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The Simple Minded Fat Electron and Proper Time Quantization

neutrino57 said...

You are on the right track. Time IS quanticized. As is space. Read my blogs on HU-LU-WU (3-d superstring theory) and Gluons.The basic theory of the universe ought to be simple enough for anyone to understand. Do you think a photon has to refer to a tiny scientific calculator every time it moves? No, it just goes!



Thanks for the comment. I did not want to reply in terms of HU-LU-WU strings because if you are a theoretician in academia you already have a forum for your ideas. I, being a layman in the field of Quantum Relativity, SuperStrings etc somehow couldn't even publish a simple e-print in the Los Alamos arquives. That is the reason I bothered to write this blog.

If you want me to understand your work, it will take a little bit more time and communication. You can email me your pdfs and I will take a look.

Every so often someone comes and utters something without providing the minimum support for the statement. I suppose you have some support for your argument.

To clarify my reply I will direct your attention to the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon above.

The figure that stares you everytime you read this blog is very telling. It show a stepwise radial expansion with steps equals to an one a.m.u. Compton wavelength.

Notice the proper time and local space is define in the right panel (XYZTau). Rotations of reference frames there also corresponds to changes in velocity. The angle with the normal is arctanh(v/c) and the relative angle (corresponding to relative perceive velocity) is obtained from the standard Lorentz transforms or equivalently from the formula of tanh(A-B).

A correction to relativity for large distances is presented in paper. Standard relativity doesn't take into consideration the 4D space curvature.

Returning to Quantization of Time. If you realize that velocity is not quantized, that is, the angle of torsion is not quantized (if it is, its quantization is a further refinement), you will realize that the proper time quanta varies depending upon which inertial referential frame you choose. Unfortunately, the dependence is upon the inertial reference frame and the normal to the Fabric of Space.

This means that experimentally it will not be detectable since you cannot tell your angle with the Radial direction. Different reference frames will have different time quanta. Since the "3D Space Quantum" would be velocity times this variable proper time quanta, you wouldn't have a 3D Space Quantization after all.

The time quantum is the time it takes to step and it is equal to a neutron Compton wavelength is 1.319 590 8951 x 10-15 m divided by the speed of light or circa 4.3 x 10^-24 seconds on its proper reference frame.

I mentioned Cosmological Time. The Cosmological Time is the Proper Time for all reference frames at rest (Fabric of Space Relaxed). It times the expansion. Remember that relaxed Fabric of Space has its normal pointing towards the Radial direction.

Proper time is the local time where there local reference frame can be pointing at directions different than PSI (the Cosmological Time shown in the left panel of the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon). Proper time is the perpendicular to this dimensionalized proper time or parallel to the local Fabric of Space (which can be tilted).

An experiment that would tell you that Radial Quantum and thus the time Quantum would be neutrino interferometry (Neutrinos from from Neutron Decay). Good luck finding a stepper motor that will step anything close to the Compton wavelength of a one a.m.u..

By the way, my theory explains the why of pseudo time quantization (The Girlfriend on a Swing Argument) but also gives you the understanding of the Meaning of Material Existence....:)



PS- By the way, please refer this site to your colleagues. As soon as I finish the Hyperon Family the story will be complete and I will try again to submit it to the Los Alamos Arquives. The argument is tooooooo long and convoluted to the published in a standard journal. I will write a book.

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Anything essential is invisible to the eyes...

"Anything essential is invisible to the eyes. It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.You are responsible for your rose"

The Little Prince,Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Something that bothered me when I started building the theory was the fact that event thought one Kilogram of anything will atract another Kilogram of anything independently upon its composition, the same is not valid for a Kilogram of Charge...:)

That was a downer.... a real downer... How come the two units of charge Electron and Proton be so different... and yet so equal... Same charge... but one is 2000 times fatter than the other...

When I created the theory, I realized that for me to develop Gauss Electrostatic Law from first principles I had to use a Fat Electron instead of the skinny electron we know and learned to love...:)

For the calculation to work out, the electron mass (4D Volume) used in the RXYZ had to be equal to one atomic mass unit or the electron would also be a proton for half of its time... Like a secret identity...:)

Eventually I realized what was happening and proposed the concept of dilator and put one and one together and created the Fundamental Dilator..a chimera that is electron in a phase and a Proton in another phase... also an anti-electron and an anti-proton in other phases...

This was essential to the creation of the Theory of Everything... to see with the eyes of the mind... (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry would say, to see with the eyes of the heart)... That might be good enough for me at this time..

As you might well guessed, that little rocky planet reminds me the Lightspeed Expanding Hyperspherical Universe where I live...:)



The Fabric of Space

The Fabric of Space

By now, Dr. Zaius, you might be able to understand that the Fabric of Space is actually the dynamic four dimensional membrane that stretches as the hyperspherical shockwave Universe expands at the speed of light. The treads are not neatly spaced and isotropic., they are the maximae of the interference of all dilatons generated by all dilators since the begining of the times.

In fact, it is not a membrane at all. It is the loci representing the solutions to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle requiring each and every dilator to land on a dilaton field maximum at each step of the Universe expansion. For each dilator that will have more than one solution and will be represented by a volume in 3D. Needless to say, this is the Hidden Variable problem that Einstein tried to solve. Everything is based on the simplest equation ever.

This loci is a mesh with a very small spacing (Compton wavelegth of a one atomic mass unit dilator). Basically the size of a nucleus. The radius of curvature of this mess is around 15 billion light years....:)

It is not unlike the hypnotic waves in the ponds I stared at in my early childhood.

