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I received this question about WHAT...:)

Since we all can learn from WHAT as well as WHY, here is the question and the answer:
It will be nice if you can explain WHAT you show is new, which was not shown or proven for Hyperons in conventional quark models (QCD) ?I like your rotated diagrams

The WHAT is everything....This is a total departure from existing Physics from the point defined by Newton's Four Natural Laws.

Everytime someone presents an alternative explanation for reality, even if the good and old theories explained everything well, science has the chance to reevaluate the current hypotheses...:) and it should take those opportunities... I don't want to put words in the mouth of people, but I remember Feymann being disgruntled with QCD... but it was the best we could do..:) All those positive infinities, negative infinities, dimensional renormalization, crap, etc... It was always looking just very suspicious..:)

  • One hypothesis that stinks in QCD is the gluon force - the most basic hypothesis in QCD- something that increases as the particles grow apart...:) This crazy idea was created to explain a null experimental result...:) One could never get a 1/3 or 2/3 charged particle (Quarks) no matter how hard we hit particles against each other...:)
  • I created a new model for "particles" where particles are coherences between stationary deformation states of a 4D manifold (5D Spacetime).
  • Another novelty is the solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem... I explained the Neutrino "oscillation" without desobeying energy conservation...:) and in doing so, I created a new model for the Tau Neutrino... QCD does tell you that the Tau Neutrino is a coherence between itself, Muon Neutrino and Electron Neutrino, that is, the diminutive Electron Neutrino can "oscillate" and trade nature with his fatter brethren...:) . In fact, it cannot since QCD doesn't consider a particle a coherence...:) other than sometimes like in the case of a neutrino..:) is a mess...
  • Current Science doesn't have the Metric Deformation Coherence as a model for matter...
  • The Hypergeometrical Universe theory doesn't have the concept of Particle, thus one don't have particle-wave duality...:) We have a Quantum Lagrangian Principle that states that dilators are lazy and always work in phase with the of the Universe..:)
  • I provided a source of time quantization and an explanation for quantization altogether...:) Quantum Mechanics states that things are quantized but it doesn't tell you why...:) I do..
  • Relativity states (postulates) that lightspeed is the maximum speed. I tell you why and I also tell you that lightspeed is the only speed..>:)
  • The Fundamental Dilator is the source of Quantization. Through its Nature, interactions are Fourier averaged, that is, for things to interact they have to have the fundamental dilator frequency. Neutrinos are examples of side coherence with long lives but no interaction at all (or very small interaction - for purists).
  • The Fundamental Dilator is the most amazing idea ever...:) Where everyone saw an electron, I also saw a Proton...a Positron and an AntiProton...:) ...Check my blog on What is Essential is Invisible to the Eyes...:)
  • The feat of describing all particle in terms of the fundamental dilator is crucial for a complete understanding of the Universe. If I couldn't explain one Hyperon, that would pose a significant challenge to the theory.
  • The Hypergeometrical Universe theory connects with Cosmology, which QCD only do by creating exotic matter out of the magic hat..
  • I explained all the hyperon particles including a simple formula for mass calculation without resorting to Higgs bosons, the creation of a quark at each and every corner...
  • Needless to say, it is convenient to replace the stinking Quarks... particles that can never be found in Nature because...:)
This is WHAT is new. Another point that is new is that this is a Grand Unification Theory. The only one in existence.



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To Serve Humans

To Serve Humans

This work has been done because of a spark in my mind a few years ago. That spark resulted in an extremely determined effort to deliver light to my Cave colleages.

The objective has always being to Serve Humans...:)

What lies ahead

Well, we are getting close to the end. I've just have to show the calculation of all isotopes and all Hyperons.

Once that is done. I will stop working on this project. If you realize its value, make sure to make it known to the people in the Ivory Tower..>:) They are beyond my reach.

We are getting close to the end of a long journey, which started with a simple and incorrect idea...:)

As you should know by now, there is nothing wrong with being wrong. The virtue is not being right but trying to understand what is going on.

I am quite please with the simplicity and scope of this theory.

The Hypergeometrical Universe reaches everything from Cosmology, Nuclear Chemistry, Particle Physics, Supercondutivity, Supersolidity, Superfluidity...:) Quantum Mechanics, Cosmogenesis and so on and so forth..:)

I presented a full alternative description to Quantum Chromodynamics. If you are a particle physicist you should be able to realize it by now.

