Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coherent Nuclear Fusion

Coherent Nuclear Fusion

Here is the links to the Quantization in Astrophysics book:

Quantization in Astrophysics book.

In the Hypergeometrical Standard Model (appendix A), I presented the 4D Space deformation energy diagram and the states associated with the different particles.

Next, I will present the hypergeometrical representation of all the hyperons and finishing explaining the geometrical meaning of existence.

In the last blog, I mentioned that the Universe sings a pretty song as it travels. This should became self-evident from reading the Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

Matter is shown to be coherences of 4D metric deformation states, that is, they are like a chord in a song, which repeats itself for the lifetime of the particle. Taken as a whole, the 3D Universe is whistling a simple song as it travels along the radial direction.

This song (dilaton) field can be Fourier decomposed to give away the fundamental coherence component, but it also has transmutation transitions (half-neutrino chords), which allow for the transmutation of an electron chord into a positron chord, the creation of a neutron, etc.

Needless to say, all the nonlinear optics methodology applies to these waves and Nonlinear Hadronics is just a simple phase matching in four dimensions. This is the basis for phase-matched nuclear fusion an infinitely more efficient manner to produce energy.

As usual, phase matching depends upon the polarizability and that is related to the potential dephasing between spinning and tunneling. A detailed characterization of the dimensional potential is easy to obtain just from reproducing the hyperons.

Next, I will reproduce some of the hyperons and their associated chords.


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