Monday, January 29, 2007

Pion Minus

Pions and Neutrinos

Let's start with the simple things first: electron Neutrinos...:)

Their coherence map is given by the four notes. Any spin half particle has always a four notes chord. I don't know anything about music, but I will make the analogy between a 180 degrees tunelling to a musical note. Since 180 degrees tunelling corresponds to 90 degrees spinning and 360 degrees corresponds to four of those events, each particle corresponds to at least four notes.

The coherence is between the two Electron states. They differ just by a rotation around x. Axis are given by (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3). The boldening of the first axis lenght or quantum number means that spin happens in a direction perpendicular to the x-axis and the radial axis (the fourth dimension). This is important since one has to add up half-spin associated with each chord. The neutrino chord has spin half, similarly to the neutrino particle of the standard model.

It is important to notice that the tunneling frequency between the two Electron states is different from the fundamental dilator frequency and thus the interaction among neutrinos and the rest of the Universe goes in and out of phase as the neutrinos travels, resulting in a vanishingly small interaction. This is why Neutrinos are low interacting particles. The other reason can be understood from the fact that the 4D particle is the rotation of a two dimensional ellipse (with non-zero y and z axes) around the axis perpendicular to the Radial direction and the x direction. This would result in zero 3D projection or zero 3D mass.

The mass is also a function (3D Projection) of the total displacement volume of the dilator. The neutrino having the smallest axis lenghts and being part of the electron potential well, will also have the smallest 3D mass (3D projection of the 4D displacement volume).

Notice that the transmultation notes in the Neutron Model have half-neutrino note in their composition (the note is composed of of the four coherence arrows).

The neutrino model is necessary to be able to understand the pion model. The reason for that is because a pion minus will decay into an electron and a neutrino.

Pion Minus

Below is the amazing Pion Minus chord which is composed of four chords or 16 notes.

This complex coherence or chord can also be shown as:

I am not a musician, but you can read the chords as an electron chord, followed by a electron-positron transmutation note (half-neutrino chord), followed by a positron-electron transmutation note (another half-neutrino), followed by another electron chord, followed by an electron-proton transmutation note and lastly and proton-electron transmutation note.

The last note recovers the first state of the coherence and completes the Pion Minus Chord.

The reason for the Electron-Proton transmutation notes is because of they do not add charge to the Pion. The charge is just the two electrons and one positron, resulting in a net one negative charge.

The Pion minus decay is envisioned as the break up of this note into two electons, one neutrino and a positron. Positron and electron anihilate transfering their energy to the departing electron.

Things are trickling down as I can. It has been cold and I managed to get a cold myself...:)

I will post next the Pion Plus.



Sunday, January 28, 2007

Electron-Proton Fundamental Dilator

Electron-Proton Fundamental Dilator

We will start reviewing the fundamental dilator. This dilator generates the highest Fourier component of the Universe dilaton field. This will become clear from the Hyperon's modeling, but it shouldn't come up as a surprise, since most of the Universe is composed of Protons, Electrons and Protons/Electrons Together (Neutrons).

Let's start with some pictures... They always make life easier...

Below is a figure displaying the Fundamental Dilator or coherence. Notice that I represented a Double Well Potential. This double well potential is created by initial conditions of this 4D deformation. As the Fundamental Universal Fluctuation decayed, it created spinning deformations, being the Electron-Proton dilator a coherence between the two ground states of each potential well. One can think about the Proton-Electron dilator as a slink traveling on a sloped plain. Each side (electron or proton) has a different footprint (4D displacement profile).

Consider that the slink is also rotation (spinning) as it travels downhill and that the 3D space footprint corresponds to the projection along a given direction parallel to the slope gradient. Under these conditions, if the spinning maintains a 2:1 relationship with the slink "walking" step, then the figures below will be easy to understand..:)

Now seriously...:), the above analogy is perfect and easy to imagine, but the drawings below are also equally simple...:)

As in any other propagating disturbance, energy has to be stored in a different state every half cycle. One cannot have a sound wave that is always potential energy (pressure) as doesn't convert into kinetic energy on the next half-cycle. Similarly, the dilaton propagation requires two states where the impacted energy can be stored. One state looks quite like a Proton (3D projection can be proportional to a proton mass), while the other state looks quite like an Electron (3D projection can be proportional to a electron mass). This means that the Electron has a small butt, while the Proton has a big butt. By now, you should be remembering what I said about the Fat Electron.

This is the deformation levels associated with the electron:

Here are the corresponding transitions for the proton:

Notice that the only difference is the tunneling phase. The electron starts as an electron and the proton starts as a proton!!!!

Notice that in the traditional standard model the electron has no Quarks. The quantum numbers, associated with the 4D deformational states, are modeled as axes’ lengths of a 4D ellipsoid of revolution. Negative values correspond to 180 degrees out of phase with respect to a dilator with a positive axis. This means that when the positive dilator is expanding the 4D space, the negative dilator is shrinking 4D space.

