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As Good as It Gets...:)

As Good as It Gets...:)

This friend of mine told me that my Blog on
Time Quantization and the Fat Electron was the funniest scientific papers he'd ever read...:) and told me that now the expectations are higher... and I am bound to disappoint everyone...

I do believe it will always be the most important paper in this series. First, the Fat Electron is explained for the first time. When I wrote the original paper, I wrote it for the largest Eggheads in the planet and thought that they would immediately understand...:) I confess it was poorly explained ... It was done without time quantization...... but it wasn't as ground shaking as proposing the pseudo quantization of Time...:)

The Fat Electron was also ground breaking...:) The idea that most of the Universe is composed of a single particle is quite remarkable ...:) This insight goes side by side with the Cosmological Coherence insight...:)

Prior to that I explained that electronic vacuum states do not exist. That perspective is supported by the consideration that the Universe is a poor imitation of a resonant cavity...:) It is not a metallic box.. That line of thought was presented on the Photon Disentanglement. In Photon Disentanglement , I solved the Action-at-Distance Paradox by realizing that a implicit hypothesis was not correct. The implicit hypothesis was that the photon emission is randomly polarized or of undefined polarization. This hypothesis is derived from not so careful understanding of how electromagnetic emission occurs.

De Docta Ignorantia, I ranted against anything that mixes together Consciousness and Physics. Ranted even more after I realized the paradox of Action at Distance did not exist at all and that meant that there was no sign of any experimental effect of an Observer on a Macroscopic Phenomena. There is no support for the extension of the Copenhagen Interpretation into the Macroscopic Universe. My theory doesn't support it either.

In the
Infinitas Complicatas, I say that M-Theory, String Theory is a very complicated Mistress and tell the theoreticians to take a look at my Mistress (The Hypergeometrical Universe Theory)...:) ( I am being specific.. :)

I wrote a facetious but profound review of Hund's Law and its relationship with Superconductivity in the
Hund's Law and Supercondutivity. I provided a graphic albeit qualitative explanation of why there are Fermions and why there is Superconductivity and Stationary States.

This was the first time a detachment of Inertia and Gravitation/Electromagnetism was presented, as far as I know...:) In my theory there is only one interaction and that interaction acts through the 4D space but acts upon the footprint on the 3D space. This means that for something to feel a 5D spacetime wave (dilaton), one has to have its foot on the 3D Universe.

Electron detaches faster than Protons from the 3D space due to their 4D inertial characteristics. This is an explanation for Superconductivity and most likely also for the lack of structure on electron scattering (quark composition).

The Meaning of Material Existence, I describe the physical constraints placed on particle coherence wavelengths and spinning frequencies. For particles to interact, they have to (pairwise) have coherences that are identical or relatively close. I also explained the phase matching condition associated with bringing into existence a particle. A particle is born in phase matching with the Whole Universe, cannot be done otherwise.

Gravitation 101 - The Whole Grail of Physics, I presented the simple equations associated with Quantum Gravity. I also presented my strong interest in discussing these ideas with intelligent people... Two or more Brains are always better than just one...

In my paper,
Grand Unification Theory, I introduced the concept of Cosmological Coherence and in Fields of Dreams I review the underlying hidden hypothesis in Field Theory. In a geometrical representation of the Universe only spacetime waves and wavegenerators can exist, thus it is implicit in the concept of a field that all waves are in phase otherwise one cannot just add their amplitudes coherently.

I also recreate the whole Physics by creating the only geometrical theory that reproduces what happens in Nature (Gravitation, Electromagnetism) without the use of any existing concept (Force, Charge, Mass). Only spacetime waves and their interference.

I proposed that the Whole Universe surfed a 4D Shock Wave, it is finite and yet impossible to traverse... Relativity was corrected several times. The highest absolute speed is pi*c....:)

I brought back an Infinite Cartesian Universe and an Absolute Cosmological Time without losing the relativity of time and motion. I explained a little of the meaning of time... Someday, I will explain a little more...:)

I proposed a simple Quantum Lagrangian Principle that allowed for the Cosmological Coherence needed to explain the Universe.

