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Is Space Expanding???

The Big Bang...:)

As much as I enjoy listening to the Science Channel, it really makes me mad to hear someone stating that the reason why the Cosmic Microwave Background lies in the microwave region is because space itself is expanding..:)

That sounds awfully smart..>:) Really clever.... :)

It sounds really clever because it give us horrendous insecurity since we cannot ever imagine space expanding..>:) what is the meaning of it... What doe you have outside space?

People who states that space is expanding don't ever tell you where, what is out there... :) because it is a stupid idea...:) They don't have a clue...:) Just look very smart..:)

I will rather look simple minded and point to the figure above. If we live in a shockwave Universe, our wave will expand...Space itself is always there... or at least has been there since the wave took off...

If you were to try to go around and see what is further down the wave, you would see more wave...:) nothing else...

The poor guy in the Science Channel was Joao Maqueijo...:)

Joao, you are not the first and won't be the last to utter those silly words..>:)

Don't blame yourself...:) too much..

Cheers, Joao.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Questions and Answers - II

Questions and Answers - II

Here goes another set of questions and answers. I love a scientific debate and consider it instrumental in improving a theory, especially if the debate leads me into finding failures in my theory.

Even when a debate does not unveil a logical failure, it still can be used for educational purposes. Many people might come up with similar misconceptions or doubts and they should be addressed. That said, I always expect the questioner to be able to learn from my answers....:) Otherwise, there is little educational purpose if one comes back with the same question that was just answered. Here it goes:
399287728830021830-43 has left a new comment on your post "Questions and Answers":

To sum up,dilators (which can spin or twist according to some odd dimensional reference)in oscillating in phase with something (for a purpose of EMR radiation?)
My first comment is what are you referring to when you mention odd dimensional reference. I use a very simple Cartesian/Lorentzian 5D spacetime (X1-Y1-Z1-W1-Psi) to represent a ligthspeed traveling shockwave universe. The local coordinates that best describe the wave are XYZRPsi.

The reference frame is relativistic (metric is a Lorentz transformation) in the XYZPsi cross-section. Psi is the absolute time and R is the preferential direction. BOTH are not observables in our 3D ligthspeed expanding shockwave Universe. Our time is the proper time, or the Tau and Tau prime shown in the cross-section shown in each and every (almost) blog of this theory. Proper time is what Einstein was able to understand and it is what we measure in our Twin Paradox experiments. The RXYZ (XYZW) coordinates are simple hyperspherical (Cartesian) coordinates. X=R.ThetaX, Y=R.ThetaY etc... This is not relevant since I always use a linearization for Grand Unification calculations.
since this occurs gravity is generated?

There is a paper (pdf) and two books in which my Gravitation calculation was presented. There is a Miguel de Unamuno blog where the Gravitational Constant was shown in details and with all the dimensions correct. In my theory Gravity or Electromagnetism are not generated. Every dilator naturally emanates its own dilaton waves. A dilator is just a traveling but spatially localized deformational coherence in the 4D spatial manifold. The 3D footprint of the dilator is equal to the volume of a proton or an electron. That shouldn't come as a surprise since same fundamental dilator represents both particles. This means basically that a dilator 3D footprint is of the order of 10^60 cubic meters... that means that all particles (dilators) in the Universe could fit an cubic meter volume or thereabouts.

The exact value is quite irrelevant since it depends dramatically upon collisional cross-sections etc.

The icon of the Hypergeometrical Universe shows the waves in cross-sections. The shockwave universe steps out radially with a step equal to a Compton wavelength of an Hydrogen atom. On the other hand the radius represented in the figure is the dimensional age of the Universe or 15 Billion light years.

At each de Broglie step of the expansion, dilator find their new position such that they dilate in phase with the rest of the Universe, that is, the position of the dilator will be at the maximum of the local dilaton field.

moving (within the 3d shockwave at the speed of light in relation to five dimensional timespace reference (what is the 5)
Of course, you should be able to see if in the double cross section icon shown in blog. In my theory, there is a non-compact 4th spatial dimension, which you can call W or R depending upon if you decide to use Cartesian or spherical coordinates. In any choice, XYZ are always along the circular cross-sections...

since this occurs gravity is generated? Most of something now rest in relation to the fabric of time space (being a bunch of dilators?)