I am not here to destroy your beautiful theories. I am showing an alternative path to our growth.

My theory reached deep - all the way into Sir Isaac Newton four Laws of Nature - to recreate Physics.

If you think of yourself as being a particle who is just about to step together with the Universe into the next de Broglie step, you will realize the the Quantum Lagrangian Principle will allow you to reach more than one place since interference can have multiple peaks.

A multiple next position in the RXYZ panel of the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon, means a totally delocalized (diffusive) motion. Diffusive not in the sense of Brownian diffusion but in the quantum sense. Each next step has the same probability... thus the theory is inherently quantum mechanical.

This is what Einstein would call a Hidden Variable Theory. It is not a variable that was missing in Einstein thoughts....It was a missing topology...which is some extent a simpler thing to miss and find...

Quantum Mechanics can be fully recovered by avoiding a simplification used in my derivations.

I am not sure how my theory would fare in replicating Quantum Mechanics, but it did quite a good simplification on Quantum Chromodynamics and it might do the same for the Olde Quantum Mechanics we all have grown to love...:)

I am getting out in hopes of finding a movie..:)

I will present the calculations later.

I am also finishing up a book which will carry this theory.



The Grand Finalle- The Omegas

The Grand Finalle- The Omegas

This is a gimmick...:) I don't have too much to say about the Omegas...Just their assignments and that they are up there in mass.

Omega Minus decays into Lambda Zero and Kaon Minus:

The other decay channel is XiZero plus PionMinus:

Review the assignments and check if I got it right...:)



The Smoking Xis


Coming down the pipe are the XIS. Below are the assignment for XI Zero and XI Minus:
which decays into Lambda Zero plus a Pion Minus...:) (remember that Lambda Zero is just another spin configuration of Delta Zero)

which decays into a Lambda Zero plus a Pion Zero..:) (remember that Lambda Zero is just another spin configuration of Delta Zero)

So much for the Smoking XIS...:)



The Kaons

The Kaons

The Kaons is a detour. Up to know we only analysed particles that contained Electron-Neutrinos (Electron-Proton-Electron transmutation transitions) or Muon-Neutrinos (Electron-Positron-Electron transmutation transitions)

The Kaons will involve the last known neutrino: The Tau Neutrino.

Let's start with the Kaon Minus assignment:

which decays into a Pion Minus plus a Pion Zero.

Similarly the Kaon Plus decays into a Pion Plus and a Pion Zero.

Secondary decay channels are:
KaonPlus -> MuonPlus + MuonNeutrino

KaonMinus -> MuonMinus +MuonAntiNeutrino

Below we have an irreducible representation of Kaon Minus and Plus. Notice that the number of transmutation lines is kept as well as the their respective charges.

This assignment goes hand in hand with the Muon assignments...:)

The KaonMinus -> MuonMinus +MuonAntiNeutrino decay is shown below:

The KaonPlus -> MuonPlus + MuonNeutrino decay is just changing red by green and electron by positron, and antiProton by Proton etc...:)

The Neutrino Tau is the last Neutrino to be considered and it is basically the same thing as the irreducible representqation of the Kaon. Neutrino Tau also decays into a MuonPlus plus a MuonNeutrino....:)

The last of the Kaons is the Kaon Zero shown below:

The anti-KaonZero is shown below:

And Yes, the Kaon Zero is also a Majorama coherence.



The Twisted Deltas - The Puzzling Delta Plus Plus

The Twisted Deltas - The Puzzling Delta Plus Plus

The Delta Zero was complicated but the Delta Plus Plus is infinitelly more complex.... It is a puzzling particle with two positive charges...:)

I am sure this will jogg your Brain a lot..>:)

It decays into a Proton and a Pion Plus as expected. The puzzle is how come the addition of an extra charge doesn't change this particle 3D Mass...:)

The reasoning to explain such aberration is similar to prior thinking. Let's start by looking at the Delta Plus Plus assignment:

A close examination reveals that Delta Plus Plus and Delta Plus differs just by the addition of an extra positron moiety within a positron group. This means that the new positron does not requires the addition of new transmutation transitions. I realized that this would add and extra 0.5 MEV/c^2 (positron mass) to the Delta Plus mass. That extra mass might be compensated by the higher "nuclear" moment of inertia. Since the lifetime of this particle is just one or two de Broglie steps, I doubt its mass can be well defined. The mass I was able to find had no decimals or precision beyond one MEV/c^2.

