Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno

Every time someone goes on a limb and proposes something that is different from the common refrain people is chanting, there is a need for a supporter.

Giordano Bruno as described at Answers.com

Italian philosopher who used Copernican principles in formulating his cosmic theory of an infinite universe. Condemned by the Inquisition for heresy, immoral conduct, and blasphemy, he was burned at the stake.

He was someone that gave his life to bring about a new perspective/topology on the Universe. The members of the Choir (Church - our case, it would be the Ivory Tower of Academia and the Church) burned him at the stake. I hope my Giordano Bruno will fare better...:)

Although, I might seem to criticize the Ivory Tower, the Crackpotolandia where I inhabit is not really pleasant.

I am looking forward to increase my credibility in this area and that is the drive behind trying to publish these ideas...:)

Once they are published, meaningful and rational criticism can be made... If it is right or a better representation of reality, so be it, otherwise at least it provides a guide for how to create a fully geometrical representation of the Universe....:) I consider this theory tremendously intellectually pleasing for its simplicity, clarity of arguments, the sheer number of intertwined facts that it explains etc...

The ability for a theory to explain the known reality is, for me, extremely important. Mathematical beauty is great but it should not be the prime directive. I have to disagree with some of my predecessors on that. I believe it is better to have an ugly mathematical theory with solid physical support than a beautiful and complex mathematical theory without any support from reality.

I suspect that the better scientist would agree with me... I remember reading that for a theory to be right it has to be beautiful - I suspect it was Dirac, but I might be wrong. The word beautiful might have had a larger scope in his mind than just a beautiful formalism...

In any event, it is easy to dress-up a good theory with an elegant formalism. I am sure this theory will go through that process. I would help if I didn't spend so much time thinking about the Physics...:) but I gave and can give some pointers on how to present the theory in covariant form and redress the Lagrangian Principle in a Quantum form. It is easier if you can see the pictures.

My calculations of the electron g-factor might indicate one more dimension, but I am not sure yet if I missed a dimension or not. I should let you know soon.

I have to say that two great events have just happened. The first was the opening of the list server sci.physics to my postings.

In the past, I had the displeasure of being censured there. Looks like my last blog might have lent me some credibility and hopefully my work will be reviewed with a more critical eye.

In any event, I now consider the Moderator of that list server and the first person (André Michaud) who wrote a meaningful (and positive) reply to my "Solution of the Action at Distance Paradox" my Giordano Brunos...:)

I immediately googled André Michaud and discovered that I am also his fan...:) I loved A nous La Liberte...:) ...just kidding, Andre... I appreciate your nice comment.

Andre said "Sheer Common Sense" and since I don't follow this paradox's history and don't really know if it was solved before, I am still afraid that that might just be a negative comment, like saying that that was obvious...:)

Link to the Hypergeometrical Universe Giordano Bruno

The only thing that tells me otherwise is the sheer number of crackpots speaking about influence of consciousness on the reality etc...

In addition, I finally learned that there might be a new internet journal Philica l where I might be able to publish my work. No referees...:) ... Of course, I just want to have this available to scientists... They will be more than welcome to criticize the theory in an open forum...:)

Anyway, I will take the positive perspective any time...:) Things are looking up.

Please, feel free to let me know what do you think about that Fat Electron as a supporter of 3D Time Quantization...:)

The Undiscovered Continent

Once the discussion is done, I will be able to help you to get to the Undiscovered Continent.

It is about time for Mankind to be able to stop the bickering and set our sights on the Stars, again as if for the first time...:)



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