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Kiril Chucanov

Discussions about Free Energy Production

This is an sequence of emails where Kiril Chucanov explained or promoted an invention of his. This invention is supposed to create energy out of zero point fluctuations.

As you might know, I am a strong opposer of current interpretation of Zero Point Fluctuations of Electromagnetic Vacuum.

The reason being that the Universe is not a nice metalic box, thus we don't have neatly spaced normal modes. The other objection is that the energy associated with those electromagnetic normal modes would be infinite.

The last but not least reason why I questioned the existence of an Electromagnetic Vacuum is my own model for the photon or light. In my theory, electromagnetic waves are modulations of the dilator field (the one pervasive waving of the whole universe metric with a wavelength equal to the Compton wavelength of an hydrogen atom or Fundamental Dilator). These modulations occur due to fluctuations in the source of the dilator field position, that is, a coherence between electronic states creates a alternating dipole and that generates the electromagnetic field. Thermal fluctuations also generates fluctuations of the dilators and thus generates a background electromagnetic bath..

Since the dilators (electron and protons) are in flux, driven by a thermal bath, there will be fluctuations but those fluctuations will be associated with matter. The farther from matter you are the lowest the amplitude of those fluctuations.

This puts an upper limit in the amount of energy available for zero point of energy extraction. Of course, if we could extract that energy we would cool down the environment - not unlike Dr. Freeze...:)

Please read the emails from top to bottom. The topmost is the oldest one.


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From: MP

Subject: RE: Alternative explanations for Inflation and Cooper Pairs

Dear Colleagues,

Well, I am extremely pleased to inform that there is fresh criticism to my theory, which I will try to defend in the most cordial terms. I know for sure that without criticism one cannot improve one’s ideas.

I also know that it is not appropriate to engage other people just because I have their email addresses, thus this is just an email to let you know that there is a chance for you to place your comments on an ongoing scientific discussion and it is not the first one of a series of unrequited emails.

I will address Professor Smulsky’s comments on my blog and directly to him. In the blog, I will always keep people’s names out to provide the most freedom of discussion possible.

Of course, I will only place Professor Smulsky’s comments on my blog with his permission. If you don’t want to be part of a public scientific discussion, please let me know and I will reply to any comments in private emails.

By default, unless told otherwise, I will post comments stripped of names, titles etc and their rebuttals onto the blog. The blog is educational and this is to allow most people to appreciate Science and scientific arguments.

You are welcome to email me direct comments or to post them anonymously onto the blog site.

Professor Smulsky, I will only be able to reply to you during the weekend.

I appreciate your comments and welcome a scientific discussion.

Yours sincerely,

Ps- Please include my email on any reply. Somehow I missed Professor Smulsky’s reply the first time and only know about it because it was forwarded to me.

These are the mentioned blogs
My latest two blogs provide an hypergeometrical explanation for Cooper pairs and Superconductivity.

and a rebuke to the Inflation Theory
From: Dr. Chucanov

Dear MP,

Prof Smulsky is right to say that our universe is observable and measurable in principle, nothing exists out of measurement, and nothing is hidden (like the so-called physical vacuum or virtual particles). However he is not right that Einstein’s view on Nature is right one. Einstein’s theories are dead born theories – they are based on pure mathematics, they luck philosophy.

A. Einstein was the only person among fathers of contemporary quantum mechanics who never understood quantum world. Einstein’s principles of separation and unification of strong, weak, electro-magnet, and gravity forces, are the most destructive ideas ever in the fundamental physics. Very aggressive propaganda created his image as “The greatest physicist of all times”. Einstein’s type of physics is comfortable shell for university educated scientists – they build their career and reputation on this wrong science.

Mathematical skills, not imagination/revelation, are used to create the multiple published by them “theories of everything”. Real Theory of Everything has nothing common with Einstein’s false ideas.

Kiril Chukanov, Inventor of Quantum Free Energy.
From: Kiril Chucanov

On the attached video is my industrial Quantum Free Energy generator ANLAUTRON-IV. It produces tens of times over-unity.

Best regards,

Kiril Chukanov
From: MP

Dr. Chucanov,

In a perpetual motion device (a device that produces more energy that it consumes) the first and only relevant information is how are you measuring the energy output and input. Everything else is secondary.

I don't see a calorimeter or anything equivalent in your video.

Could you please send me information about the croux of your claims that your output is ten times the energy input.


