Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Cosmic Microwave Background

The Cosmic Microwave Background

Anisotropic Universe is what I would expect from a 3-D Big Bang or from any other Big Bang Model with which I am familiar.

What does Anisotropy means? Well, if you look into the sky we should be seen a hole (lack of galaxies) in a given direction and that would be where the Big Bang should had occurred.

I am not familiar with Inflation and other schemes to make the Universe Uniform but I felt bothered by that Uniformity. Einstein hoped, as many others, for a Static Universe that has always being here and forever will be. He even included the Cosmological Constant to make the Universe static, non-expanding nor imploding. It hurts one's feeling to see everything go up in smoke.... :)

The Microwave Cosmic Background has been proposed to be the remnants of the Big Bang. It bothered me that the thing is called Background and presents no or little anisotropy. Why it bothers me? It bothers because it would indicate that there was some thermalization of the radiation followed by an adiabatic expansion of the Universe. Thermalization means that radiation has to bounce back and forth within reflective boundary (or non-absorbing) conditions. I have a hard time finding how one creates those conditions in the early Universe. Let's say that the thermalization occurred while the Universe was small and opaque. As soon as it becomes transparent light will fly away at the speed of light leaving matter behind and thus escaping any further thermalization. I cannot see how one could cool down the original radiation into a Black Body radiation that is 2 or 3 Kelvin degrees cold.

Forget about the fact that the background is called a background because it is the same in any direction...:) This is absolutely insane and would indicate that the original radiation is being diffused back by the scarcely populated Universe that somehow found itself ahead of the original radiation... It doesn't make any sense to me.... By the way, I know how to make a Black Body...

HU Theory proposes that the Big Bang occurred in each and every poing of the Universe at the same time. This is an obvious although may be not self-evident result of the topology of the Hyperspherical Explosion. This means that from each and every point, energy and matter would flow away. The Big Bang Occurred in All Places At The Same Time.....

Radiation created at that time from a point one radian away from you, would arrive now and it would be Doppler shifted and go through multiple scaterings in the dense and early Universe. Doppler shifting would explain quite well the microwave nature of the radiation seen today. The fact that microwave radiation emanating from one radian in any direction (homogeneity) would arrive today (or any day) perfectly Homogeneity and Lack of Anisotropy...HU is intellectually gratifying.
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