Similarly one could have a Delta Plus Plus Plus or a Delta Minus Minus with basically the same mass as all the other Deltas..:)

Below are the decay products:

This further relaxes into:

I hope you are having fun...:)



The Twisted Deltas - The Great Delta Zero

The Twisted Deltas - The Great Delta Zero

The next Delta will blow your mind away...:) it becomes more complex as time goes by...:) I can see your Brain gears moving already...:)

Delta Zero is a step above in terms of complexity both structurally and in terms of the dissociation dynamics.
Below is its assignment. The assignment is based upon the decay pathway: DeltaZero -> Neutron plus PionZero

A simple rearrangement of red and blue lines yields the diagram below:

The other decay pathways is more complex: DeltaZero -> Proton + Pion Minus.

The first step in this pathway is shown below:

This shows the Proton detachment but it is still unclear how the other moiety can correspond to a Pion Minus...:) The first step in the simplification is to eliminate the Electron-Proton spin 1/2 followed by an Proton-Electron spin -1/2 transmutation, leaving the basic Pion Minus plus an electron and a positron extras.

To understand the next decaying steps, one should think about these multichords in a multimeric fashion. This initial stage is pentameric. The state of the products can be understood from the diagram below:

Notice the five concurrent multichords associated with this excited state Pion Minus. This means just after Proton detachments, one is left with a pentameric moiety. This means that there will be a positron and an electron with opposing spins facing each other in the 3D Universe. The metric displacement volumes associated with both adds up to zero and that means that there will be no loss of 3D Volume (3D Mass or Energy) if a Positron and its counterparty electron are eliminated from the multichord coherence. The resulting trimeric moiety is what we call Pion Minus and it is shown below:

which is the same as :

in our short hand representation.

Remember that a multichord particle will have an extra degree of freedom (the 3D moment of inertia of the "nuclear" particle). It pseudo-rotate at a very specific angle at each de Broglie step of the Shock Wave Universe expansion.

This extra degree of freedom permits the positron electron anihilation without change in the 3D Mass or energy.

I hope you are having fun...:)

Sigma Zero decays into Lambda Zero plus Gamma Ray, thus it should contain and extra electron-positron pair responsible by the Gamma Ray.

Lambda Zero is the spin 1/2 version of Delta Zero and differs from Delta Zero just by the specific arrangement of its subchord spins (spin direction 1/2 or -1/2).

The End is Near...:)



Pion Zero - Majorama Coherence

Pion Zero - Majorama Coherence

Theoreticians make a big fuss of Majorama particles....:) It turned out that their speculation was correct (within my model) and that Pion Zero is its own anti-Particle...:)

It should be clear that one can rearrange the coherence such that the electrons go into the interior of the multichord coherence and that Electron-Proton-Electron is the same as Positron-AntiProton-Positro transmutation transition.

Just keeping it real...:) Seriously talking, This Pion Zero looks really Phat...:)



Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Twisted Deltas - Delta Minus

The Twisted Deltas - Delta Minus

Here is the Delta Minus:

It decays into a Neutron and a Pion Minus...:) ...

Just rearrange the red lines on the Delta Minus Balls Diagram.

Different spin arrangements will lead to a total spin 1/2 or 3/2 (Sigma Minus or Delta Minus) moieties.

Notice that the Delta Minus Dimensional Multichord contains exactly two Blue Transmultation Transitions (blue lines = electron-positron or positron-electron transmutations) and four Red Transmutations Transitions (red lines= electron-proton or proton-electron transmutations, thus resulting in the same mass as the other Deltas. Similar statement is valid for the Sigmas.

Notice that a Pion Minus is a trimeric moiety, that is, since one cannot know which phase of the electron-positron-electron chords is in phase with the Universe, the correct representation is a linear combination of states with 1/3 probability each. This means that one can think about a particle either a having a longer cycle or having smaller mass per cycle. I used a one atomic mass unit Fat Electron and a cycle equal to twice the cycle of an hydrogen atom (neutral zero spin matter). I could had chosen to state the Fat Electron not as Fat, just half a.m.u and then use a dimeric representation and the standard cycle. The results would be the same.