The Fabric of Space is the locus where all the 3D Universe is located. This is a hypersphere which expands at the speed of light, timed by a Cosmological Time Psi. Dilators are 4D displacement volume (metric modulations) which spin in 4D space and interact when they overlap with the Fabric of Space. A simple analogy would be dilators posing as rubber duckling floating on a swimming pool that is being filled. The surface of that pool would correspond to the fabric of space. The footprint of the rubber duckling at any given time (supposing it is spinning) would be the footprint of the dilator. This footprint can be twisted through interactions with other dilators. A twisted footprint will travel until the twisting vanishes. When that happens that dilator is at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space, despite of being in motion with respect to everything else in the same way it was before reaching its resting position.
the lingo explanation aside you can show this all in a basically unlabeled diagram of a circle. And perhaps a formula to calculate cosmological constants. Not to mention the frequent use of the Hyper prefix.
When you write a theory that makes any sense, you will be able to decide to use or not Hyper..:) I like the Hyper prefix...:)...It is a matter of taste. I always show the Hypergeometrical Universe Cross-Sections. To say that they are basically unlabeled is also a subjective statement. You can see the non-prime and prime reference frames on the 4D spacetime cross-section. That should indicate to someone wise that the theory is relativistically consistent. I didn't put anything in a preferential frame in my theory, despite of creating a preferential frame.

The other "unlabeled" cross-section contains RX... That should be clear that X,Y,Z are along the circular cross-section. That in itself is a tremendous innovation. Somehow nobody saw this obvious possibility. There is a reason. If my Universe weren't traveling at the speed of light (if it were an static circle) time would be circular and everything would eventually happen again..:)

now give me a straight answer what are the Space spatial(distance) implications
of this theory
a. as a magnitude
b. in relation to time
c. in relation to whatever else
Z. a rapid generation of energy

Fill in the blanks assume i know nothing about your super physics.

To me this is more abstract than Taoist philosophy, you may be onto something but I wouldn’t know it.

Is that the pungent criticism you were looking for ...:)

Cheers MP,

C'mon, you should be out of kindergarden by now...:) I write these blogs at a level that anyone can understand..:) or should...:)
1)With respect to rapid energy creation I created a blog on how to produce Coherent Nuclear Fusion.
2)With respect to time, I created a blog called As time goes by and others where I refined the description of time.
3)With respect to whatever else...:) I have to tell you to read the paper...This is a theory of everything with implication on whatever else you can imagine...:)
4) As a magnitude...:) I haven't the faintest idea what this question means..:)

Thanks again for your questions. Please read the aforementioned blogs and feel free to ask more questions. Please also make sure to learn from the answers...:)



Thinly Veiled Ads Posing as Questions...:)

Thinly Veiled Ads Posing as Questions...:)

So-And-Son has left a new comment on your post Questions and Answers":

I really like your intent and subject but infinite wisdom right out of the box is not the answer---and current best science is impenetrable by the majority of human minds--- common mind's eye visualization of the detailed mechanics of the electron, atom and molecule is the first base of all would-be digestible scientific discussion--- please sample MY NEW PHYSICS THEORY
My Answer:
Dear Mr. So-And-So,

It is a pleasure receiving your comment.

You are correct stating that this is a theory that have an in-your-face wisdom out of the box.

This is due to two reasons.

The first is because I actually was able to derive wisdom out of my model and have answers to everything people ask me.

The second reason for myself exposing answers or alternative answers to everything people think they know or doesn’t know is because I want feedback, criticism, scientific debate on my answers.

That is the only way to improve my understanding of nature.

I will not publish your comment because it is not a criticism but just a thinly veiled advertising.

I wouldn’t mind if your advertising were to show some differences and improvements upon my views.

That would warrant placing your ad in my blog.

Just a vague insinuation that your NEW PHYSICS THEORY is better is not enough…

You will have to tell me why…

I created out-of-the-box wisdom that should be easily attacked by a solid argument...:)

Please review

Otherwise, I will have to consider this just another thinly veiled advertising for another theory that cannot stand on its own. My arguments are quite simple to me, although my mind might not be one within the majority…

The non-ad part of your comment will be placed in my blog on Questions and Answers.

