Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Science is Done These Days

How Science is Done These Days

This is a preemptive strike against people who thinks that the language of the theory lacks mathematics...:)

If you are a theoretician in this area, you will know what I mean. This field has tremendous difficulties. The field has become more and more mathematical and abstract, to the point that many theoreticians work in Universes that have nothing to do with this one.

Some people talk about how to create an Universe or if there are many Universes around... It is easy to come up with an infinite number of Universes. Say, let's pick up a Pagelike Universe (a 3-D sheet of Paper or Universe) immersed in an infinite Fourth Dimension. It is clear that one could stack Universes one over the other and jump from page to page... Maybe we could do that just by concentrating in front of a mirror as we did in the early science fiction...:)

The fact is that Science has been detached from reality. Papers oftentimes start with a given metric from nowhere to be used in the construction of geodesic using a Lagrangian from nowhere... There are no physical considerations... Of course, the complexity of the math makes it difficult to see the implicit hypotheses. I believe Wesson was very close to propose a hyperspherical shock wave Universe, he should have. But there is a dogma that precludes matter to travel at the speed of light and the questions or reasoning displayed prior in this blog were never asked or proposed.

Many people, including myself when I was 12 years old, considered that the Universe could be somehow traveling at the speed of light in some way. I believe that was a half-thought, that is, it did not have a reason of being, didn't answer or asked the pertinent questions (what happens when mass disappears from this Universe - that would lead to a suitable explanation for the famous E=mc^2 equation and to a genuine insight). I had that half-thought at early age and did not try to defend it to anybody because it did not pass my own scrutiny on why, how, what are the consequences, what is the topology etc...

Just to clarify, the Dogma is alright in traveling within the 3-Dimensional LightSpeed Expanding Hyperspherical Universe or Shell. Motion within our simple 3-D Universe is governed by interaction among dilators and dilatons and cannot ever go above c. This should be seem as a lateral motion while Universe progresses onward (radially outwards) at the speed of light and thus it is just a change in direction or the original radial velocity vector. The amplitude of this velocity vector can never be changed since it is the speed of dilaton (spacetime wave) propagation.

There are implicit hypotheses in this theory which might not have been fully declared or perceived. I consider that the ones I brought forth are worthwhile to think about. I will try to bring the others about as I blog my theory into existence...:)


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