Instead of having Earth sitting on the Fabric of Space, you should visualize each and every dilator. The treads are created by the dilatons (metric waves due to the dilator coherence).

By now it should be clear that Mankind has been working in the right side of the figure below. This is the icon of the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory.
In the right side, the deformational angle alphaTau is the arctan(v/c). As you know Force (3DStress) is a derivative of velocity (d alphaTau)/dTau where Tau is the dimensionalized proper time (c.t).

The other side of the equation, the force itself was derived empirically (Newton's Gravitation Law - his fourth law, Gauss Electrostatics Law, Biot-Savart Law, etc)

What I did was to derive from first principles the equations for the forces from a simple argument about the laws of Physics (Stress=Area*Strain) from a reality perspective and from a Shadow Projection perspective. Since the laws refers to the same problem, they should have the same format (covariance like).

Say that you are studying a held metal lever by applying a torque to it. This torque will eventually snap it, but not before it bend it to a high degree.

You mission is to express that bending both in 3D and 2D while observing its shadow.

Deformation are linear for small torques but will become nonlinear for larger ones. The shadow will also change, decreasiong as the deformation increases, thus the level of deformation results in a shortening of the shadow lever (not unlike space contraction/dilation as one increases velocity). There will be a maximum angle (corresponding to the speed of light) after which the shadow goes to zero (breakup of the lever).

That is how we have been doing Physics.

Thus we haven't been able to think straigh. It has been always grasping at straws, not a pretty sight...:).

All previous insights, albeit amazing from being shadow observations, are not as pleasant as seeing the Light..:)

Please read the
Hypergeometrical Newton's Second Law and the one referring to the Light..:)

I tried to publish my idea in the Los Alamos Archives and wasn't able to do it thanks to the Censorship Services provided by Alan Ginsparg.

My only option was to create a blog to tell the story and to try to find someone that could understand it.

As Einstein once said - I will paraphrase here:

Stupid people will try to hold you back, but eventually the story will be told...:)
Remeber for each stupid idea possible, there will always be a purveyor and they occupy a lot of space.

Remember what I said about the
importance of Physics. Your life might depend upon it...:)

Please feel free to ask any questions and to disseminate the existence of this work. It is a shame that I might have to go through so much trouble to tell such a nice story..:)

If I were a Cosmologist, String Theorist, etc... I would lick my wounds and realize that we have been had again... last time by a clerk at a Patent Office, this time by some little guy called MP...:) and welcome the new future...:)

I am still awaiting that from the hordes of readers, there will be a professional scientist who will say something.. good or bad...:) and of course, say it and sign in the dotted line..>:)

Maybe even invite me to give a talk...:) That would be nice...:) No Strings attached...:)

By the way, Stephen Hawking, I am not that busy next month...:)

Hope sprins eternal...:)



ps- Next I will tell the rest of the Hyperon Family story... Long overdue...:)

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Fundamental Dilator - The Basics

Fundamental Dilator - The Basics

Dr. Zaius said...

Well, personally I don't have too much trouble understanding four-dimensional models at least in a sense of analogy. In fact, assuming that your theory holds its waters empirically and mathematically, the idea of expanding hyper spherical wave in five dimensions makes more sense to me than many other theories.

As far as your four-dimensional dilator goes... I'm not sure yet. The way I understand it at the moment, considering that I did not thoroughly read everything you published so far, is that you propose some deformation in 4D space in a form of some rotating ellipsoid. Its rotation produces waves. Those waves are coherent and produce certain interference patterns, which manifest themselves as our matter. Am I far off base here? The part that I find difficult to relate to is the concept of double well potential. It doesn't seem to carry much meaning in itself.
It is a pleasure seeing your Brain at work...:) You are not far, maybe a little....:)

Let's tackle the problem in a rational way. First forget that there is charge and mass and consider the approach I proposed to solve the differences between Gravitation and Electrostatics:
  • I consider that the interaction between charged particles and non-charged particles to be the same, the difference in response is due to the "particle" the dilaton waves are effecting.

Language is a problem. You are used to the concept of particle and that is a very primitive concept. Let me introduce the concept of dilator:

  • A dilator is a coherence between two 4D stationary deformational states. Normally one ascribe a stationary state to a localized potential as in the case of a Hydrogen atom. This has to be expanded to consider the translational symmetry of a 4D Cartesian space. Translational symmetry also results in conservation of 4D Linear Momentum. The rotational symmetry within the 3D Hypersurface (3D Space) results in the standard angular momentum conservation. Rotational symmetry around axis perpendicular to the Radial direction and X(Y or Z) results in conservation of Spin X (Spin Y or Spin Z).
  • From the last statement, you should realize that Spin has become a quantum number associated with an extrinsic motion (motion perpendicular to RX or RY or RZ).
  • Coming back to the concept of dilator, remember that you've heard about Gravitational Waves detection experiments etc and that requires that the metric of whatever space we live in to have a restoring force. One can only produce a wave in a medium with a restoring force. You mentioned Gravity in my Silver Surfer analogy. In a gas/solid/liquid it would be pressure or number density or any other intensive property of the medium.
  • In the case of 4D space is the 4D metric spring constant (which I calculated in my paper).
  • Now that you know the 5D Space supports metric waves (dilatons), you can learn what is a dilator.

To understand the concept of a dilator as being a coherence between 4D Stationary Deformational States it is advantageous to review what is an electronic coherence and how it produces electromagnetic waves.

I will tell you something that Science doesn't know...:) and that is the source of the action-at-distance paradox.

