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The Image in the Mirror

More than a hundred years ago, Einstein and his lady were watching a sunset in a romantic setting in Austria...:)

Einstein, despite of his nerdy looks, was an effective ladies man and was working hard to impress the pants off that unsuspecting beauty..:) (a figure of speech...:)

As usual, he tried to impress her with his tremendous intellect and brought in the big guns..:)
He asked her:

Fraulein, Would you be able to see yourself in the mirror inside a spaceship traveling at the speed of light????
That would normally mean that by the time Fraulein comes back to her senses he would be enjoying some Liefraumilch...:)
Well, I am just kidding, the setting where this question was presented is quasi-fictional but the question itself is relevant. It tells you about the nature of time and the nature of Light.
In the next few paragraphs, I will explain how Time is currently modeled and how my Grand Unification Theory replaces it as the proxy for the slowing down of dynamics with increasing speed of the spacecraft. For the first time ever..>:) a new paradigm is proposed which replaces Newton's Law of Gravitation, Gauss Law of Electrostatics and the Biot-Savart Law of Magnetism while restricting the highest speed of a body to the Speed of Light.
This might sound like a great achievement but it pales when one realizes that the proposed interaction on which this model is based, restores the concept of a linear spacetime, that is, a spacetime in which Lorentz Transformations don't play the role of a metric.  
In this spacetime, Absolute Time propagates linearly (free flowing).  Dynamics, that is, the change in the state of motion of dilators under the influence of other dilators is shown to slowed down as the dilator reaches the speed of light. Thus it is not Time that stands still, but the standing still is built in the the Laws of Physics governing the deformations of the Fabric of Space.

Under the current interpretation of light, a paradox is created. The paradox is created by the hypothesis that the velocity of light is always c, independent upon the inertial reference frame.
There are two interpretations of the process. I will start with the simple-minded one which is used by current science. In this interpretation "TIME within the spacecraft" stands STILL for any referential frame other than the one of the spacecraft.
Any external observer wouldn't see anything happening (e.g. reaction to her image in the mirror) while Fraulein would see herself without any problems and proper time within the spacecraft would flow just fine...:)
Of course, in principle, external light could hit that mirror and reach us, thus showing that light is still bouncing back and forth...:) If Fraulein had a camera and tried to take a picture of herself, in principle she should be able to create the photochemical reactions from her image reflected in that mirror...:)
Einstein and the current Science stops right here where TIME is the proxy for all the events. Einstein did not have the insight to delve deeper than the superficial mathematics. Despite of that he was able to achieve that day's objective...:)
TIME as it seems today is both a coordinate around which mass can bend spacetime, a flow that can be locally stopped by speed. In some crazy scientists mind, it can be even bend in a circle creating a Groundhog Day's...:)
Let's go into the Deep End...:)
In my theory, there is a Cosmological Time, through which we flow, in the same way we flow through the spatial counterparty R (the fourth non-compact spatial dimension which is missing from all theories).
The four-dimensional spatial manifold (RXYZ) is a linear vectorial space. The four-dimensional spacetime cross-section (PsyXYZ) is hyperbolic due to the choices we made when describing interaction among objects, particles- Newton's, Biot-Savart and Gauss Law in the current format. The need for Lorentz transforms and relativity is due to how those Laws were written and for the non-inclusion of the four spatial dimension in the development of our scientific knowledge.
I recasted the four Newton's, Gauss and Biot-Savart Laws in this five dimensional spacetime and provided purely geometrical interpretations.
Now let's go back to the Image in the Mirror. The first thing to notice is that there are different results depending upon where the illumination is coming from. Light from the spacecraft is Doppler shifted into DC (direct current- just an static electric field)...:) Well, let's step back a little and consider that the spacecraft is a tad slower than the speed of light... Under those circumstances we are left with some microwaves instead of visible light emanating from the mirror under spacecraft based illumination.
Conversely, any external light would be considered depending upon the angle of incidence, as Gamma Rays by the travelers.

Now let's consider what is happening in the ship from the point of view of someone on Earth. Well, they are illuminated by microwaves and somehow microwaves will eventually create photochemically an image on the film in Fraulein's camera...:) or in her eyes..:)

That means that the meaning of "SEEING" has to be reevaluated. How could the linear motion of a rocket change all the quantum chemistry associated with photochemistry. Of course, this is an even worse problem if one considers that motion takes place along a single axis, thus space compression occurs just along one of those axes. If you think about quantum wells, just one of the dimensions is affected... which may or may not affect their resonance frequencies...:)

This means that space compression does not provide a suitable explanation for the whole photochemistry to shift towards microwaves...:)

Due to the current Newton's Laws, there are no simple way to explain the SEEING yourself in the mirror through space compression. Again, TIME (Dilation) comes to the rescue...

A dilated time will slow down motion as seen from Earth and thus will slow down observed resonance frequencies and thus photochemistry.

You might be able to see the paradox. Currently we have to use TIME and only TIME to justify dynamical changes in a moving referential frame. The other effect of motion is space compression. 

One would expect that moving that dependence into the laws of motion while keeping an absolute time would be a feasible theoretical task.  It is feasible but not easy since nobody ever considered doing it...:) I did that!

