Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Newton's Biggest Blunder

Blunders, Blunders by the Kilogram...:)

Newton's Biggest Blunder


Many "scientists" "criticize" Einstein for his Biggest Blunder - The Cosmological Constant...:)

Einstein, driven by theological or aesthetic considerations, believed that the Universe should be eternal, immutable. The only way to make a four-dimensional spacetime full of matter (mass) is to introduce a negative pressure to keep the Universe from going through a Big Crunch sometime after the Big Bang...:)

This introduction of a negative pressure in his model corresponded to the introduction of a constant in Einstein equations- The Cosmological Constant

Many TV scientists "criticize" Einstein for that. I place "criticize" between quote marks because it is not a real criticism. This "critique" is invariably followed by a "brilliant" new model in which one introduces a negative pressure (Dark Energy) and that restores the validity of the initial hypothesis, thus Snatching Victory (for Einstein) off the Jaws of Defeat....:)

Vicious Cycle...:)

All these quotation marks are just a tremendous red flag demonstrating that one cannot actually criticize Einstein, Newton, The Theory From The 23rd Century (String Theory - M-Theory...etc)... without redeeming those entities in the next sentence...

Too much reverence is not good for Science. One should always revere their effort, legacy, inspiration etc. Their ideas should be revised if one comes up with something that makes more sense...:)

Let's start with the great Sir Isaac Newton. I mentioned in the past that I had to revise his work for the simple reason that his work is fundamental- the bedrock of all physics. In that simple equation he created the means for absolute measurements of force, weight, mass...well... in fact, inertial mass and force are interdependent definitions, that is, one has to define Mass to be able to come up with Force...:0

Little people knew but at that moment Physics detoured, departed from any possibility of a geometrical paradigm.

I recreated Newton's Second Law (F=m.a) as a Stress/Strain relationship on the Fabric of Space. By applying that equation to two cross-sections of the 5D Spacetime I was able to recover the equations for the Electromagnetism and Gravitational Forces... The so called Grand Unification Theory...(Strong and Weak Forces were replaced by local Fabric of Space deformations and Nonlinear Hadronic Processes, respectively).

I wish I could play my TV Physicist role and redeem Sir Isaac Newton by saying that some cosmetic changes in Newton's paradigm allows Physics to regain its footing...:)

That would be great, but it would also be a lie...:)

The reason being is that Mankind built a Castle of Cards over that paradigm and only a deep redressing will do...:)



PS_ Next we will review Gallileo Gallilei Biggest Blunder..:)
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