Let's think about a coherence between 1s and 2p states of a Hydrogen atom.

What does that means?

This means that we excited through some means a hydrogen atom such that its electron is now at the 2s stationary state. Normal quantum mechanics interpretation requires that a vaccum or real electromagnetic field to interact with the 2s hydrogen atom to create a coherence between 1s and 2s states. A coherence means that the Hydrogen atom plus electromagnetic field is neither is 2s nor in 1s states. Instead the hydrogen atom is in a combination states and properties will oscillate as the atom moves from one state to another.

A property dipole moment has expectation value equal to zero on either state. On the combination or coherence, one has a transition dipole moment, which oscilates with frequency equal to the energy gap between 1s and 2s (divided by h).

This oscillating dipole is equivalent to an oscillating charge and it will interact with other charges in the proximity. Everything (surrounding charges) is in motion. At this point, I would like to emphasize that the classical and quantum mechanical description are equivalent, that is, the charges interacting throught their electromagnetic fields will only absorb energy when there is a dephasing. A dephasing is what happens when you push a kid on a swing out of phase with the motion. If you push the kid perfectly in phase, the motion remains the same (if one neglects friction). The kid only reaches higher or lower heights if you are out of phase, energy only gets transferred during dephasing processes.

In the case of a dilator, instead of electronic states in a hydrogen atom, one has a local deformation (like a local shrinkage or stretching circular region on a bed sheet if one makes the analogy of the 4D space metric with bedding).

Dilaton are the 4D space metric waves with wavelength equal to the Compton wavelength of a Hydrogen atom (one atomic mass unit). This is a very small wavelength. The neutron Compton wavelength is 1.319 590 8951 x 10-15 m, that is basically 10^5 the hydrogen atom or the size of the nucleus.

In my Universe model, there is a very fine mess of dilaton waves propagating in all directions. Electromagnetic waves are waves on that mess with much longer wavelenght.

The dilator as a coherence between two states can be thought as a coherence between a dime and a quarter coins. Positive coins or cash is a positive displacement 4D volume while negative cash is a negative displacement 4D volume.

The dilator has spin, which makes it look like a rotating coin shifting from dime to quarter and from negative to positive...:) credit to debit...:)

Displacement 4D volumes are added or subtracted to the Cartesian 4D space, thus increasing or decreasing the distance between points on each side of the dilator.

As the rotating dime/quarter goes around it business, we only see the shadow, so if you ever see a dime, you will not see it when if becomes a quarter if there is a relationship between spinning and tunneling between dime and quarter states...

If the spinning is half (half the frequency of tunneling), then a dime will always be seen as a dime and a quarter will always be seem as a quarter.

At this point you should be jumping up and down and asking what about the intermediate phases...:) when the dime 10 degrees rotated and it is in the middle of tunneling...

Well, I have two answers.

  • There is no such a thing as middle of tunneling (you are a dime at a give time and at another you become a quarter) nothing in between.
  • There is pseudo-time quantization. Together with what you read above, this phase sensitive physics can be thought as time-quantization.

There is a Principle that goes hand in hand in my physics and with all physics. The principle is Hamilton's Principle or Lagrangian Principle... This principles is derived from forcing boundary forces to do no work.

In my Universe it translate into dilator always dilating in phase with the dilaton fields generated by all the other dilators. This is termed Cosmological Coherence and Quantum Lagrangian Principle in my paper.

Since I just have to consider specific phases, it is easy to extract the position of the dilator at any given time.

This is done by calculating the gradient of the dilaton field in the surrounding of the probe dilator and move it to that position in the next step (of the Hyperspherical Universe expansion).

So we have an awfully big Universe stepping on a very small step along the radial direction. There is no quantization of the other directions (lateral directions), so space is not quantized on 3D. Neither is local time. Cosmological Time is quantized or not depending upon you taste. It is not important.

From the actual motion of the dilator calculated on the RXYZ cross-section of the Hypergeometrical Icon (figure above), one calculate the actual 4Dstress (=4DStrain*4DVolume) on the Fabric of Space.

Like the men on the cave we then calculate the 3DStrain (3DStrain*3DVolume).

Since in the RXYZ cross-section one sees the whole volume (dime plus quarter), one uses 1 as the 4D Volume. On the XYZTau cross-section, we only see the shadow (either a dime/electron or quarter/proton).

The Double Potential well is mentioned becose one needs to have a coherence between asymmetric states - the electron and the proton have clearly different 3D volume projections.

The why the double potential is asymmetric should not raise problems since the motion forward is clearly asymmetric. The final description of the metric double potential well is to be detailed by other people with access to data and time...:) I don't really have time now to do that...:)

In summary, in my Universe, Electron and Proton are the dime and quarter of this basic description. They are the two (of four) phases of this tunneling spinning process. Anti-particles are the other two (anti-proton and anti-electron).

So there isn't anything as a particle (a localized something) or a particle-wave duality as you might have heard. There is only a fundamental dilator.

The fundamental dilator is so important because the tunneling frequency determines interaction. If you put together particles with different tunneling frequencies they will produce dilaton fields of different wavelengths and their interaction will vanish at long distance.

This is the basis for non-interacting dilators (neutrinos and maybe dark matter).

Let me know if you understood and ask me any questions. It would be invaluable for me to know if people can understand such clear concepts..>:)



Do you understand the Fundamental Dilator Paradigm???

Let no man ignorant of geometry enter here.
-- Plato, inscription over the door to his academy.