From:Kiril Chucanov

You don’t see, but this doesn’t mean there is no calorimetric measurements. I’m working for business and I have no intention to give you any details on my work.

Best regards,

Kiril Chukanov


To mention that you placed the whole microwave into a calorimeter… used up 2000 watts-hour of electricity and raised the temperature of the calorimeter (with a thermal mass of such and such by such and such degrees would be equivalent to any other disclosure you have already made…. e.g. 1000% energy return….Of course, this has to be a steady state measurement to avoid the processing of metastable species…

If you are using a 1000 watts microwave oven and observing a fraction of that amount coming out of your device that would indicate poor experimental design… As you know to make plasma or light out of a gas and microwave is not new…

I created a theory. In my case, the proof that I had a theory was the pdf with a bunch of equations.

If you make a loud claim like the one you are making right now, you should expect to be asked to deliver the same level of information, otherwise you will be considered just noise…

What I asked is not a disclosure of how it works or anything else.. just a simple check of energy balance.

I saw a few of your videos but they fail to provide anything meaningful with respect to your claim.

This is the basis of your claims for a perpetual motion device (A.K.A. energy out of nothing device).

If you were serious about your invention you would keep it quiet, patent it and exploit it commercially. Since you are not doing that, I assume that you are planning to make money out of books or whatever merchandising you might be able to muster.

I hope you prove me wrong. We all would benefit from a free lunch (free energy).


________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Subject: RE: quantum free energy generator works

You are far away from the truth, Sir. Now, in my facility in Calgary, Canada, I have several powerful QFE generators ready for business. It’s not 2 KW, it’s 5 MW. I post my books on my web-site for free use – I don’t want to make money from my books. About energy balance don’t worry – I know my job, I’m PhD in thermodynamics, and my investors have their own specialists. Your theory with bunch of equations is just mathematics having nothing common with Relity in the world.

Good luck.
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From: MP

Your response still leaves a lot to desire, Dr. Chukanov.

As a PhD in Thermodynamics you should know that I requested a reply in terms of energy balance and not peak power.

In my past career I used to work with terawatt lasers but they were powered by kilowatt power supplies.

If you are telling me that you have a working 5 Megawatt power plant in Calgary, Canada, extracting energy out of thin air with a miser input of just 10% (500 Kw)... I am trully impressed and sold... :) Let me know where is the dotted line, such way that I can invest in your company..:)

If you are just mincing words and telling me that you were able to produce a peaked output power that was 10 times larger than the the average input power, then I would tell you to consider other mechanisms where slow inputs build up into explosive output...humm not unlike blowing a balloon...

You slowly increase the pressure in the ballon until it explodes and release all the stored energy (most of it)...

In any event, if you meant to say that your actually have a 5MW power plant in Calgary, I am sure I will hear from you in all scientific journals, newspapers, etc...:)

If not, I would be sorry for your investors..:)

Best wishes,


PS- As you should know, anyone proposing a perpetual motion device is always in a weak position due to our biases. Everything I know tells me that it should not work and you are illuding (intentionally or not) your investors and public. On the other hand, I like to believe that people are good and that somehow physics is hidding some nice discoveries here and there.. Thus, I would like to wish you and your investors the best of luck..:)
________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

I’m sorry for you, stupid man.

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________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________
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Some people doesn't take criticism or even scientific enquiry in a civilized manner.

I wouldn't want to be one of this guy's poor investors..:) (if they are not poor yet, they will become...:)



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Galilean Electrodynamics

General Relativity and Stale Physics

As I mentioned many times since the beginning of this blog, too much reverence is a bad thing in Physics... It didn't help me with Bob Schrieffer in the past and it doesn't help anyone when we put people in pedestals.

String Theorists or some of the talking heads placed their theory as something from the 23rd century...:) That is an illegal crutch for any theory..

Einstein always faced tremendous opposition and of course, all that is now passed and his theory is written in stone...

This is not a good thing.

Any prior theory should be reviewed in light of new knowledge and that includes Einstein's, String Theory or the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory...:)

Galilean Electrodynamics is a journal that supports dissident ideas and by doing it support the continued questioning of prior science.. The Galilean in its name places it directly in contraposition with anything that is not Galilean..:) Like Riemanian Geometry or Relativity.

I would be the last one to critize a source of critical sense...:)

Coincidently, I managed to revise Galileo Galilei's Equivalence Principle..:) That principle equates Gravitational Mass with Inertial Mass...:)

It may or may not be attributable to Galileo.

