Thursday, November 09, 2006

Plans for the Weekend

Plans for the Weekend

The Monkeys will remain here until I receive a reply from Los Alamos ArXives or when I get tired of waiting..:) Whichever comes first...:)

It has been almost one week and Los Alamos or the moderators of the Los Alamos ArXives did not send me a reply... I will keep you abreast of developments.

A friend of mine insisted on the single electron double slit experiment and kept proposing me thought experiments on electronic diffraction. This is something impossible to do in your mind... One is testing or reading reality... :)

On the GUT paper, I proposed an alternative explanation for the Double Slit Experiment based upon my "Force" derivations .

As any alternative explanation of something, it has many challenges and of course, since nobody ask me any questions (not even the Moderator) I don't have all the answers at once... I have to think about it...:)

I went in the net and found a great paper by Dr. Tonomura on the double slit experiment and Aharonov and Bohm effect. The paper is at this site

Of the cuff, I gave two simple answers that would explain this phenomena.. The first one woud have to do with windowing of of electrons... The basic argument that detection is different from emission. That is what I used in the past. It is based on collaborative interaction, that is, many electrons will interact with their collective dilaton field and that field will after passing through both slits or both sides of a biprism, create the interference dilaton field. This interferometric field will drive the single electron (which passed through a single slit) onto the detector array. Although the collaborative aspect of this field seemed to be a basic requirement, it might not be necessary and might be extremely accidental, considering the very short wavelengths involved.

An electron generates a wave as it propagages in four dimensions.

The Mach-1 dilator on the site below provides a great insight:

This is how the dilatons are emitted from the dilators as they travel along the radial direction.

The Mach-0 or stationary source how a dilator stationary with respect to the Fabric of Space looks like. The non-zero velocity source in the same page is not a perfect depiction of how the dilator looks in 3D due to the lack of Doppler shifting...

You should remember my teachings...:)... Sometimes there are things that even the theory creator did not perceive or do not know...:)

Questioning or critique is the only way to improve one's theory.

This question and this paper will force me to review my thoughts about the single electron dynamics. I certainly don't expect anything to change, since the paradigm explains dynamics and has Quantum Mechanics built in.

Just to make sure everyone understands, I don't have any qualms with Quantum Mechanics. In fact, I used in my theory left and right. The 4D deformational levels are to be calculated by a yet to be discovered Schrodinger equation. The dilator rotational tunneling dynamics is a quantum problem, although the whole Universe probes each other's rotational (spin) phase at each cycle.

I reproduced Biot-Savart law, thus reproducing Electromagnetism. This means that AB effect can be understood within the Hypergeometrical Universe Model. It is just a matter of thinking a little and writing another blog or another paper...:)

I created the published document such that people can work on these problems and help solve the rest.... I certainly cannot and have no interest in doing everything...

During the weekend, I will try to think about this paper, AB and biprism effects.

If anyone from Dr. Tonomura's group is listening, could you please send me info about the size of the hole in front of the wire. That would give me an idea if there is windowing. Also relevant is if the plates are charge, that is, if the plates are part of the acceleration process and how far apart they are..

These are technical details which wouldn't be relevant if we knew the answer to this problem. My point is that a new paradigm brings about new questions in addtion to a new possible conclusion...:)



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