Thursday, November 02, 2006

Updated Version of the Grand Unification Paper Out

An Updated Version of the Grand Unification Paper is Out

Please follow the link to find an
updated version of the Grand Unification Paper.

This is the basic paper to understand how one unify the forces of Nature....:)

Of course, this link is also available from the right side panel on this blog.

It should have a better flow... I redid the introduction and found three typos on the equations...

The paper still need better references to the current methodologies. Suggestions are welcome.

By the way, this is the Forbidden Paper... The one they don't want you to read...:)

I've been trying to get an open review, that is, a peer review in which people say what they want and let me know where did I go wrong and right.

I am currently pursuing such a venue with little success. Rules of the game are changed mid-way and the playing field is not plane. I shall let you know better what is happening by next week.


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