Any way one should pay attention to multichords and which representation one chooses

There are no alternative decay channel for the Delta Minus...:)

Please feel free to ask any questions. I am trying not to be repetitive when visiting similar particles.



PS - Since Pions Plus/Minus are trimeric, Delta Plus/Minus are pentameric, etc...This reflection into the first chord also means that the particle gains a moment of inertia, helicity and pseudo-rotates as one travels along R.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Twisted Deltas - Delta Plus

The Twisted Deltas - The Delta Plus

You haven't seen anything until you see the Twisted Deltas...:)

The Deltas have spin 3/2...:) and are complex dimensional multichords. They are also big and difficult to blog. Blogger makes them too small to read, almost... Later I will post links to the full size pictures.

The same diagrams will be in the updated Grand Unification paper as soon as I finish polishing it. The old version is on the papers section of this blog.

Below is the Delta Plus....I should be self-evident that one can decompose it into a Neutron and a Pion Plus...:) Well, maybe you might need a little help here...

Below is the Neutron plus Pion Plus decay products.
Notice that one made use of the fact that a Electron-Proton-Electron is the same things as a Positron-AntiProton-Positron transmutation.

Notice that the Delta Plus Dimensional Multichord contains exactly two Blue Transmultation Transitions (blue lines = electron-positron or positron-electron transmutations) and four Red Transmutations Transitions (red lines= electron-proton or proton-electron transmutations).

This happens to all Deltas and All Sigmas. The Sigmas have spin 1/2 while the Twisted Deltas have spin 3/2 and that is an important difference derived from the spins associated with each dilator and each transmutation transition.

Within the Delta Family all members have four red and two blue lines. The trasmutation lines are the cause for spinning dephasing and thus Fabric of Space Strain. The Positron, Electron, Proton and AntiProton chords have all the same standard lenght. The transmutation transitions correspond to coherences between states other that the two ground states associated with the dimensional 4D double potential well.

The way to think about decay reactions with the help of the Ball Diagram above is to reconnect the red lines to form a Neutron and move positron chords such that one recovers the basic Pion Plus plus a Neutron coherences and later recognize that the Electron-Proton-Electron sub-coherence has the same length as the Positron-AntiProton-Positron. Replacing the Electron-Proton-Electron sub-coherence by a Positron-AntiProton-Positron sub-coherence allows for the recovery of the Pion Plus diagram thus demonstrating that a Delta Plus (spin 3/2) can decompose into a Neutron plus a Pion Plus, both with spin half.

With respect to the spin conservation breakdown, there are two possible explanations. The first one is that this is an experimental error. The second and most likely alternative is that 3D volume projection (what we call energy) is conserved during the decay and not spin. Spin is only conserved as an aggregate value for a group of particles and not as a quantum number to be conserved across decay processes.

To understand how the Delta Plus can decompose onto a Proton and a Pion Zero, one needs to count spins and make sure that they add to 3/2 (Delta Plus). Well one has a Proton, 2 Electrons and Two Positrons in addition to two Blue and Four Red transmutation transitions. Each collored line corresponds to plus or minus 1/4 spin. This adds up to a total of 8 1/2 spin subchords. The best way to get 3/2 is to make all transition chords to spin again each other and to make one fundamental dilator to spin contrary to all the other four. .... so one has to make sure that each set of two transition lines to have opposing spins (1/4 and -1/4), and that the dilators chords to have (-1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2 ) resulting in a total of 3/2 spin. Similar configuration assignment will be used on the Pions.

These last two red lines can be left with the Proton resulting in a straigh Proton in the case of decomposition into a Proton and a Pion Zero.

Notice that if the red lines carried the same spin, they together (Electron-Proton and Proton-Electron together ) would correspond to an anti-Neutrino and carry the spin 1/2 in the Neutron model.


It should be clear that if each set of two transition lines to have opposing spins (1/4 and -1/4), and that the dilators chords to have (-1/2,- 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2 ) one would get a total spin 1/2.
The actual spin configuration will be discussed later on the Hyperon mass calculations.

Next we will deal with the Delta Minus



Monday, August 20, 2007

Hyperons - Review up to the Pion Family

Hyperon Review:

Let's take a look on the Fundamental Dilator and their relatives - The Hyperons.

The fundamental dilator is what we call a Proton or an Electron. Depending upon which phase is in phase with the Hyperspherical Lightspeed Expanding Universe one can have one or the other.