By the way, I went to your blog and only saw doc files. No way to discuss your ideas. I certainly disagree with a statement like this one:
“let c be both acceleration and velocity of the light”
That doesn’t make absolutely any sense. You used that line to create your light force paradigm…:)

Of course, this is not wisdom but it comes directly out-of-the-box... No discussion, no place to vent disagreements, no abiding to basic things like dimensional analysis (meter for length, meter/second^2 for acceleration, meter/second for velocity etc).

Things just doesn’t add up…

Of course, if you still believe that one can change willy-nilly the dimensions in one equation and still make sense, then let's consider the distance I walk every day in meters as d, my average velocity in micrometers/second as v, the duration of a day as t

One has d=v.t

Let now consider that v is the additional amount of money in dollars you own me and let everything else remain the same, hence:

$=v.t that is, you own me a lot of money ...:)

Science requires a lot of discipline.



Saturday, May 24, 2008

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Where have you gone, Dr. Zaius...:)

First of all, I would like to thank the readers who exposed their questions and doubts. The most important factor in the development of any theory is criticism. Some people might consider cooperative thinking to be more relevant. That might be the case, if there isn't a strong criticism laying around. One is always best served by tackling the most pungent criticism first. Those are the stumbling blocks that should be overcome.

Let's start:

399287728830021830-43 said...
is there shape to this (universe)or does such a 4th dimension leave 3 dimensional logic redundant1. vaccume is lack of matter? or lack of time space?2. perhaps under conditions of black hole a time space vaccume exists and for some reason looks like a the Striations of a cathode ray tube.4. this will indicate the structure of timespace3. Permeability of a vacuume will be the difference between Striations in black hole if this is found we will know that nothing exists as well as something exists within the same Medium.discuss..
MP said...
1)The Shape or topology of the proposed Universe is a 3D lightspeed expanding hypersphere. This shape is a 4D shape with simple circular 2D Cross-sections on all six (RX,RY,RZ,PsiX,PsiY,PsiZ) . Those circles expand at the speed of light, timed by an absolute Cosmological Time (Psi).

Of course, our 3D shockwave is embedded into a 5D spacetime where the 4D Spacetime (PsiXYZ) is hyperbolic (due to our current choices with respect to the physical laws describing Nature) and while the other cross-section is Cartesian (RXYZ). PsiXYZ is also Cartesian if one uses the Fundamental Dilator paradigm and the Quantum Lagrangian Principle to describe particles and particle motion.

The 5D Spacetime itself is just a Cartesian Manifold. Lobatchevski or Riemannian, Cartan Geometries are currently required just because of Newton's Biggest Blunder..:) A non-geometrical interpretation of what governs acceleration (F=m.a) and a correspondily incorrect Gravitational Law (with a pole..:)) and their subsequently dressing up (Classical Mechanics) are the sources of non-Cartesian geometry. This might sound like an old-timer longing to simpler times...:) but from the difficulty that people has with my simple paradigm, I believe it is not the case..:)

That said about space, one has to say something about the local Fabric of Space where dilators are located. From my surfing paradigm it is obvious that the local Fabric of Space can be deformed (twisted) as the result of dilator-dilaton interaction. If one strictly ask me a question about the local Fabric of Space curvature, I would have to say that there is a curvature wherever the dilators footprint are located at any given time. Curvature on any other place is just a figment of imagination or a mathematical trick to describe a single curvature space traveled by dilatons.

2) Vacuum is just lack of matter (dilators), but never lack of metric waves (dilatons).
There isn't such a thing as lack of spacetime, that is, time exists independently of dilators (matter).

3 and 4) The structure of spacetime from your point of view is my structure of proper spacetime, that is, the variations in local deformation (twisting) of the Fabric of Space. Proper time is the only time currently known by science. Einstein eliminated the possibility of thinking otherwise.

Unlike in General Relativity where matter creates a curvature of spacetime, in my theory, dilators just create dilatons (metric waves). The curvature is always the same - the dimensional age of the Universe or lightspeed times the age of the Universe.