I reformulated the whole Cosmology in my Hypergometrical Cosmology Paper and Blog.

I explained
Why Things Move, the most profound question I've ever tackled. The answer is the Why for Newton's First Law. 5D Spacetime relaxation is the reason for inertial motion.

I explained the Cosmic Microwave Background and am now leaving a warning... :) Don't travel at the Speed of Light in any direction or you will be burned by the Gamma Ray Front Row View of the Big Bang (by reversing the Doppler Shift).

I drilled down the concept of the
Universe as a 4D Shock Wave and explained the Hypergeometrical Universe Cosmology both in the blog and in my second paper.

I presented a simple theory of
Cosmogenesis on my third paper and calculated the size of the initial fluctuation that gave rise to the Universe on Size doesn't Matter...:)

I responded to my Peer Review in
Peer Review and asked for a Giordano Bruno in Giordano Bruno.

Ranted several times against mindless censorship of my ideas, one of them at
E Pur Si Muove.

I was disappointed and planning a wrap up of this blog in Need Your Help.

Enlightened you by telling why the speed of light is the maximum speed -
it is the only speed.

Was hopeful in
Hope Springs Eternal.

Promised the Undiscovered Continent in
Giordano Bruno. That is how I see the future...

I also create the plans to fully implement the whole theory and reached out (in my funky way) to possible collaborators in
HyperGeometrical Universe Couse Description.

I considered continuing teaching things bit by bit... but this is not how it is suppose to be.
People should be able to see the value of an idea and make their choices.

In my first blog, I mentioned the
Plato's Allegorie of the Cave and expressed that I would try to free you from the shackles that bind us and help you to see the light.

From Wikipedia - The "Plato's Allegory of the Cave"

I started this Blog with the description of the situation as I see it. The best description is given by the Allegory of the Cave direct from Wikipedia, and reproduced below:

Imagine prisoners who have been chained since childhood deep inside a cave. Not only are their limbs immobilized by the chains; their heads are chained as well so that their eyes are fixed on a wall.

Behind the prisoners is an enormous fire, and between the fire and the prisoners is a raised walkway, along which shapes of various animals, plants, and other things are carried. The shapes cast shadows on the wall, which occupy the prisoners' attention. When one of the shape-carriers speaks, an echo against the wall causes the prisoners to believe that the words come from the shadows.

The prisoners engage in what appears to us to be a game - naming the shapes as they come by. This, however, is the only reality that they know, even though they are seeing merely shadows of images. Suppose a prisoner is released and compelled to stand up and turn around. His eyes will be blinded by the firelight, and the shapes passing will appear less real than their shadows.

Similarly, if he is dragged up out of the cave into the sunlight, his eyes will be so blinded that he will not be able to see anything.

At first, he will be able to see darker shapes such as shadows and, only later, brighter and brighter objects.

The last object he would be able to see is the sun, which, in time, he would learn to see as that object which provides the seasons and the courses of the year, presides over all things in the visible region, and is in some way the cause of all these things that he has seen (The Republic bk. VII, 516b-c; trans. Paul Shorey).

This part of the allegory, incidentally, closely matches "Plato's metaphor of the sun" which occurs near the end of The Republic, Book VI.

Once enlightened, so to speak, the freed prisoner would no doubt want to return to the cave to free "his fellow bondsmen". The problem, however, lies in the other prisoners' not wanting to be freed: descending back into the cave would require that the freed prisoner's eyes adjust again, and for a time, he would be one of the identifying shapes on the wall. This would make his fellow prisoners murderous towards anyone who attempted to free them.

Plato's told us what I was suppose to expect when trying to bring that light to my peers. Of course, I am not getting close to any Cave after that...:)

The Allegorie is fully realized.

I showed you the missing dimension in your Universe and gave you a Glimpse of the Undiscovered Continent.

Now it is your turn.

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