Also present in the diagram are the "excited" deformational states and the spontaneous dynamic symmetry breakdown. States (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3) have different "energy" levels and thus slightly different 3D displacement volume projections (different masses).

I mentioned dynamic because, the breakdown should be due to dynamic effects as oppose to other standard symmetry breakdown processes.

The difference is mass is exactly the half-neutrino chord. This will become clearer when the model for the neutron is presented.

Thus the electron is shrinking 4D space while a proton is dilating 4D space. The 3D projection of this 4D shrinking/dilation is equal to the ratio between the two masses (MassOfTheProton/MassOfTheElectron)...:)

The figure also shows that the spinning is half the frequency of the dilation (tunneling between the two wells). This means that while the dilation runs half-cycle, the spinning has only done a quarter-cycle (90 degrees) rotation.

This also means that if a particle starts in phase as a proton, when it becomes an electron it will be sidewise and have zero (very small) 3D projection. This is why for us, an electron is always an electron and a proton is always a proton. The same is not in the 4D space.

I will not explain again the pseudo-quantization of time here because I have to get to the Hyperons, but you have to understand pseudo-quantization of time to understand the Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

Below is another simpler representation of the dilators. Remember that sidewise states cannot be seen in the 3D Universe and that upside states are anti-particles.

The last element of the coherence corresponds to the first state of the next chord. These are like musical chords. The only difference is that smooth space is being deformed instead of air...:)

Thus this chord (proton, electron sidewise, proton upside-down, electron-sidewise) would repeat itself for the life of the particle. In this case, basically forever or until the coherence dephases.

Notice that anti-particle are the same coherences, with an extra rotational phase (180 degrees rotation) with respect to their corresponding particles.

The Neutron

The Neutron Model is the first interesting case and contains the first description of how nuclear energy is stored in deformations of the Fabric of Space.

I will briefly describe it here but I will come back later when I describe how to create coherent nuclear fusion.
Notice that the Neutron is composed of a electron and a proton chords. There are in between those two chords, two transmutation notes...:)

The transmutation notes are transitions which add additional dilation phase to the process, thus making the Proton to transmutate from a sidewise proton to an in-phase proton.

Of course, the Neutron model also has a state coherence representation.
Figure above also shows the transitions corresponding to the neutrino and transmutation chords.

These transmutation transitions are related to the neutrinos (of course)...:) and they are approximately half of a neutrino chord each. In the diagram above, you can read the electron chord, followed by a electron-proton transmutation note, followed by a proton chord and finally a proton-electron transmutation note. Notice that the transmutation notes are sub-coherences between proton states and excited electron states. The diagram should indicate clearly the presence of a proton, an electron and an anti-neutrino.... the decay products of a neutron.

Since the phase shift is not perfect, the intra-chord transitions generate a dissonance or a tilted proton/electron or Fabric of Space stress. This stress, which is related to a kinetic state of motion, will result in the phase matching conditions for the decaying products.

This will be reviewed later.

Just for fun, let's see a more complex hyperon...:)

Shown below is a quite complex hyperon: Delta Zero
It decays onto a pion-zero and a neutron or into a pion minus and a proton...:) and has spin 3/2.

As it should be clear by now, the total charge of this particle is zero. It contains 3 electrons chords, two positrons chords and a proton chord, thus having zero charge. It also contains two electron-proton transmutation notes and two proton-electron transmutation notes. All these transmutation notes are spinning counter-clockwise and they carry a half-spin. One of these chords (sub-coherences) is spinning counter-clockwise while all the others are spinning clockwise. Since each coherence carry half spin, the total spin is 3/2.

I hope you had fun... :)

In the next few blogs, I will start the hyperon family from the bottom up and then you will have the chance to finally understand the whole Universe...:)


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is Music to My Ears

This is Music to My Ears

Well, one cannot ask the right question if you start with the wrong paradigm.

Up to now, Science has tried to run with a non-continuous paradigm where structured (Calaubi-Yao manifolds, compact manifolds or other infrastructure) space has been used to model the fragmented nature of matter, i.e. particles.

Even the question of dualism is incorrectly framed due to the lack of perception of the surrounding fourth spatial dimension. A particle is always a dilator (dilaton generator) which surfs the dilaton field, thus behaving like a dilaton itself. Of course, surfing is the result of the Quantum Lagrangian Principle from which I derived the Gravitation and Electromagnetism laws.

Particles are the basis for all the incorrect thinking we have around. A particle is steady, that is exist until it decays or doesn't as in the case of a proton or electron. This apparent steadiness gives rise to a bunch of steady qualities: mass, charge, momentum, spin...

If you realize that a particle is the center of a horospherical coordinate system in the 4D space. A horospherical coordinate system is the coordinate system centered at the dilaton wavefront. Under those circumstances, the 3D projection at the pseudo-quantized de Broglie radial expansion step is always a maximum deformation (contraction) of the metric. This means that pseudo time-quantization and being at the center of the dilaton wavefront creates an illusion of steadiness.