Transmutation transions can connect dimensional chords (each dimensional chord expresses the four phases of the fundamental dilator) and change the character of the dilator. I was able to create a full replacement for the Standard Model that makes use of dimensional chords and simple transmutation transitions/ transmutation chords.
Let take a look at the Fundamental Dilator once again.

The Electron(Proton):
The fundamental dilator is a 4D coherence between stationary states of deformation. The deformation of space is quantized, that is, can be represented as states in a 4D double potential well.

The respective coherences for Electron and Proton are shown below:
and for a Proton:

Notice that the Proton and Electron coherences differ only by which is the initial (in phase) state in the coherence. The states associated with the Electron (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3) differ not by "energy" since they have the same 3D volume (the Hpergeometrical Universe equivalent to Energy is the 3D projection of the 4D Volume) but by time. It takes time to rotate the dilator around (at the speed of light) and that introduces an extra phase delay on the Tunnelling Process with respect to the Spinning Process. Remember that all particles in the Universe are described in terms of combinations of this two fundamental dilators and that they have Spin Half, that is, they spin at half the speed of tunneling...:) A nice touch, I might say...:)

The Neutron is the first dimmer or two chord sequence. Its Balls Diagram is shown below:

Notice that I decided to use Red Balls for Positive and Green Balls for Negative moieties...:) Electrician Conventions... (never cut the Green Wire...)>:)

Notice that the diagram above introduce two transmutation chords:

  • Electron-Proton Transmutation Chord
  • Electron-Positron Transmutation Chord

The Electron-Proton Transmutation Chord is present on the Neutron Model.

The dimmer character is derived from the impossibility to determine which dimensional note (Electron or Proton) is in phase with the Universe. Under these conditions the Neutron is represented by the two states (one starting with the electron and another starting with the proton) with half probability each one.

TheElectron-Positron Transmutation Chord was first shown in the Pion Family. I will replicate the Pion Family below for convenience.

Pion Plus and The Transmutation of Matter

Some time ago I mentioned that I would deliver
a Pedra filosofal or the Philosopher's Stone, the Alchemist dream of transmutation

Before you start making your plans for a rich retirement in the Bahamas, you might as well relax with some Pion Plus Music...:) There will be plenty of transmutation there...:)

Here are the decay equations associated with the Pion Brothers:

Let's start with the Coherence Diagram containing the Dimensional Chords:
One notices that the spectral content remains the same, that means that the decay products will differ only by phase. The front laden anti-proton to positron transmutation note generates the first positron of the sequence. Figure below shows this complex chord in a simpler manner:

If one compares it with the Pion Minus presented before, it is clear that they differ just by a phase. In the Pion Minus the initial phase is a electron while in the Pion Plus is is a positron. The phase difference is just 180 degrees tunnelling.

Below is the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Zero:
and its corresponding balls diagram...:)
You might notice that the Pion Zero looks like two justaposed electron-positron pairs of notes. You might ask how those two notes pairs don't anihiliate or collapse? There is a simple answer, they are not in the same time, that is, they are sequential notes. The other half of the answer has to do with angular momentum, for anti notes to continue existing or be something in life, they have to carry a total momentum different than zero. The idea is that if in the electron note one compresses 4D space and in the positron note one dilates the same space by the same amount, the net work is zero - work, energy and deformational /twisting energy are the same. This would mean that the note sequence could be eliminated or added without changing particle. Now if the zero note pair has angular momentum, then it cannot be eliminated willy-nilly.

Notice that the Blue and Red lines have spin quarter or spin -1/4 and their spin together with the half spins of the other fundamental dilator moieties add together to the total "particle" spin. Simple reasoning can provide the different spin configurations. Notice that the annihilation of transmutation spins also eliminates the dephasing associated with the involved transmutation transitions and thus affects the mass of the particle. This means that one could have two multichords that differ only by 3D mass while having the same 4D mass, total spin etc.

In the Silver Surfer and throughout the Blog, I explained where the nuclear energy is stored. The dephasing associated with transmutation transitions (Blue and Red lines) change the 3D shadow of the 4D dilator by changing the angle of the Fabric of Space. I already told you. The relationship between dephasing and the angle of the Fabric of Space should be patently clear to a four years old child by now....:)

There will be more on transmutation notes in the near future.