Just make enough progress to go around the Solar System first...:)

By the way, scrutiny is always welcome...:) Leave your comments or email me directly ... The email adress is in my profile.



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gallileo Gallilei's Biggest Blunder

Blunders, Blunders by the Kilogram

Gallileo has a blunder associated with his name...:) Nobody scapes... One is always partially wrong, despite of being mostly correct...:) Nothing is perfect...

In fact, nobody knows about this blunder until now...:)

Of course, these are not really blunders. It wasn't like Gallileo or Newton made the incorrect choice between two possible models, in which one was clearly supperior given the data available at the time of the decision.

Newton and Gallileo and even Einstein didn't have access to data that would hint the existence of a better model. It is really not a Blunder at all!!!! Silly people would call the introduction of a constant in an equation a Blunder, but the constant could be zero..>:), thus its addition not only satisfies the homogeneous case but leave space for another scenario. The constant was to be determined experimentally...:) I don't consider that a Blunder..>:)

I consider the introduction of a constant without a physical explanation for it a sleight of hand...:)

What was Gallileo's Biggest Blunder? How bad was it?

Let's say that thanks to Gallileo's Equivalence Principle we were not able to find an existing symmetry between Gravitation and Electromagnetism...:)

Gallileo's Equivalence Principle states that Gravitational Mass and Inertial Mass are the same...:) If one puts together this statement with the often repeated but never thought through statement that an Electron senses both Gravitational and Electric fields , the end result is an expontaneous symmetry breakdown at the beginning of times...:)

My theory states that an Electron (Proton or any charge particle) only senses one interaction - the same interaction (dilaton surfing) that a neutral particle (e.g. Hydrogen atom) senses.

This means that one Kilogram (of inertial mass) of Electrons has no Gravitational Mass...:)

This is a Breakdown of the Gallileo's Equivalence Principle and should be written in BOLD LETTERS

In my theory, Mass has two equivalents - a 4D Displacement Volume Equivalent and a 3D Volume Equivalent.

Using analogy, instead of introducing 4D volumes, strain and stresses, I kept the concept of mass but showed that the 4DMass of an electon is the same as the 4DMass of a Proton and it is equal to the mass of a Hydrogen atom.

Above are the Balls Diagrams for the Electron and Positron. The rotation of the lettering models the Spin 1/2 rotation of the 4D displacement volume associated with the fundamental dilator phases. Four fundamental dilators, each one starting with one of the four phases, correspond to the four basic particles: electron, proton, positron and antiproton.

Positive or Negative (matter or antimatter) are arbitrary phases, thus I define the first Ball as being the one that is in phase with the Hyperspherical Lightspeed Expanding ShockWave Universe.

As you can see, a Proton differs from an Electron just by which of the fundamental dilator phases are in phase with the 3D Universe.

If you think in terms of waves being generated by a shape shifting displacement volume (metric modulation), the metric waves (dilatons) with have an intensity proportional to all the four phases of the fundamental dilator coherence, thus depending upon both the electron phases and the proton phases. This means that the 4DMass is equal to the mass of an Hydrogen Atom. Just in case we have String Theorists in the readership...:) The reason for summing up all phases of the coherences is the result of the coherence being the focus of a reference frame traveling at the speed of light along R - the horospherical reference frame- the radial direction perpendicular to our 3D space. This means that all modulations of the metric are in phase with the traveling waves and add coherently - like voices in a choir...:)

This means that one could write an equation (Gauss Electrostatic Law) for the interaction between charged particles based upon the particles 4D Masses. Under those circumstaces there would be perfect symmetry between a Proton and an Electron and thus Gravitation and Electromagnetism could be written in a single framework. This is what I did in my theory. I introduced the Fat Electron (I used one atomic mass unit for simplicity but later refined the calculations) in my derivation of Electrostatics. The resulting electrostatic force or electrostatic permeability was correct to 0.4% without any adjusting parameters. I gave many possible explanations for the small discrepancy. People can always refined the theory.

Newton's Gravitationa Law states that the interaction between masses is proportional to the produt of masses. The spinning of the fundamental coherence four dimensional displacement volume is such that its overlap with the 3D Universe exists only at 0, pi, 2pi etc phases.

