Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miguel de Unamuno

"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible"
Miguel de Unamuno

There is some truth to this. Who would guess that there is a way to derive the Laws of Nature - The Laws the govern those mysterious forces that mesmerized us since our days hiding from Sabertooth Tigers and nit picking (literally)...:)

I realized that instead of having postulates, Laws of Nature there could be a way to understand the Universe. 

It turned out that there is a model that will fit everything quite well.  I created that model. The question is if the model new conclusions can be supported by the observation of natural phenomena, namely, if my Hypergeometrical Law of Gravitation can describe what is happening in the Cosmos...:)

Hypergeometrical Law of Gravitation

This is the Hypergeometrical Law of Gravitation which tells you what happens when bodies are in motion.  Newton's Law is only strictly valid when the bodies are at rest... :)

My money, time and effort is that it will find support and explain things that are out there better than the current straw grasping approach that science has taken.

To the folks of NASA an email was sent...:) hopefully it will survive spam killer programs and the natural disbelief on a claim that someone corrected Newton and came up with a new formula for gravitation.  This is a path full of danger, risks but also of possibilities.  I am in a position where I can't force people to read or understand my theory and where I cannot publish it.. exactly because of the claims inherent to it.  It is difficult to make out of  fully-grown men or women into students while asking them to cast aside all prejudice.  There has been a tremendous investment on the current paradigms.  It will take time.

In any event, as Miguel de Unamuno used to say:
"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible"
Miguel de Unamuno

I did my part.  The theory is derived and all steps are there to be discussed, judged.  No hidden variables nor hidden assumptions nor mathemagic..>:)

If you believe that censorship by Los Alamos Arxives is not warranted, please contact its owner - Paul Ginsparg and tell him that there is a worthwhile idea that hasn't been properly evaluated.  I would be happy to add my pdf to that repository...:)



PS-  After this digression I should come back to finish the Hypergeometrical Standard Model and show how to calculate the masses and what is the topology of matter.  As you should be able to see, when projecting dynamics from a Four dimensional spatial manifold into a 3D hypersurface things become ill defined...:) - dilator 4D dynamics in a 4D space will be projected as a 3D Lissajous figure within the 3D shockwave universe.  Also missing is the manner to directly manipulate the Fabric of Space...:) 

Double-click the Bird below to find out more about censorship of this theory..>:)

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