Please, read the blog
Galileo Galilei Biggest Blunder . This blog is just next to Newton's Biggest Blunder...:)

Please, let me know your comments.



A Story Full of Sound and Fury..:)

Another interesting question:

What I would like to understand is the relation between the dilaton and torsion in your theory, in mine plays an essential role all throughout?

By referring to the relationship between the Fabric of Space torsion and the imense power associated with its release as A Story Full of Sound and Fury...:) I don't mean that I am the idiot that is telling that tale...:) at least not the idiot...:) I might be telling the tale...:)

I am emphasizing the sillyness of what we consider cataclysmic events within our 3D Universe. In the 5D Spacetime all that Sound and Fury are just waves imprinted onto another wave (the Shochwave Universe).

Below is my answer to the relationship between Torsion of the Fabric of Space and Nuclear Energy..:) I hope you will enjoy and send me your comments.


The torsion of the Fabric of Space is where the nuclear energy is stored. I recasted Newton’s First Law and explain inertial motion as a relaxation process of the local Fabric of Space deformation.

This means that nuclear energy is basically stored as virtual kinetic energy.
I created a few blogs, some about the fundamental dilator and other about the Silver Surfer…:) The analogy of inertial motion as being the lateral motion of a Surfer (the Silver Surfer) is not perfect since there isn’t Gravity to make the surfboard to slide down the wave. It is almost perfect in the sense that the relaxation process obeys Hubble Law and the natural wave propagation in a 4D spatial manifold.

Most of the time I talk about the RXYZ cross-section. The same occurs in the TauXYZ cross-section although the perceived relative passage of proper time and relative distance traveled is subject to Lorentz transforms between inertial reference frames as they should be in Strict Relativity.

I tried to emphasize that Lorentz transformation and hyperbolic projections are artifacts due to the way Newton’s Laws were created. If they started with my Quantum Lagrangian Principle to guide dilator kinematics, lightspeed asymptotic saturation would come naturally. The concept of force would also not exist.

Everything comes naturally if one recasts Newton’s Second Law as a Stress/Strain relationship as opposed to Mass, Force and Acceleration relationship… This is a purely geometrical theory and Mass is recasted as a 4D displacement volume .

Now returning to torsion.

The first thing I did in my theory is to restart analyzing what is the goal of science. Kinematics, Quantum Mechanics etc has the ultimate goal of understanding how things move when they interact with each other.

Now-a-days we dressed that problem with the concept of force, mass. I decided to start with waves/dilators and a Quantum Lagrangian Principle. The Principle is simple and it is the basic minimization of the work done by constraint forces (in this case, the hyperspherical shock wave universe). The dilators are said to only dilate in phase with the surrounding dilaton field (that is the dilatons from other dilators). This assures that its waves will always be generated in phase with the rest of the Universe, thus the concept of Cosmological Coherence.

This assures a lossless dilaton propagation… Gravitation is lossless…. In fact, the dilaton field is always lossless due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle...

The Quantum aspect is a result of the fundamental dilator model for matter. Both proton and electron (and their antiparticles) are represented as phases in a coherence between two states of deformation of a four dimensional spinning double potential well.

The dilator is considered to be a thin (very thin along the dimension R – perpendicular to XYZ). This means that as soon as it start a rotation (spinning) its overlap with the three dimensional universe vanishes (almost). This overlap is the amount of the Fabric of Space that has to be twisted for the dilator/dilaton duality wavevector to change direction. Due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, one can talk about the maxima of a dilaton field near a dilator as being the same as the trajectory of the said dilator. This is dualism, but not in the sense of particle wave dualism…:)

The dilator has a physical meaning and the wave (dilaton) has another. They affect each other. The closest maximum to a R traveling dilator depends upon that dilator field and the position of the dilator in the next de Broglie step of the Hyperspherical Universe depends upon the resulting dilaton field.

This means that the dilator surfs the dilaton field while helping creating it.

This is my explanation for the double slit experiment. The dilator (electron) passes through a single slit at a time, the dilaton field passes through both. After passing the slit, that electron will continue surfing the interferometric dilaton field and deposit itself accordingly…:)

You see, I did not respect even the Sacred Cow of the Double Slit Experiment…:)

Just to summary, the relation between dilaton and torsion is due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle. Interaction means each dilator sensing each other’s dilaton field and stepping through the de Broglie Hypergeometrical Universe accordingly. The interference between dilaton fields creates shifts on the each dilator’s field shifting its maxima. At each step, each dilator sits exactly where they are suppose to be to be in phase with everyone else. This shifting corresponds to a torsion of the local Fabric of Space. Once twisted through interaction, this local fabric with surf the 4D shockwave until it reaches its Hubble point. At that point, the space with be totally relaxed, but the particle (sitting still on the fabric of space) will continue its motion..