In my theory, dilators (matter) actually dilate or shrink the metric, this could be represented by a local curvature (local Fabric of Space Twisting) but one should always keep in mind that that is not physically true. Fabric of Space Twisting is just a construct to

I also mentioned that any lateral motion is always at speeds higher than the speed of light since a laterally moving dilator (not at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space) does that by surfing an dilaton interference pattern.

There are no microstructure to those local Fabric of Space twisting. They correspond to just the absolute state of motion of dilators within the 3D Shockwave Universe. It is my understanding that by now, most regions are on average at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space.

4) The permeability (eletric permeability) was calculated in my blog
Epsilon Revisited
The Gravitational Constant was calculated here:

The elasticity of the 5D spacetime was calculated within the main paper as well as the natural frequency of Gravitational Waves.

You are correct in the sense that surrounding a black hole there will be a dilaton field that will twist the Fabric of Space where dilators are located thus accelerating any dilator in its reach. That will change the proper spacetime 4D framework of those dilators in a predictable manner accordingly to the spherical symmetry of the Black Hole and to its angular momentum. I didn't dwell that much on Black Holes because they are pretty much irrelevant...:) at least much less important than the paradigm shifts needed to understand this theory.Thanks again for your interesting questions.



399287728830021830-43 said...

1.macroscopic (cosmological) coherence. define.

The first thing to remember is that dilators within the whole 3D shockwave Universe are traveling at the speed of light along the spatial dimension R. They are at the center of a holospherical reference frame in the sense that they create a dilaton wave that travels laterally (within the shockwave Universe itself) in the same way a surfer could create waves that would propagate laterally on the wave he/she surfs...:)

If you think about my lightspeed expanding 3D shockwave Universe and the Fundamental Dilator paradigms you will realize how my perception of the Universe as a Stroboscopic Universe was created. Time is pseudo-quantized due to the spinning (rotation within the 4D space RXYZ) as the shockwave travels along R. Each step of this expansion is called a de Broglie Universe expansion step and has the lenght of a Compton wavelength for the dilaton (the Compton wavelength of a Hydrogen atom).

At each step of the de Broglie expansion, dilators are to position themselves according to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, that is, they should be at the closest local maximum of the aggregated dilaton field (the one that includes all dilatons plus the dilaton field of the said dilator). This means that the dilaton contribution of that single dilator will add up coherently to the dilatons from all the other dilatons in the Universe.

This occurs to all dilators in the Universe thus creating a Cosmological Coherence. All dilators dilate in phase, thus the dilaton field is lossless...:) me this means you are trying to define the relation between EMR and matter.(because it emmits gravity)
I used the concept of electronic coherence to create my concept of dilator coherence. In an electronic coherence, two electronic stationary states are connected by an electromagnetic field.
The coherence will result in a beating between the two states and will only decay when that electromagnetic field interacts with an out-of-phase (dephasing) charge oscillation.

In the case of dilatons, there are no out-of-phase dilators and thus there isn't ever a dephasing process.

Gravity is the result of dilator-dilaton field interaction. Dilatons are not emitted since there isn't a dephasing process to create absorption. Gravity waves is a different concept in the same way that magnetism is different from electrostatic field. If one moves around neutral matter (zero spin dilators) one can create gravitational waves in the same ways moving a charge creates magnetism. There is a name for this gyro-gravitational field. This name has being created before without the understanding of what Gravity was.

4. what is it that transmits the radiation?

This is a typical Ether question. I interacted with people from the Ether community and stated clearly that the concept of a deformable medium for electromagnetic waves has been created by Einstein when he proposed the deformation of space by Gravitation. I extended the concept and showed that a simple dilaton field would explain both electromagnetic and gravitational fields. This means that the metric (or space) is the medium where radiation (dilatons) propagate.
This also means that Ether is just another name for space and not something besides space.

3.electrons changing levels or something else exercising a change in energy.

The initial metric deformation (Fluctuation of Zero) that created the current Universe decomposed (entropically) into a myriad of very, very, very tiny dilators. These are deformations of the metric that propagate due to a restoring force within space (space spring constant). I modeled the dilator as a traveling at the speed of light coherence between deformation states of a 4D space (RXYZ) which also spins at half the frequency of tunneling.