Spin half - that is - the spinning motion has a frequency that is half the tunneling frequency - will result in an stroboscopic view of charged particles. This means that a charge that is negative will always be negative... and vice-versa.

This will also mean that a charge particle senses no Gravitation.

The last part of the Blunder is the recognition that since an electron has an inertial mass different (2000 time smaller) than a proton, then the inertial mass is defined by the overlap between the 4D displacement volume and the 3D space.

If one put together that observation and the Stress-Strain interpretation of Newton's Second Law, one realizes that inertial is a measure of the effort needed to locally deform the Fabric of Space...:) thus proportional to how much Fabric of Space we are talking about...

The amount of Fabric of Space associated with each particle is its footprint on the Shockwave Universe...

I hope it becomes clear that inertial mass and gravitational mass are not the same for charged particles (Fermions if you will..:)

Fermions do not actually produce Gravitation but they field is proportional to their 4D Mass (in analogy to Newton's Gravitational Law)>... Of course, Newton's Gravitational Laws remains the same in a 4D paradigm...:)

The only horrible sideeffect is that we all become twice as fat in 4D than in 3D...:)



ps- some people are hoping to detect some indication of a higher dimensionality by measuring discrepancies between inertial and gravitational masses in a satelite experiment. They are striving to see a 1:10^8 deviation...:) It is a shame...:) There shouldn't be any difference between inertial mass and gravitational mass of neutral matter...>:) If the experiment could measure the 4D mass then the measurement would easily detect a 100% increase in mass...:)

They should be trying to measure the Gravitational force of charged particles instead (a much more difficult endeavour)...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Newton's Biggest Blunder

Blunders, Blunders by the Kilogram...:)

Newton's Biggest Blunder


Many "scientists" "criticize" Einstein for his Biggest Blunder - The Cosmological Constant...:)

Einstein, driven by theological or aesthetic considerations, believed that the Universe should be eternal, immutable. The only way to make a four-dimensional spacetime full of matter (mass) is to introduce a negative pressure to keep the Universe from going through a Big Crunch sometime after the Big Bang...:)

This introduction of a negative pressure in his model corresponded to the introduction of a constant in Einstein equations- The Cosmological Constant

Many TV scientists "criticize" Einstein for that. I place "criticize" between quote marks because it is not a real criticism. This "critique" is invariably followed by a "brilliant" new model in which one introduces a negative pressure (Dark Energy) and that restores the validity of the initial hypothesis, thus Snatching Victory (for Einstein) off the Jaws of Defeat....:)

Vicious Cycle...:)

All these quotation marks are just a tremendous red flag demonstrating that one cannot actually criticize Einstein, Newton, The Theory From The 23rd Century (String Theory - M-Theory...etc)... without redeeming those entities in the next sentence...

Too much reverence is not good for Science. One should always revere their effort, legacy, inspiration etc. Their ideas should be revised if one comes up with something that makes more sense...:)

Let's start with the great Sir Isaac Newton. I mentioned in the past that I had to revise his work for the simple reason that his work is fundamental- the bedrock of all physics. In that simple equation he created the means for absolute measurements of force, weight, mass...well... in fact, inertial mass and force are interdependent definitions, that is, one has to define Mass to be able to come up with Force...:0

Little people knew but at that moment Physics detoured, departed from any possibility of a geometrical paradigm.

I recreated Newton's Second Law (F=m.a) as a Stress/Strain relationship on the Fabric of Space. By applying that equation to two cross-sections of the 5D Spacetime I was able to recover the equations for the Electromagnetism and Gravitational Forces... The so called Grand Unification Theory...(Strong and Weak Forces were replaced by local Fabric of Space deformations and Nonlinear Hadronic Processes, respectively).

I wish I could play my TV Physicist role and redeem Sir Isaac Newton by saying that some cosmetic changes in Newton's paradigm allows Physics to regain its footing...:)

That would be great, but it would also be a lie...:)

The reason being is that Mankind built a Castle of Cards over that paradigm and only a deep redressing will do...:)



PS_ Next we will review Gallileo Gallilei Biggest Blunder..:)