Dr. Zaius, Do you or any other reader understand the Fundamental Dilator Paradigm?

I have been writing about many things. Dr. Zaius comment was the first indication that people can actually understand a 4D ligthspeed expanding hyperspherical Universe.

I am so immersed on my theory that I don't see any difficult in understand that, but most scientists just do not seem to get it...

Since you seem to have understood that point quite easily, I would love to know if you can also understand what the fundamental dilator is?

Hope springs eternal....



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius said...

Hm... I like Anonymous. It’s like those voices in your head that make you turn only to find nobody around. :) And I have too much respect for Dr. Hawking to carry his name. I abandoned physics quite some time ago in favor of pursuit of digital happiness. However I do remain a scientist in spirit. So how about Dr. Zaius? :)

You know, I was thinking about your proposed shock wave and something makes me wander. If it's a true shock wave, such as in supersonic flight, then there'd have to be some entity continually generating it. If on the other hand it's like explosion or waves created by a pebble dropped in the water, then it should diminish as it moves forward, it's wave length and amplitude decrease. This would lead to some interesting phenomena in our universe. Poof?

Welcome, Dr. Zaius.

The Nature of the Shock Wave should be mundane... I would first consider all the standard, mundane boring, expected flow of events before concoting a superluminal, dimensional rip, m-branes collision crap or any other possible scenario. I believe the most likely event, if they explain what we observe might be as good explanation as any...:)

I concoted the simplest scenario on my Cosmogenesis. I don't talk too much about because I think it is trivial.

I will give you a very brief description of what is in the three pages paper on Cosmogenesis.

The cruxial event is the decomposition of an initial metric fluctuation of circa 100 km 4D Radius.

Check the calculations on Size doesn't Matter.

The Cosmogenesis process is the result of an irreversible decaying process above the Supersymmetry Condition. There is a minimum Universe Radius below which Gravitation and Electromagnetism have the same strength. The 4D Radius is something between 100 Km and the minuscule Universe where Gravitation equals Electromagnetism, this is as good estimation as I can do or bother to do.

The irreversibility of a metric fluctuation depends upon two characteristics of the metrics: a) dimensionality and b) fluctuation characteristic length.

Characteristic lenght is easy to understand - it is the size of the displacement volume of the fluctuation. In my model, two points separated by 100 km would be suddenly infinitely close to each other.

This metric fluctuation can decay but the reversibility depends also upon the dimensionality of it. Zero, One dimensional fluctuations are totally reversible. Four Spatial Dimensional Fluctuations would yield an 3D Universe like ours.

I proposed an rapid dimensional transition of the Initial Fluctuation from Zero Spatial Dimensions to 4D Spatial Dimensions, followed by the decay of the initial fluctuation eventually into 10^82 spinning dilators.

Spin creates electromagnetism, since the different phases of spinning results in "charges". Zero spin matter creates Gravitation. At time zero there was only non-zero spin dilators (no stable matter).

I expected just ligthspeed Radial propagation and lateral diffusion.

The initial burst of Gamma Radiation from one radian away from where you are know reaches you Doppler shifted as the Cosmic Microwave Background.

The beginning of times can be seen from any place if you look far enough (one radian).

With respect to that site, I will tell you later what I think.



Comment #3 - The Forest By The Trees

The Forest by the Trees

Anonymous said...

You know, I like your analogy about modern physics studying shadows on a wall. I for one feel that we can't see forest through the trees. However, sooner or later we'll get there.

By the way, I do recall reading an article by some gentlemen who proposed 5D universe with fifth dimension being absolute time. He also proposed that we move with the speed of light in that dimension and cannot detect it. In many regards it as similar to yours, except that it was not a sphere and he did not account for any expansion. I'm trying to find a link, but to no avail.

You may also find this link (Matter is made of waves)interesting.

By the way, Anonymous, I am enjoying thoroughly our conversation. I created this site for this, but nobody said anything that could lead to a conversation.

Given that I have a strong sense of humor and that my two idols are Dr. Steven Colbert, DPA ( Doctor of Performance Arts) and Dr. Stephen Hawking, PhD, I thought you wouldn't mind if I call you Dr. Hawking, since Dr. Steven Colbert is surely working on his own Theory of Everything right at this moment. Anonymous is soooo impersonal...:)

In doing so, my readership would benefit immensely from the attention grabber...:) People have sooo little conviction and no attention span these days...:)

So, Dr. Hawking, after all my explanation about the Surfer and the 4D wave, I am still not happy with my answer. I have to add that you were right, the analogy breaks down under close scrutiny (the search for a Gravity equivalent) and the better analogy is just a lateral wave inside a wave... :)


I am very fortunate that my writing's were quite inspired since the beginning. Please take a look on the first blog on Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Forgive me for some ramblings directed towards scientists. I was a scientist in the past and still am one at heart. I couldn't believe the lack of respect I was exposed to while trying to engage a single one in a conversation or to skim through my paper or to read the abstract...:)

Tremendous lack of curiosity, arrogance or both....

That said, I always had the hope I could reach one of the better ones, real scientists who could recognize a good idea when briefly presented.

In the revision of Newton's Second Law, I recast F=m x a as a product between volume and strain to give a measure of Stress... Needless to say, I am not a Civil Engineer and 4D Stress is ill defined in that specialty, so I had to create new entities which are very close related to Stress, Strain and Volumes...:) and use extensivity arguments.