The "energy" or displacement volume carried with each fundamental dilator doesn't decay since this is a coherence between the two ground states of a 4D spinning metric deformation double potential well.

Electrons, protons, anti-electron and anti-protons are just phases of the fundamental dilator coherence.

Thanks for the questions.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Does Mass Curve Spacetime?

Does Mass Curve Spacetime or it just feels like it does...:)

Always or most of the time, I show the double cross-sections of my lightspeed expanding hyperspherical shockwave Universe topology.

The right panel contains the spacetime Einstein and many other relativistic scientists learned to love...:)

You might be puzzled that this picture is quite smooth...:) I don't leave any doubt about what is the curvature of the spacetime. The curvature is exactly the same on both cross-sections.

Einstein made it so shameful to conjure up anything absolute that nobody dared to embed the spacetime (proper time plus three spatial coordinates) into a higher dimensionality or in my case, equal dimensionality space.

That was a horrendous handicap and since I am not shy with respect to ideas, I wasn't drag down by Relativismism...

The are more than one way to skin a cat...:)

I see science going crazy with different approaches to keep the Einstein paradigm (explaning motion through geodesics). This is an aesthetics motivation, the beauty of the form as opposed to the expression of the Truth...:)

I believe that this is one of the cardinal sins: The Vanity of Keeping a Beautiful Paradigm.

Einstein had a bed sheet as a paradim for space. If you place a bowling ball on a bed, the bowling ball will depress the region where it is located. If you are daring enough to consider the perpendicular to the surface at any given point of that bed sheet as the proper time, then you will understand that any trajectory in a depressed region contains accelerations not found in the undisturbed bed sheet. Closed geodesics around the bowling ball are the orbits of the stars, comeths, asteroids, moons and Earth..:)

That is a nice and neat paradigm. Neat might not be the correct description if you consider that Einstein never made his bed...:) Spacetime is crumpled all over the place...:) nobody knows exactly where time is pointing to... It should be called instead of Relativistic Spacetime, Einstein's Bachelor's Bed...:)

It is a fake paradigm in the sense that the elements of the metric of space (how the metric is affected by mass) are "discovered" by comparison with classical mechanics.

One could easily wrap that bed sheet on a light speed expanding soccer ball...:) and derive the corresponding metric...

I could be shy and just say that my universe is like that expanding soccer ball wrapped with a bed sheet...:) and let the soccer ball to be deformed by mass distribution, thus conserving the paradigm of mass deformation of space by mass distribution...

I would have a problem explaining why a concentration of dilators would travel slower than the rest of the shockwave..:)

I don't think pleasing Einstein Relativists, Cartan Geometrists is worth the trouble.

The spacetime mass induced deformation exists because Einstein didn't have the concept of dilator nor the concept of a Shockwave Universe. It doesn't make any sense to talk about deformation of spacetime or torsion in spacetime in this model.

Dilators are quite well behaved creatures, always traveling at the speed of light and always in phase with the rest of the Universe. If any event in our Universe were to make them lose phase-matching, they would disappear from sight and never come back..:)

So, how do I explain the "curvature" of spacetime by mass....:) I certainly used Lorentz transforms to derive how moving dilators interacts (Biot-Savart Law).

I've never bothered to describe Black Holes for a few reasons...:) One of them has to do with the Fabric of Space energy...:) Everyone knows how to transform a small fraction of our elements into energy...:) but nobody knows how to transform the whole chimichanga in energy...:)

Let's go back to the Einstein's Paradigm. In my theory, dilators are coherences between 4D stationary states of deformation, that is, around a dilator (particle), space is modulated. What we observe in our Stroboscopic Univers is always the two phases of a state corresponding to a single side of the 4D Spinning Double Potential Well.

As the dilator shape shifts, it creates a metric wave (dilaton). Due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, all dilators always dilate in phase thus adding coherently their little amplitudes.

This is the reason why people can speak of a Field and the why there is such a thing as Quantum Field Theory. People talk about that if its was a great thing..:) Like a Gauge change were the greatest invention since sliced bread...