Notice that the Quantum Lagrangian Principle is the basis for Grand Unification and that together with the Fundamental Dilator (resulting in Pseudo-Quantization of time) are the source for Quantum Mechanics.

Sorry running so long… I place a few links to the blog associated with the fundamental dilator and the hypergeometrical interpretation of Newton’s Laws..



The first thing is to review the fundamental dilator

The relationship between Newton’s First, Second and Third Laws and Hypergeometric Topology is shown in these blogs

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Professor Smulsky

Professor Smulsky and General Relativity

Dear MP,

Thank you for your proposition to feel free to comment.

I. I begin from your words: "The physics is invisible to your eyes and instruments. It can only be seem with the eyes of the mind...", which pertain to the contemporary Physics. Such Physics is false science. It gives imaginary worlds instead the real one. I propose you to read my paper "Smulsky J.J. Conceptual Error in Contemporary Science // Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance. 13th Annual Conference 3-7 April 2006 at the University of Tulsa, OK, USA. Vol.3, No. 2. Published Space Time Analyses, Ltd. Arlington, MA,USA.- 2007. - Pp. 277-281." (

II. Hypergeometrical Universe Theory, Grand Unification, inflation and other theories are based on the General Theory of Relativity (GTR). I send you my paper "Gravitation, field and rotation of Mercury perihelion", from which you will find that it is downfall of General Theory of Relativity. GTR can be forgotten and can be thrown out. Below I give some information about my paper:

Abstract: The basic components of a problem of rotation of Mercury perihelion are considered. It is shown, that offered by Paul Gerber the finite speed of gravity propagation has not substantiation. It is established, that with influence under the Newton law of gravity the perihelion in motionless reference system turns on 529.9" per one century, but on the data of observation it turns on 582.3" per one century. Early the rotation of the Sun on a movement of planets was not taken into account. The compound model of rotation of the Sun is offered which allows taking into account this influence. In view of rotation of the Sun the Newton law of gravity defines all size of perihelion rotation and defines all features of the planets movement.

1. The offered in 1898 by Paul Gerber the mechanism of finite speed of gravitation is
speculative and has no a substantiation.

2. The mechanism of finite speed of gravitation, based on analogy to electromagnetic influence, gives displacement of a perihelion 0.23" per one century, that more than in 200 times there is less than difference between observation and calculations under the Newton law of gravity.

3. The updated rate of perihelion rotation of Mercury relatively motionless space is 582.5" per one century, and by calculations at the Newton law of gravity it is 529.9" per one century, i.e. the difference between them is equal Δ'p0 = 52.6" per one century.

4. The finite speed of gravitation should result not only in change of displacement of
perihelion Δp0, but also two times of large changes of a cycle time ΔTtr and length of semiaxis a. As these changes it is not observed, the finite speed of gravitation may ot explain displacement of the perihelion of Mercury.

5. The received as a result of Newton interaction rate 'p0= 529.9" per one century does not take into account of influence of rotating masses of the Sun. The account of the Sun rotation as compound model allows compensating difference Δp0 with observation, not changing the period ΔTtr and semiaxis of Mercury orbit a, and also parameters of orbits of other planets.

6. The inputted into the mechanics the concept of field complicates understanding of
interactions between bodies. The influence of rotating body on a point-mass moving relatively it differs from the influence of unrotative body. In view of influence of the rotating Sun the Newton law of gravity defines all features of movement in the Solar system.

III. If you will find in my paper any mistake, I shall grateful for your help.

IV. I think if we have different opinions, but world around is only unique. Therefore we bound to find equal its understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Joseph J. Smulsky


Professor Smulsky was kind to offer comments to my theory and to allow me to reproduce the discussion here.

I am extremely happy that his questioning of General Relativity is not in direct collision with my theory. This is not because I don't like a good debate but because I did not tackle TauXYZ curvature by mass in my theory. Tau is the proper time. In addition, Professor Smulsky was kind to put his mind to review my work and to engage in our scientific discussion.