The question is if such a change would bring about novel insights. 
It does!
In my theory, Newton's Second Law is recasted as a Stress-Strain relationships within the two cross-sections presented in each and every blog of this site.
Newton's Second Law is derived from the consideration that the stress associated with dilator interaction is the same on both cross-sections. The resulting strain is different since one cross-section represents a linear vectorial space and the other represents an hyperbolic vector space
The Natural Laws are derived on a zero Fabric of Space deformational state for simplicity. Zero Fabric of Space deformation means zero velocity with respect to the Fabric of Space. The same laws derived from a non-zero velocity with the Fabric of Space on an hyperbolic vectorial space would result in an asymptotically smaller smaller effect due to an hyperbolic cosine modulating the volume of the 3D Strain within the PsyXYZ cross-section.
Since PsiXYZ is an hyperbolic space, the resulting Strain will be different depending upon the initial level of deformation or absolute velocity. It turns out that there is an absolute reference frame in Relativity - the reference frame traveling at the speed of light. That is also the case in my theory, different reference frames measure relative tilting of their local Fabric of Space. There is an asymptotic deformational level and that is 45 degrees. The Fabric of Space cannot be tilted beyond 45 degrees. At that point, the 3D displacement volume would become infinite.
Of course, this sounds like a premise and not like a conclusion. Not unlike having the speed of light being the limit as proposed in Relativity.

It just happens that the rewriting of Newton's Four Laws provides the mathematical logic for that to be the case.

I reduced the Grand Unification problem as being the problem of dilator interaction. When they interact, dilators adjust their position (at time quantized steps due to dilator four dimensional spinning dynamics) such as to be in phase with the surrounding dilator field.
A body interacting with a single dilator can be thought as an spatially decaying oscillatory dilaton field with wavelength equal to its 4D Mass Compton wavelength. A larger body would have an smaller 4D Compton wavelength.
At each de Broglie step of the lightspeed expanding hyperspherical shockwave universe, dilators have to find their new position with respect to the Fabric of Space with which they propagate.
If they are not subject to any force and are initially at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space, they will still be at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space and just displace along a Radial line.
If interaction is taking place, at each de Broglie step, they would shift by a distance consistent with the angle of local Fabric of Space deformation (due to Stress) or strain. The maximum distance they could propagate at any step is equal to the same distance they propagate radially. Remember that in my theory dilators propagate inertially radially and non-inertially due to interactions with other dilators within the shockwave universe.
Since the dilator surfs the total dilaton field, which are basically homogeneous in wavelength (wavelength equal to the Compton wavelength of a Hydrogen atom), interference processes would provide maximum displacement if two dilaton fields interfere perpendicularly. Under those conditions, dilators would be traveling at the speed of light within the 3D shockwave universe.
Another way to see this is just by checking equation (3.9) on my paper and following the simple derivation of the Postulate of Lightspeed as the Limiting Speed in this Universe:
The dilaton for a single particle can be represented by:

  • || means absolute value

  • P (absolute value of the phase volume) is 3.5 for a particle with spin half and 3 for neutral matter. The meaning of P is that for one de Broglie wavelength traversed path by the hyperspherical universe, a propagating spacetime wave spread along by a factor of P2π (7 π for charged particles and 6 π for neutral-zero spin matter).

Similarly, for a 1 Kg body located at position:
where the effect of the 1 kg mass is implicit in the k2-vector and expressed by the factor N. The wave intensity scales up with the number of particles (N). One kilogram of mass has 1000 moles of 1 a.m.u. "zero-spin neutrons", or |k2| = 1000.Avogadro. |k1|=N. |k1|, where
M=1 for neutral matter-matter, matter-antimatter or antimatter-antimatter interactions or opposite charge interactions
M=-1 for same charge interactions
To calculate the effect of gravitational/electrostatic attraction, one needs to calculate the displacement on the crest of each particle or body wave due to interaction with the dilatons generated by the other body.
This is done for the lighter particle, by calculating the derivative of the waveform and considering the extremely fast varying gravitational wave from the macroscopic body always equal to one, since the maxima of these oscillations are too close to each other and can be considered a continuum.
The total waveform is given by:
The term contains the treatment for retarded potentials, but for simplicity we will neglect differences in dimensional time between and .
Why is the lightspeed c the limiting speed in this Universe?

The reason can be seem from equation (3.9)
Taking the derivative and equating it to zero, yields:
where I considered the condition of saturation of space deformation for the larger body source of dilaton field.
As interaction increases, r shifting asymptotically reaches some , that is, is achieved at saturation.
This means that the limiting angle of acceleration is 45 degrees or the speed of light. This also means that as that angle increases towards the asymptotic maximum, the change due to interaction diminishes. This means that dynamics slows down. Not due to some logical construct (TIME), but due to natural changes described by the interaction equation. Time flows just fine...:) The change due to interaction diminishes thus resulting in a slowed down dynamics.
This is the only theory that was able to present a physical model from which one could derive the postulate of having the speed of light as the limiting speed in this Universe!!!!!!!!
This has been explained before in the posting As Time Goes By...:)
Notice that there was no use of any postulate as in the Theory of Relativity. This speed limit is the direct result of the choice of interaction and the proposed topology.
This is the only known (to me...:)) theory in which the speed of light is derived to be a limit, as opposed to be postulated to be a limit...:)
Feel free to ask any questions...:)


ps- Pictures from the latest Illuminati meeting. As you can see, now Dr.Hawking and I are friendly again...:)

By the way, the Illuminati ambigram shown above is from that great book from Dan Brown (Angels and Demons). Quite an exciting reading, even more after I visited the Castello de Santo Angelo...:)
There are still a few things I still want to explain to you:
  • How to calculate the masses of everything?
  • Gyrogravity - The effect of rotation on the gravitational field of a celestial body..:)  
  • How to control gravity
  • How to make antimatter..>:)
  • How to create a Fabric of Space particle accelerator...:)
It will take some time for me to be able to blog everything, but it will be worthwhile.
PS- We were not really in a Illuminati Meeting nor were we together... but I thought it was a funny picture...:)  By the way, Steven now that you believe in Godel arguments and concluded that you cannot ever conclude anything... even number theory is not self-consistent...  Just pass me your wallet...:) without Number theory you would never know how much money you have anyway...:)
I believe we can know many things and that might be enough to get by...:)
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