That law expresses now that the stress is the same on both cross-sections shown above. The strain differs from one cross-section to the other. In the XYZR we are seeing the whole 4D Volumes adn the 4D volumes scales the intensive property 4DStrain. In the XYZTau we are seing the 3D projections (Shadows) which are used to scale the 3D Strain. As you can see after all, we live in a World of Shadows.

By the way, Dr. Hawking, I will call you Professor Hawking as a sign of respect to my idol...:)

I also thought about the Universe as traveling at the speed of light when I was a kid but drop the idea by lack of supporting concepts. The skinny 4D wave is simple but creates its own intellectual resistence (not on myself).

It indicates the existence of a perfectly circular Universe that cannot be traversed and also of a Delta Quadrant (which lowers the respectability of any theory..:)

Notice that the whole theory wouldn't be much if there wasn't an Hypergeometrical Standard Model, A Girlfriend on a Swing (Time Quantization which is the basis for Quantum Mechanics), The Cosmological Coherence and the Flying Orchestra.

Thanks Professor Hawking, this has been a nice dialog.



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Balls Diagram Review

The Balls Diagram

This is a review of the Balls Diagram, which will be valuable in understanding the rest of the Hyperons....:)

As you know, didactics requires some memorable associations and I thougtht about this one while listenig to Chris Matthews' Hardball. Valentine's Day was also in my mind...:)

So let's learn some physics up, Fellas.:)

The Balls Diagram has been shown for the initial particles of the Hyperon Family and even though they should be self-evident, I thought that it would be worthwhile to spend a blog on it...:)

Let's take the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Minus for simplicity and its corresponding Balls Diagram.

Pion Minus

Below is the amazing Pion Minus chord which is composed of four chords or 16 notes.

As you should know by now, the Coherence Diagram showcases a bunch of sequential transitions among different 4D stationary deformational states. As you can see I recasted the states in terms 2/3 and 1/3 and their negative values. The meaning of these states depends not only upon their displacement axis lenght amplitude but also in the phase of coherence. This means that event though the lowest state of the left well (0,-2/3,-1/3) is being associated with the electron state (3D projection of the 4D displacement volume proportional to the 3D mass of an electron), it can also represent a positron (0,2/3,1/3).

Notice that the Zero is in bold, meaning that the axis perpendicular to the Radial Direction R and the axis X is being defined as the axis of spinning. It was choosen like that to provide the smallest 4D volume of Rotation on the Neutron Decay equation. The reasoning is slightly convoluted, but that is how complex assignments are made.

Neutron -> Proton + Electron + Anti-Neutrino
(2/3,-1/3,-1/3) -> (2/3, 1/3,0) + (0,-2/3,-1/3)
-> (2/3, 2/3,-1/3) + (0,-2/3,-1/3) + (0,-1/3,1/3)

We presented the Electron with the smallest 4D volume which would imply that the axis of revolution will be perpendicular to the smallest axis (x-axis has zero displacement axis length). Notice that the electron-proton dilator is the fundamental coherence, thus any spinning will have to keep its axis or spinning. The final assignment with respect to which spinning axis one should use is still under discussion in my mind.

An alternative assignment is:
Neutron -> Proton + Electron + Anti-Neutrino
(2/3,-1/3,-1/3) -> (2/3, 1/3,0) + (0,-2/3,-1/3)
-> (2/3, 2/3,-1/3) + (0,-2/3,-1/3) + (0,-1/3,1/3)

This assignment uses the smallest axis of the Proton instead. In fact, this seems to be a better assigment since is also makes the lowest volume for the Neutron. Although the electon would be spinning around a larger axis, the volume associated with the other two axes is zero or thereabouts. This is easy to see if you forget the 4D ellipsoid of revolution for a second and think about the particle as a parallellepiped with three axis. In the case of the electron one of them has zero lenght, thus the area associated with it would be zero, thus spinning it wouldn't give you that much volume.

This is a better assignment after all, thus disregard some bolding in the wrong axis until I correct this mistake... As you know, one has to have Balls to accepts one's mistakes...:)

Courage will also suffice....:)

Notice that the double potential well is more complex than I let you know. The choice of which axis you are spinning breaks down the spinning degeneracy of the problem further. I will overlook this now, otherwise I am sure you will blow a gasket...:)

Notice that an alternative view of the Neutron Coherence or transition state is a dilator quadrupole.

This is consistent with all the other also having the smallest 4D Rotational Volume and thus 3D masses. That is why I wrote the equation as such. Different axis of rotation would result in a different mass and be recognized as a different particle, made up by a set of different quarks by our creative scientists...:)

Now that we understand a little more about the Coherence Diagram, one can ask questions about why the two Electron states are not degenerate. They differ just by a spatial rotation (y into z and z into y)...:) The reason is simple even though state is isotropic or quasi-isotropic, there is a difference in pointing a 4D spatial deformation in one direction or another. To change the direction of deformation one has to do work, dynamically. That dynamic effort (as opposed to adiabatic work) is responsible for the dynamical symmetry breakdown. It is not a energy difference that makes this states different, it is the fact that the dilator has to physically redirect itself and that takes time. So the states (0,-2/3,-1/3) don't differ in energy (4D volume) but they are distinct.

The same is valid for the muon and tau neutrinos associated with the proton side. I did not refer to them yet since I did not mention any decaying particle that emits muon and tau neutrinos. I will do so later.

This dynamic state change takes time and that is happening while the dilator is rotating (spinning) on the 4D space.

This complex coherence or chord can also be shown as a Balls Diagram:

Let analyse events Ball by Ball or note by note, if you so wish...:) Let's start with the electron chord. Starting from the top as a musician would say..>:)

The Pion chord is composed of two electron chords, one positron chord, one eletron-positron transmutation note, one positron-electron transmutation note, one eletron-proton transmutation note and finally a proton-electron transmutation note.