Professor Smulsky, please look at the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon at the beginning of each of my blogs. It displays two cross-sections of a 5D Spacetime Manifold. In the righ panel you will se the PhiXYZ cross-section, that is, Einstein Spacetime. In my theory there is no reference to Gravitational effects upon Mass, but they can be addressed easily.

The first thing to realize is that there is a new time PSI, which I called the Cosmological Time. It can only be observed by looking at the farthest point in the 3D space and divide the distance by the speed of light. The time we measure on our clocks is the projection onto the proper time Tau direction. Of course, this projection makes use of Lorentz Transformations, thus Strict Relativity is fully obeyed in the TauXYZ cross-section.

A similar explanation is valid for the RXYZ (left panel cross-section). The 3D Spatial Framework (Fabric of Space) travels at the speed of light outwards radially and it is very thin along the R direction. This is the same as saying that the displacement volumes associated with the Fundamental Dilator are very thin along the R direction. The thinnes along this dimension eliminates the possibility of aberration due to uncertainty along that coordinate.

The model invokes the concept of stepwise radial expansion. Stepwise with a step (I called it de Broglie step) corresponding to the Compton wavelength of an Hydrogen Atom, circa one a.m.u.

This is the corresponding 4D Mass associated with the Fundamental Dilator which is calculated by analogy.

Let's see the Fundamental Dilator for an Electron and a Positron:

Professor Smulsky, the guide to understanding the Fundamental Dilator above is to see it as a 2D representation of a spinnig 4D displacement volume. This is a dynamic object (actually a modulation of the Riemanian Metric) that spins perpendicularly to two axis, being one of the R.

This means that Sigmax (spin x) particles moieties are actually spinnig around an axis perpendicular to R and X. This means that the Spin in my theory is an extrinsic property of matter, that is, it is actually a rotation and not an internal degree of freedom.

Now you can understand what I meant when I said "One can only see with the Eye of the Mind"...:) I wasn't trying to make a case for a mathematical abstraction. I was referring to a almost philosophical conclusion of my theory...:)

The Fundamental dilator spins and one can only see the phases, (the very specific times) where the Fundamental dilator phase is aligned with the Fabric of Space. The in-phase displacement volume of the fundamental dilator is assigned to the observed 3D Inertial Mass. Interaction between dilators locally deforms the Fabric of Space. The 3D area associated with that deformation is proportional do the inertial mass of the particle associated with the dilator.

Four fundamental particles are easily understood in terms of the Fundamental Dilator (Proton, Antiproton, electron and positron). Others are modeled as more complex coherences between those four states. I modeled all Hyperons..:) Here I reproduced the Omega Minus Hyperon

The way to understand this coherence is that they are combinations of Fundamental Dilator coherences interconnected by transmutation notes. Well, I forgot to mentioned that there is a simple musical analogy to the Fundamental Dilator. It can be thought as a Four Note Chord of metric modulations. Not unlike four musical notes.

The Transmutation notes correspond to 3D rotations with change the phase relationship between tunneling between the stationary 4D states of deformation and the 4D spinning.

A complex coherence eventually decays into simples coherences. The assignment was done to give the coherence the appropriate 3D Mass and the known decaying process.

Now let's return to Newton's Fourth Law, the Law of Gravitation, which is basically the Law of Interaction. It states that the interaction is proportianal to the product of the Masses...:)

In our case, that 3D Mass vanishes (or almost vanishes) most of the spinning cycle. It is only very small at 0, 2pi,3pi etc phases of the spinning cycle. This is the basis for my consideration that the 3D Universe interacts only at given times (Pseudo Time-Quantization).

Of course, all my Grand Unification equations only considered that moment of interaction in their derivation.

This is what I mean that One needs to use the Eye of The Mind..>:) If there is not interaction, there isn't a way to probe that state of the Universe.

The Fundamental Dilator not only creates a base frequency for interaction (in a Fourier sense) but also creates the requirement that all interacting particles to be based upon it. That is the reason for the simplicity of my Hyperon and Isotope assignment.

My theory is based upon a Shockwave Universe topology, that is, everything moves at the speed of light, better saying, almost everything. Any lateral motions (along the 3D Universe Hypersurface) is done though the surfing of a interference pattern between the self-dilaton field and the dilaton field associated with the Fabric of Space.

If one manages to make a particle to travel close to the speed of light, it would be traveling along a 45 degrees line on any one of the two cross-sections of the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon. Thus things travels faster than the speed of light. If one manages to tailor dilaton fields one might be able to accelerate particles beyond the speed of light.

