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Einheitliche Fieldtheorie

Einheitliche Fieldtheorie

This is a Theory of Everything but it is not an Einheitliche Fieldtheorie. The emphasis is not in the creation of a field that would result in a Quantum Universe where all Forces were unified but in the creation of an Unified Description of Interaction and Dynamics.

One has been told many times to keep the Eyes on the Prize and an Unified Description of Interaction and Dynamics is the Prize.

The Einheitliche Fieldtheorie is just an historical artifact from science going in the wrong direction and missing the forest by the trees. One can never compete with the formal beauty of a Field Theory but Science is only a beauty pageant for the shallow scientist...:) Forgive me Dirac but it was shallow to say that for a theory to be correct it has to be beautiful...:) since beauty standards change with time...:)

Instead, I observed the implicit hypothesis contained in the concept of Field. A field is an extensive property of the number of particles. This means that metric deformations associated with each particle should add coherently such as to produce a field whose intensity scales with N (Number of Particles) as opposed to the other possibility which is to vanish by incoherent averaging all phases.

This means that instead of creating fancy fields one should use the fact that Gravitational Field and Electromagnetic Field are concepts supported experimentally thus creating experimental support not for the existence of a Field but for the existence for what supports the concept of a Field.

This is, of course, the Quantum Lagrangian Principle proposed in my work. Each dilator step through the Lightspeed Hyperspherical Expansion always in phase with the local dilator field. It is not the field that adjusts to the position of the dilators but the converse. The dilators choose to position themselves where they do the least work against the metric....(zero work).

Of course, doing zero work also means that Gravitation or Electromagnetism are not dissipative, i.e., do not decay in time just because there are other dilators in its range.

The scale of the dilaton field metric deformations is unknown to current science. Why would a metric ripple with the wavelength equal to the Compton wavelength of a Hydrogen Atom be so preeminent in any ones theory. If you didn't hear about such very fine ripple is because nobody ever thought about it.

In fact, by doing a simple search I found a book that almost got it right

In 1958, the author L. S. Levitt noticed the relevance of my dilaton field, but without understanding four dimensions and the Fundamental Dilator paradigm he missed and proposed that the metric grating had a spacing equal to the Compton Wavength of a Proton as opposed to a Hydrogen Atom... :) Of course, they are very close. Nevertheless it was quite a keen observation. He proposed the quantization of space to be equal to the Compton wavelength of a Proton. Others BS about the Quantization of Time...:)

The problem with straightforward quantization of (local) time and (local) space is that they are relative and thus cannot be quantized. The impossibility for one to conceive an absolute reference frame precluded all these pioneers from discovering my topology. The Shockwave nature of the 3D Hypersurface makes it thin thus making it impossible to refer to the preferential direction or to measure the passage of the Absolute Cosmological Time...:)

Science will slowly understand what I did here but that could be expedited if Censorship weren't so prevalent.


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