The Standard Model with Quarks, Gluons has been modeled mathematically by the inclusion of compact spaces (each modeling a given quantum degree of freedom) and the weak and strong forces.

This paradigm seems to me to be equivalent to the Rube Goldberg invention. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole unless I had a very strong need.

If you think about a particle as a piece of something floating in space, you will never ask the following question: "What are the phase-matching conditions that the particle obey?"

This is exactly what I used to describe the meaning of material existence. Each particle in the Universe decayed from the Fundamental Universal Fluctuation, which I estimated as being a hyperspherical (4D) displacement volume with 15 kilometers radius.

The decay equation is irrelevant at this point, but one knows many other decay equations which bring into existence particles in a phase-matched condition. If you only see the three dimensional space, you miss that their existence is phase-matched with the now inexistent particle.

This is the basis for a new way to create energy through Coherent Nuclear Fusion. I will describe the process in detail in the Hypergeometrical Nuclear Fusion blog in the near future.

Now let's think why did I mentioned that "This is Music to My Ears"...:)

As you know, in my theory particles are dilators - coherences between 4D stationary deformation states- traveling at the speed of light along a radial direction.

There is a strong similarity with a source of sound. This should be obvious, but I will explain...:) Sound is a deformation of the density of air propagating at its natural speed. Dilatons are deformations of the metric (distance) propagating at its natural speed (the speed of light).

In that sense, it is clear that a particle (dilator) is a repeating chord. Thus all the Universe is a tremendous symphony or it is screaming God's name as it travels at the speed of light...:) as you wish...

In any event, the Universe is music to my ears...:)



PS- Next, I will introduce the other members of the Band: The Hyperons...:)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coherent Nuclear Fusion

Coherent Nuclear Fusion

Here is the links to the Quantization in Astrophysics book:

Quantization in Astrophysics book.

In the Hypergeometrical Standard Model (appendix A), I presented the 4D Space deformation energy diagram and the states associated with the different particles.

Next, I will present the hypergeometrical representation of all the hyperons and finishing explaining the geometrical meaning of existence.

In the last blog, I mentioned that the Universe sings a pretty song as it travels. This should became self-evident from reading the Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

Matter is shown to be coherences of 4D metric deformation states, that is, they are like a chord in a song, which repeats itself for the lifetime of the particle. Taken as a whole, the 3D Universe is whistling a simple song as it travels along the radial direction.

This song (dilaton) field can be Fourier decomposed to give away the fundamental coherence component, but it also has transmutation transitions (half-neutrino chords), which allow for the transmutation of an electron chord into a positron chord, the creation of a neutron, etc.

Needless to say, all the nonlinear optics methodology applies to these waves and Nonlinear Hadronics is just a simple phase matching in four dimensions. This is the basis for phase-matched nuclear fusion an infinitely more efficient manner to produce energy.

As usual, phase matching depends upon the polarizability and that is related to the potential dephasing between spinning and tunneling. A detailed characterization of the dimensional potential is easy to obtain just from reproducing the hyperons.

Next, I will reproduce some of the hyperons and their associated chords.



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good News...:)

I have good news. My theory will be published in a book about Quantization in Astrophysics soon. Details will soon follow.

This brings about the breakthrough I have been waiting for some time.

I created the theory because I created the idea and believed it should have its own life. An idea doesn't live outside people. It derives life from each and every thinking brain it touches. The idea has to be presented to those thinking brains and that was what I tried to do here.

My job is to provide you with enough insight such that you can go on and reach the Undiscovered Continent.

I have been away for a long and well deserved vacation. During it, I kept thinking every so often on the theory....:) One can take the teory off the scientist but one cannot take the scientist off the theory....:)

I finished up the Hypergeometrical Standard Model, a surprisingly simple corollary of my theory. It provides answers to many of the questions you might have been asking yourself: a) where is the nuclear energy... b) what does that criptic statement that nuclear energy is not stored in quark's gluons or other potential forms means...

The closer I looked into this problem the simpler it became.

In the next few blogs I will present the Hypergeometrical Standard Model as well as a few tidying ups needed. I realized that most people cannot handle two overlaid cross-sections of a four-dimensional object (the hypergeometrical universe). In my new revision of the GUT paper, I separated the two overlaid cross-sections and that makes the ideas easier to understand. The figure above is the new symbol for the Hypergeometrical Universe. It shows the two cross-sections, I overlaid in my initial GUT paper.

Now let's talk about what lies ahead. I am quite excited since I will be doing the final calculations next weekend. All the brute force approach used to create new matter (accelerators, nuclear power plants, nuclear fusion plants) are to be replace by a subtler approach. The difference will be the same one has between an open fire and a laser beam...:)

Mankind should also be ready to understand that the Universe sings a pretty song as it travels...:)

On that note, I bid you Good Night and Good Luck.