There is a point of contention between my theory and any argument that requires Gravitation to be instantaneous or faster than the speed of light....;) I don't have any reason to believe that that would be the case. One of the reasons is that my Grand Unification equations are derived based upon the interaction between dilaton fields and dilators and it considers that the dilaton field travels at the speed of light...>:) This means that both Gravitation and Electromagnetism are the result of the same interaction (dilaton-dilator) interaction. The different outcomes are the result of the interactor itself and not the nature of the interaction.

Neutral matter is composed of positive and negative dilators. By the way, the 4D mass of both the Electron and the Proton are exactly the same. Both are only two phases of the same dilator.This means that one can create (I did) a theory that has perfect symmetry between charged particles. Of course, that theory has the same structure as Gravitation.

Forget about all the BS about spacetime deformation, Einstein's equations etc.. There are smaller problems to tackle. My simple topology eliminates the need for an Inflation Theory and for Dark Matter, Dark Energy...

With respect to Mercury Perihelion Precession, Gravitational Lensing etc... Dilator dynamics in my theory is the result of local deformation of the Fabric of Space, that is, interacting dilators will curve each other's 5D Spacetime.

Photons are in my theory the result of a spatial modulation of the source of the dilaton fields. Remember that the dilaton fields produces metric modulation with the wavelenght corresponding to the Compton wavelenght of the Fundamental Dilator (circa 10^15 meters) . Electromagnetic waves always have longer wavelegth than that. Photons are a modulation of a traveling modulation or the wave superimposed upon another wave...

In my theory, the derivation of forces required the existence of a probing dilator. In principle, in the same way that one doesn't need dilators to have a propagating dilaton field (electromagnetic waves propagate in the vacuum), the dilaton field would be affected by the deformation of the Fabric of Space due to a big mass (number of dilators).

This means that I would expect Gravitational Lensing from my theory. The same would be valid for the passage of time near large masses.

As I mentioned I didn't try to model Mercury, so I don't have a position about it.

Please feel free to ask any questions.



PS- Please read De Docta Ignorantia and Infinitas Complicata..:)

Infinitas Complicata is about the hijacking of Physics by Mathematicians...:)

De Docta Ignorantia is about the breakdown of critical sense by the requirements associated with the current views of Quantum Mechanics. I reviewed and provided alternative interpretations for the Double Slit Electron Experiment and Action at Distance Experiments, althought I did not eliminated totally the possibility of infinitely fast information transfer. There is one more experiment (which I proposed) that is necessary to clear that subject.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hypergeometrical Cooper Pairs

Hypergeometrical Cooper Pairs and Superconductivity

I was invited to represent the student body at the celebration of the 50 Years of the Laboratory for the Research of the Structure of Matter at Penn. It was an honor and I was dazzled by the sights of the Fathers of Quantum Mechanics in academic regallia.

I sat on my chair waiting for the beginning of the talks. The gentleman on my side decided to make small talk with that young student- the little me...:) He mentioned his name:Schrieffer... I immediatelly said, " Well, I only know one Schrieffer- from Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) Superconducting Theory... "

I don't really remember what did I say afterwards, but I know that I displayed way too much reverence and poor Bob Schrieffer felt unconfortable and managed to scape...:)

I know for sure that I was hyperventilating...:)

What can I say. I was a naive, wide-eyed student, full of admiration and respect for my fellow scientists and mainly for the visionaries who brought us to our present understanding... I didn't know that I had to play it cool, not to disturb the scientific celebrities...:)

Today, I am going to explain the why there is a formation of a Cooper Pair, that is, why two mutually repulsive electrons would agree to walk togetther in a correlated manner...:)

Not unlike in the case of Alan Guth's Inflation Theory of the Universe, the formation of a Cooper pair requires the absolute turning off of all critical sense in your Brains...:) Equally charge particles are mortal enemies and repeal each other with a force singularly dependent upon their distance..:) That is, the force goes to infinite when they are close..>:) Infinite!!!!!

That bitter pill is gilded by words like "One build a Boson out of two Fermions"...:)

This sounds great but it doesn't mean anything..:)

This would mean something if there were a logical link between spin and charge...:) Current Science has no such logical connection.

My theory provides the logical link between spin and charge.