If you look close enough at the Coherence Diagram, you will be able to see which states are involved with each of these transmutation notes.

Let's start with the Electron-Positron transmutation note. This note corresponds to two arrows in our coherence diagram. The first arrow starts at the (0,-2/3,-1/3) and ends on (0,-1/3,-2/3). The second arrow starts at (0,-1/3,-2/3) and ends back on (0,-2/3,-1/3). This transition has the physical meaning of a spatial rotation in 3D and has angular momentum associate with it.

The time it takes to make this 3D spatial rotation is such that the tunneling goes from contraction to expansion, that is, the displacement volume goes from (0,-2/3,-1/3) to (0,2/3,1/3), or the state goes from electron to positron and it is also the time or thereabouts it takes to do a 180 degrees spinning 4D rotation. This has to be the case otherwise one wouldn't see that positive charge component of the chord. The meaning of thereabouts is because the 180 degrees 4D spinning cycle is not the same as the 180 degrees 3D rotational cycle. This causes the positron to be crocked...:) As you know, this is a local deformation of the fabric of space and corresponds to a virtual velocity. These virtual velocities are the spring that stores the nuclear energy. It is not necessary fields, gluons and any other sticky crap...:)

One should eventually define the exact shape of this potential well and the "Schrodinger" equation for the dilator. I will do that in the appropriate time and this is quite a simple task within this logical framework.

Now let's set our sights back onto the Balls Diagram. The first four balls are the four notes of the electron chord. The blue line between the last electron ball and the first positron ball is blue for a reason....:) It is blue because it corresponds to a transmutation note and it is equal to the positron-electron transmutation note. Symmetry tells me that they are identical, that is, it takes the same time to make each 90 degrees spatial rotation.

I should mention that upside particles are normal particles while upside down are anti-particles (dilators with a 180 degrees dephase). This means that one electron contracts 4D space while a positron expands 4D space.

There is an important feature that people might be missing. Sidewise particles are not seen on the 3D Universe. These states have little aberration (height) along the radial direction, so when they spin sidewise, they have no interaction with the 3D Universe.

Of course, eventually the energy stored in those motions survive in the form of flying products. The energy is stored in the Fabric of Space twisting, the transmutation chords (an electron-positron plus a positron-electron transmutation notes together make up a neutrino chord).

The electron-proton plus proton-electron-proton notes unravel together with the extra positron-electron pair such as to deform space enough to propel the remaining particle at their emission speeds.

That is the meaning of the Balls Diagram and a more detailed explanation on the nature of matter.

If you want to understand someting deeper, read my old blog on the Meaning of Material Existence.

Feynman created his Feynman diagrams, Einstein left us with Einstein's equations, Newton left Newton's Laws... I am starting to worry about my legacy...:)

Good forbid it from being my .... :)



Brief Review on How We Know What We Think We Know

Comments #3 Brief Review of How We Know What We Think We Know

I said...

How do we know what we think we know?
Without the benefit of seeing the skinny fourth spatial dimension, we couldn't really measure those 4D volumes and very small angles, so we concocted the concept of Mass (the 3D projection of a 4D Volume).

If you don't know that you are traveling radially at the speed of light, your 3D observations and body of knowledge will have to be adjusted to consider lightspeed to be the limiting speed on the 3D sliver of Universe you live. That entails stretching proper time, contracting space, etc.

I don't know who else did it, but I certainly did notice that Lorentz transformations is equivalent to a rotation by an imaginary angle and that time is imaginary in Physics.

The point is that by discovering Lorentz transformations we postponed another 100 years the discovery that we are all in motion at the speed of light. Were I am certainly being optmistic in believing people will eventually discover my work..:)

I appologize for being loud and sometimes outrageous or at least defiant in my corner of the internet... It is very, very quiet here and sometimes one has to scream to check to see if anyone is listening...:)

Next, I've just copied a prior blog - sanitized from some of my sense of isolation - in preparation for better blogs about the Hyperons... The Hyperon work was done last year end, during my vacation....I was pleasantly distracted and had only some of my attention on the problem.... so they might be perfect or not... I didn't reconsider the assignment problem to check for mistakes... I welcome any suggestions, corrections..

In my paper, I expressed Newton's equation as:

This is already a geometrization of Newton's equation but it is still impure, since it contains spurious concepts like Mass. The concept of Force as being any interaction that twists alpha (twists the Fabric of Space) is already present!!!!!!

To achieve the appropriate paradigm just divide both sides by the mass and you will have acceleration.

Similarly one has an acceleration for the left panel:
First think about what an equation is. If you place two identical objects separated by an equal sign (e.g. 2=2) you end up with an equation but it contains no information. It is a simple tautology.

For an equation to be non-trivial it has to relate two different paradigms (e.g. 1+1=2). This contains information about the addition of integers, or unitary segments, or unidimensional vectors) etc...

Newton's equation does just that, it maps a vector Force (which lives in a different space from Mass and Acceleration) and maps their products in a Natural Law. Mass is a scaling factor (extensive property) in the same way that a Strain is scaled by the area where that strain occurred to give the causing Stress.

In the Hypergeometrical Universe, the Force (Stress) is the same on both panels. This paradigm can be easily modified if we realize that Force (Stress) causes the rate of deformation of the local Fabric of Space, being the Mass an scaling factor. Under this paradigm, instead of acceleration we have Strain which eventually should be scaled up by the appropriate "area" to yield the total Stress.

