Saturday, October 14, 2006

First Milestone.....:)

First Milestone...:)

We should congratulate each other or better I should thank you for reading my postings.

Sometime during the evening of October, 13 2006 - Friday, The 13th - we reached the ONE THOUSAND READERS MILESTONE.

Today, I will polish the Grand Unification Paper to include a proper explanation about the Fat Electron and Time Quantization. I will try to come back later and discuss other resonances in Nature and the possibility of Overlapping Universes...:) or if the old fashioned values of Infinite Cartesian Space, Absolute Time are back or never left...:)

In the past, prior to the advent of Astronomy, discussions on the dimensions of Universe have been based on Metaphysical and Religious arguments. I will present my take on theZero and Infinite Problem...

Please keep disseminating information about this site and these ideas. They defend themselves and should have their right to existence.



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