I hope you will pay the required attention to understand that the reason why you can place a bunch of Hypergeometrical Cooper Pairs close together is because their net interaction is ZERO and it is not because you called it a Boson nor because the pair has zero spin!!!...:)

You know, the Electron was always a Fermion until BCS came up with the concept of Cooper pair. This is a dress-up but it doesn't provide any substancial explanation why a Cooper pair doesn't interact. In this very short blog, I provided such explanation and eliminated the need to dress an Electron as a Boson...:) This doesn't mean anything and doesn't provide any physical insight that will allow for the creation of Room Temperature Superconductors or other more relevant discoveries.

Any dilator has spin otherwise it would had recombined with its antidilator and returned into Nothing...;) The Universe is composed only of dilators which can get together to make things that does not apparently spin. It is just appearances. Things always spins...It just happens that two four-dimensional spins can be seem in three dimensions as a 3D pseudo-rotation..:)

The physics is invisible to your eyes and instruments. It can only be seem with the eyes of the mind... and I have some teardrops to clarify this subject...:)
As I did in Newton First Law, I will provide the Why? You know that Why is the question that will destroy any Cybernetic Supercomputer Hell Bent on World Domination...:)

Why is normally left to Theology and in Science it is always dressed up as a Principle (Equivalence Principle in Quantum Mechanics or Gravitation/Inertia, or Hamilton Principle etc) or sometimes it becomes a Conjecture..:) which is the lowest level of scientific speculation...

What I am detailing here has already been mentioned in my papers and books but I guess it is always worthwhile to draw a picture...:)

Let's draw the two electrons with opposing spins:

You might notice something different between the two electrons. When they spin in different directions they reach different mid-points. In the spin 0.5 electron, the next state is an antiproton on its side, while it is a proton in the spin -0.5 electron (or vice-versa depeding upon definition). Of course, here we have two electron and two anti-electron phases repeling each other but we also have two proton-antiproton phases attracting each other... Thus the net repulsion is ZERO...:) That is much smaller than INFINITE ..:)

From Antenae Theory you should also notice that since the Proton and Antiprotons are sideways, their attraction will only be felt in close proximity...:) Near-Field is the correct terminology...

This means that there is a difference between having two electrons with the same spin and two of opposing spins.

As in the Little Prince blog, What is essential is invisible to the Eyes

The difference happens to be observable only in the four dimension and only when we don't have a material existence...:)

This difference is not some obscure and unexplained exchange energy..:) Instead one has an electrostatic interaction between Protons and Antiprotons in a four-dimensional spatial manifold. The subject of binding energy is to be studied by adding a relative kinetic energy (temperature) to the pair. A Cooper Pair with a non-zero temperature will have a net interaction that can be calculated by magnetism, and thus can be calculated in the spacetime side of the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon above. Please read the paper or books to understand how magnetism is modeled in hypergeometrical terms.

That, in a nutshell, is the reason WHY there are Cooper pairs...

It is also the physical reason for the exchange energy in Quantum Mechanics.



PS- Next I will start with how to calculate the Mass (3D Volume overlap) of a Neutron... I will follow with the Hyperons and all isotopes..:)

This is how you will be able to design the stable new elements for your spaceships...:)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Guth Enough...:)

My Inflationary Mind

I wrote a few times about the strong shortcomings of the Inflation Theory by Alan Guth.

I will try to make this as simple as possible.

Some time ago, someone (Arno Penzias) discovered the Microwave Cosmic Background. It was soon realized that no matter where you look at, the cosmic background was there.... That gives you a sinking feeling, since the explanation for it was the cooled down initial radiation associated with the Big Bang. I mentioned cooled down since the associated temperature of the Black Body is 2.75 Kelvin. The fact that it is called Background is because it is pervasive and pretty much isotropic... This precludes any explanation other than the Universe is in a reflective box and it is exchanginc heat with something else very cold and it took forever to reach thermal equilibrium since this box is 15 billion light years wide...:)

Of course, this is not exactly The Inflation Theory. Since we are now in a big box, Alan Guth considered that we were in a smaller box sometime ago..:) thus he placed the equilibrium event to happen during that time... Somehow the whole Universe managed to cool down to 2.75 degrees (by irradiating into some really Black Body - the Beyond or Naught or whatever one can conjure up). At that point, the little box increased in size at a speed larger than the speed of light into our current big box...

This is unpalatable...
1)It fails to provide a reasonable explanation for the heat exchange process- what is the sink
2)It makes the Universe to be a 3D reflective box
3) It doesn't tell you what is outside the box and when they say something about the Beyond, they say that the space is being created ...:)
4) Nobody other than myself imagine the initial Big Bang to be a gentle event. In any expansion, the initial energy is totally or mostly kinetic, and the initial state corresponds to a very high temperature. It doesn't make sense to have that energy being transferred into something else (the unexplained sink) and then continue an expansion...