It is a field with a beautiful mathematical framework. People who master QFT are always vain...:) by definition. I have been told that I would have to study Cartan Geometry, just to have the right to have an opinion about Relativity..>:)

I think it is not necessary to speak a dead language to communicate with the living...:)

The reason why the bed sheet paradigm is dead (or should be) is because there is another model based upon dilators (not mass) that explains dilator motion (not mass) in a perfectly locally flat (wrapped tightly on a ligthspeed expanding soccer ball...:)

Of course, since we are talking Physics, there is got to be a paradigm explaining what happens to the hapless bed sheet...:)

As I mentioned each dilator creates dilatons. Many dilators creates a dilaton field that decreases with the number of wavelengths measured from their centers. Notice that I didn't say, with distance...:) Distance is irrelevant, since what really matters is how many waves from the origin you are...:)

As you can see, the Grand Unification Equation doesn't mention an Electromagnetic, Gravitational or otherwise field. It just express the dilaton intensity due to a single dilator or a Kilogram of it - Remember that when I reached out to our known physics to create its link between with my theory, I recasted all classical equations to be described in terms of 4D masses. The 4D mass of a proton is the same as the 4D mass of an electron. Their 4D mass is the same as the 3D mass of an Hydrogen Atom...:) Don't bother with units, the 4D Masses are only used to find out the number of dilators...

Notice that the decay description of the dilaton intensity is quantized and has no poles or infinities...I dare to say it makes more sense than Newton's Law of Gravitation... or Gauss Law of Electrostatics or Maxwel's Equations...:) Anything with a pole is a crime against common sense...

If you get to explain something in terms of the constructs of your model..:) you are just doing your obligation..:) For example... I don't need to know the trajectory of a baseball to tell you what is its vertical speed at any given ball's height (given that I know how to express potential energy as a function of height)... That is what Einstein used to describe Gravitational induced red-shifting...If one creates a more accurate picture (e.g. Torriceli equation) to describe the baseball's trajectory, that is great, but it doesn't make the initial description invalid...

Of course, if Gravitation creates red-shifting it will also affect the passage of time...thus the Mercury's perihelion precession correction...If one includes torsion into the model and adjust it to explain problem of precession, that is good... but that is just a model and not necessarily reality nor the best model....:)

They didn't bother with poles in the Electrostatics and Gravitational potentials because one could use them to explain mass..:) through the concept of self-energy...If you average something over a pole you might as well get anything your little hearth desires out of it...:)

I've never bothered to explain what is the equivalent paradigm to Einstein's paradigm of a depressed bed and its bed sheet...:)

The reason is that I didn't want to formalize the theory at this time.

By now, the correct paradigm should be clear and easy to guess. I will give you the answer.

The bed sheet tightly wrapped on a ligthspeed expanding soccer ball is the correct starting point.
Instead of having a depression on the hapless bed sheet, one has a shrinkage or expansion due to the presence of dilators. The bed sheet metric grid is just narrower or broader around a group of dilator than it is in regions far from any dilators.

This is an ugly paradigm. As you know, one can get similar shrinkage by curving or twisting the bedding...:) As much as I would like to take the easy way out, I have to denounce (like Obama) mass induced curvature or Cartan Torsion..:) They are just meaningless mathematical constructs - at least if my theory is correct. A curvature is easier to model than a just plain shrinkage...:)

Of course, a curvature of space is the most studied paradigm which might as well be used within the framework of the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory. Hence, you can continue deforming spacetime, as long as you don't talk crazy...:) Don't start believing in mass induced spacetime curvature...:)

One just have to remember that the bed sheet deformation outwards or inwards from the surface of the soccer ball is just a mathematical trick to replicate the effect of a bed sheet local shrinkage...:) and not a real deformation. The bed sheet is tightly wrapped around the lightspeed expanding hyperspherical shochwave universe (soccer ball)....:)

As you should know by now, there are many ways to skin a cat...:) even if that cat is Schrodinger's Cat...:)

Although that might not be the case. I know that nobody made any valiant effort to create a Shrinkage Metric Spacetime Model..:)

I think it would be worthwhile... It would provide more natural framework to describe the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory...

Now, you vain scientists, have a new target...:) Go for it...:)