The equation below showcase this paradigm: This is Newton's equation in a purely geometrical perspective. There is still a generalized force (stress) which is alright, since the stress is explained by the Quantum Lagrangian Principle governing the position of dilators to follow the constructive interference of dilaton fields.
I will write the equation 4D Stress as:
with strain given by:
notice that the proper time is dimensionalized by its scaling with c (lightspeed). As you can see, Mo is the projection of an unitary 4D area (or 4D Displacement Volume). If you call 3D Stress as F you would have recover formally Newton's Second Law. F and M are just Words nothing else.

In my paper, I used the Stress4D to calculate both Gravitation and Electromagnetism. Where you see Area4D= One, I read Area4D= One Atomic Mass Unit (a Hydrogen atom for Gravitation or the Fat Electron for electromagnetism).

If you remember that all maximae displacement volumes of the fundamental dilator are performed in phase with the dilaton field, it becomes clear that the displacement at the Proton phase adds in phase with the displacement at the Electron phase, thus the dilator has a Area4D equal to an Hydrogen Atom (a spin zero Hydrogen Atom).

This might make your Brain spins but take my word for it, or better don't take my word for it and check the logic for inconsistencies. A clean mind is a sign of mental disease...:)

There is a reason for Newton's madness. He lived in a World of charges, masses, forces. Specially charges are evil...:) One cannot write from Gauss Electrostatics equation a simple equation for acceleration that doesn't depend upon the probe charge. This is solved by the Fat Electron paradigm working together with the Quantum Lagrangian Principle. With those simple concepts, I created the equivalent 4D-Mass or Area4D of an electron or proton to be one a.m.u. which was used within the left panel to calculate force. Thus the 4D Mass of an electron is the same as the 4D mass of a proton: one a.m.u.

Refinements are associated with the rotational motion and were considered in the paper (gyromagnetic ratio comes out of that refinement).

Well, that is that. Newton's Second Law, a Natural Law has a different interpretation in the Hypergeometrical Universe.



Saturday, July 07, 2007

Comment #2 on the Silver Surfer

Comments #2 on The Silver Surfer and The Hypergeometrical Universe

Anonymous said...

Ok, I see it. I guess it explains the lateral motion. But what about the radial? If one was to take a "surfer" analogy literally, one would have to assume a presence of a force perpendicular to the plain of "surfing". I.e. the only reason a real surfer can move forward is because of a gravity pulling him perpendicular to the surface of water, water resisting it, and a moving wave. So, if we live on the edge of a 4D shockwave, then there should be some force pulling us in the fifth dimension, shouldn't there?


First of ALL, let me thank you for asking me such meaningful and thoughtful questions.

This is a wonderful question, Anonymous...

I prayed everyday for such an event, and finally got my prayers answered ...:) He sent me a real Surfer (I mean, a Real Physicist...:)

First, let me remind you that the force on a Surfer is also trying to reach equilibrium or relaxation and that althought there is a Force and there is motion, if one disregards friction between the surfboard and the water and changes in height, there isn't work been done. The Force is just a boundary force or virtual force not unlike the force the ground exerts on us. The same is valid for the hypersuperficial force :).

First I will give you the short answer :

Radial (and lateral) propagation is driven by restoring metric forces (I calculated the 4D space deformation spring constant in my Grand Unification Paper). One can surf a transversal sea wave (where Gravity is the restoring force) or a shock wave (longitudinal wave) from a Supernova explosion (pressure being the restoring force). There are dissipation, acceleration and masses in these analogies, but in my theory there are only dilatons (traveling metric modulations) and dilators (coherences between 4D stationary deformational states). NO accelerations or masses.

This means that we don't necessarily live on the edge of a wave as opposed to being one with the wave. This means that dilators also propagate as any solitonic wave, carrying angular and linear momentum with itself. The breakdown of a Zero Angular and Linear Momentum (at the Beginning of Times) into a very large number of dilators with nonzero Linear and Angular moments is not much different from the problem of searching for your Soulmate...:) or other half... Fortunatelly our other half would be in the other side of the 4D Hypersphere...:) (due to linear momentum)...

I created the Silver Surfer analogy to make it easy for people to understand how motion and tilting of local space are related...It is a usefull paradigm to exemplify my correction to Newton's First Law.

What makes the 3D Hyperspherical Universe and its contents (dilators) to propagate radially is the 4D metric restoring force. There it is, you have what you were looking for... a force after all..>:) But there is no mass to go along with that force... just volumes (displacemente volumes) and no accelerations - just a constant propagation velocity (c)...>:)

Now the long answer.

Let me give you a map of my reply - today I have the Flu and my long answer will be short

As a guide for you to understand better the theory here are the key words:

a) Hypergeometrical Universe Newton's Second Law
b) Quantum Lagrangian Principle and the Wisdom on a Grain of Sand
c) Mention the Hypergeometrical Standard Universe

In the paper about the Hypergeometrical Universe Grand Unification, I used my version of Newton's Second Law to recover all the Forces of Nature (which is just one). At that time, I didn't mentioned the energy from space deformation because I wasn't ready to explain the Hypergeometrical Universe Standard Model.

The Quantum Lagrangian Principle goes hand in hand with the Pseudo Quantization of Time.

The standard model replaces the Quark representation of matter with a Dimensional Chord Representation of Matter. There are several levels of complexity and I have been delving little by little into higher and higher complexities.