Needless to say, that is simply stupid... Not the association with the Big Bang....That is evident or at least a very good guess. The problem is that the initial extremely hot Universe is suppose to reach thermal equilibrium and cool down (I suppose by radiative cooling into Nothing...:) to 2.725 degrees Kelvin...

This blog is a call for arms to bring your critical sense back to life... How in the world could you sit through someone saying that suspending all the laws of Physics was the only way to explain a pervasive background.

My proposed topology does the same without breaking any law...:)

Let's start from the beginning:

Some earlier time, someone ele (Edwin Hubble) discovered that the farther a star is from us, the larger the red-shift of cosmic absorption or emission lines. This was interpreted as an indication of expansion. Since the red-shifting was all over the place (isotropic), that is, whatever direction you look at you could find red-shiffted emission lines or absorption lines indicating an Universe in expansion.

Fascinatingly, the analogy used to explain this step has been dots in an expanding baloon. As the baloon expands the dots get farther apart.

This is amazing because somehow nobody managed to see the four dimensional baloon with a three dimensional hypersurface that I proposed.

Inflation theory gets its name because it tries to explain the homogeneity of the cosmic background by introducing an ultrafast expansion of the visible 3D Universe.

So let me say it again. In the Inflation Theory, the Universe starts, get's very hot inside a small little box, reach thermal equilibrium, cools down (by radiative cooling into the Naugth, into the NADA) and them expands to current size in a jiffy.

There are many problems with this picture, evident problems and I certainly lost my respect towards any scientist who recited these really stupid ideas without any subsequent criticism.

Alan Guth is not guilty of anything. I am sure he is a Brainiac, no sarcasm intented. He created a really bad model and was able to convince people... It takes a great mind to do that...

The problem is the people who didn't analyze it properly.

Guth is now at MIT...:) a solid member of the Physics Fraternity...:)

I cannot fathom why this model is out there... How can such an aberration like it be accepted by "Scientists"... I guess, there aren't many real ones left..>:)

Where have you gone, Mr Feynman? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you... :)

It suspends the laws of physics unnecessarily, namely superluminal expansion of the whole universe...:) following an unnatural cooling process ... It boogles my mind.

I put the two observations together (Hubble Red-Shifting of Radiation) and the isotropy of the Microwave Cosmic Background and realized that by suggesting a Four-Dimensional Space where our 3D Space is a traveling shockwave (lightspeed) one could easily explain everythihng.

Imagine that you are body-surfing a wave...Now imagine making waves on the surface of that wave... This Gedanken experiment is certainly possible and the waves will propagate at whatever speed they naturally propagate.

The Icon of the Hypergeometrical Theory shown above is always shown at the beginning of each blog (almost always). The reason is simple: I want you to realize all the nuances associated with this topology.

If you now imagine that you are surfing this circular wave, then you will realize that any ripple you created at the beginning of times (when the 4D Universe radius was very small) will be now reaching some distant star one radian (circa 15 billion light years) away and according to Hubble, it will be very red-shifted.

The topology means that conversely you will be watching the beginning of time events if you look far enough (15 billion light years away) in any direction. The light coming from those events will be very red-shifted, because you would be actually looking down to the center of the lightspeed expanding hypersphere...

Now you realize that the Hypergeometrical Universe Topology (lightspeed expanding hyperspherical shockwave Universe) does explain the isotropy and homogeneity of the Microwave Cosmic Background. It does that without suspending any physical law.

I proposed that the Microwave Cosmic Background is the red-shifted initial Gamma Ray Burst (or X-Ray burst)...:) Gamma and X rays are electromagnetic waves and they will suffer Doppler shift.

You cannot imagine the frustration I feel everytime Michio Kako or other talking head "explains" Inflation Theory, Time-Travel or any other stupid concept.

It is a disservice to scientific thought have so many speculative shows on TV and not a single debating show or the possibility to have a real debate in science (follow my links about censorship). Theories like the Inflationary Universe does not withstand the most basic scrutiny!

People say that it can predict current ripples in the mass distribution of the Universe. Of course, it can... Any theory can if you give the correct initial conditions..>:) including mine..:)

As usual, I am open to your point of view and a good debate...:) Don't be a Chicken...:)



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