If I get better, tomorrow I will post the Twisted Delta Triplets (Delta Hyperon Particles having the same decay channels and different levels of Twist - spin..:)

It is fun.. I hope you will enjoy.



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Comments #1 on The Silver Surfer

Comments on The Silver Surfer and The Hypergeometrical Universe

Anonymous said...

Say, there are two observers A and B separated by distance X. The observer A starts motion in direction of B with such an impulse, that by the time he reaches B, his velocity will match the Hubble velocity. What will the observer B see? Will the A continue his motion? Will he slow down and stop?
To answer this question the first thing to notice is that one can see A and B on both cross-sections shown above. We will use just the left panel RXYZ cross-section to answer this question.
Let's first check the initial condition where the Fabric of Space is relaxed on both A and B positions, reminding that the Fabric of Space is the wave we ride - where the 3D space and all dilators (matter) are located.

At first sight you might think that the objects on positions A and B are at rest with respect to one another. This would be the case if the 3D Hypersurface were not expanding at the speed of light. In reality they are traveling away from each other at their Hubble velocity. Be their distance X, then they are running away from each other by X/R*c

This can be easily derived if one considers that the radial expansion takes place at the speed of light and the geometry of the figure.

That is why one can only see thing up to one radian in each direction.
The first thing to notice is that it is not clear how to measure the local deformation of the Fabric of Space. This topology (hyperspherical expanding 3D Universe) is connected to the 4D Big Bang proposed in the Cosmogenesis paper.
Under that assumption (Big Bang = 4D explosion), the average velocity on any region of the 3D space is the Hubble velocity, that is, farther regions contains celestial objects that on average run away from us at the Hubble speed. What one can distinguish from one region to another is the width of that distribution. When most of the interactions had taken place a long time ago, the distribution will be sharper. A sharper distribution of receding velocites means that the objects are close to their Fabric of Space relaxed positions.
The comment requires that object A, under the action of an impulse, to reach its Hubble velocity at position B. Velocity is a tilt in the local Fabric of Space and that tilt should make the local normal to be parallel to the Fabric of Space normal at position B. The diagram that would reflect that condition would be the following:

For the distance between the objects to diminish, the tilt (velocity) has to be larger than the Hubble tilt (velocity) between the two objects, thus the proposed experiment doesn't make sense and that is the reason for the paradox.

For sake of simplicity, I made B to be at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space, otherwise both objects would be moving to their resting positions. Notice that this is exactly what the reader asked. This is the relative resting condition, object A has the same inclination (velocity) as it would have at position B (Hubble Velocity). This is the condition for spatial resting that is, one is at rest with respect to the other object.

Other initial conditions or kinematics can be easily inspected by realizing that any local tilt of the Fabric of Space will travel until it relaxes, which is the reason for motion or the Hypergeometrical Universe Newton's Second Law.

If the impulse is such that their paths crosses, their trajectory would be represented by the next diagram:

Object A will pass by object B and will asymptotically reach the positions depicted by A' and B' when the Radius of the Universe reaches infinity or earlier if there were any dissipative process.

There both regions of the Fabric of Space will be relaxed and the objects will run away from each other at their Hubble speed. Notice that their relative speed is always their Hubble speed. The only difference is the unobservable relaxation state of the Fabric of Space.

Up to now the Q (quality factor) of the Fabric of Space has been considered to be infinite.



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Encounters of the 4th Kind....:)

Encounters of the 4th Kind....:)

I might have a less than perfect personality, some weakness for chocolate, popovers (Popover Cafe in 87th Street and Amsterdam)...:) but one thing I can never be called: not persistent ...:)

Below is another attempt to an encounter of the 4th Kind and the opening of a communication channel with intelligent people.

Dear Professor Hawking,

I know how to read and read your request for not submitting ideas or crazy theories…

I also know that scientist are extremely impervious to someone’s else ideas.

I also read once that if a “scientist” reads an idea that makes sense its truthfulness will become evident immediately…J

My theory is quite simple, but extensive (it is an extensive argument which includes a new standard model in addition to a Cosmology, Grand Unification and Cosmogenesis). To make life easier, I normally focus my argument only on the Grand Unification and Standard Model.

The theory proposes the 3D Universe as being a lightspeed traveling shock-wave
expanding radially (at the speed of light). Our 3D motions are the just lateral motions and are induced by interaction between dilators. The fourth dimension is not compact. The 3D hypershell is thin, thus no aberration is observed.

Dilators are modeled as coherences between stationary 4D deformational states (on a rotational 4D double potential well). Spin is not an intrinsic degree of freedom, and it is instead considered to be the rotational perpendicular to R (the radial direction) and X(Y or Z).

Electron and Proton are modeled as two phases of this fundamental coherence and they are called the Fundamental Dilator. Neutrons, Hyperons are more complex chords of dimensional notes.

I hope your curiosity would be peaked enough to lead you into inspecting my work.

The work is presented in this blog

The Grand Unification paper was published in this book:

The pdf for Grand Unification is below

Any feedback, channel of communication or questions would be greatly appreciated.



**Automatic Reply**

Your email regarding "Ideas and the need for a Giordano Bruno" has been received.

Professor Hawking very much regrets that due to the severe limitations he works under, and the huge amount of mail he receives, he may not have time to compose a reply. All e-mail is read, however we do not have the resources to deal with the many specific scientific enquiries and theories we receive.

Please see the website for more information about Professor Hawking, his life and his work.


Sam Blackburn

Graduate Assistant to
Professor S W
Hawking CH CBE FRS

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical
Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge,
CB3 0WA.
United Kingdom.