Friday, February 09, 2007

The Capital Sins

The Capital Sins

There are a few Sins that are relevant to Science. The one that I believe is most damaging is Vanity. It demonstrates itself in two forms: People will say that something they couldn't understand is extremely difficult - by definition - and the other is that they will pursue their extremely complex model as opposed to try to understand someone's else simpler paradigm...:)

I created a simple explanation for the Universe. It has been said that it could never be done... It has been said that it might be explainable only by a theory from the 23rd Century..:) People told us that for that they (Einstein) would have to read God's mind....etc

What if the Universe is just a Flying Orchestra where each member plays a simple tune and they always play in tune with the surrounding music (Quantum Lagrangian Principle)...:) Would you give this theory a chance to be published or heard...:)

Vanity has precluded that from happening and has precluded Mr./Mrs. Scientist (imitating a South Park's General) from giving me the time of the day...:) They have been too busy making their Rube Goldberg conjectures...:)

Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, sculptor, and author.

Reuben Lucius Goldberg (Rube Goldberg) was born in San Francisco. His father, a practical man, insisted he go to college to become an engineer. After graduating from University of California Berkeley, Rube went to work as an engineer with the City of San Francisco Water and Sewers Department.

He continued drawing, and after six months convinced his father that he had to work as an artist. He soon got a job as an office boy in the sports department of a San Francisco newspaper. He kept submitting drawings and cartoons to his editor, until he was finally published.

He got there is hope...:)

I called this a simple theory and stated the argument in a consistently clear and simple fashion. The argument is extensive because it has to be. If I tell you that the Universe is vibrating you would properly call me stupid... If I represent the Hyperon Family as Dimensional Vibrations, you will eventually and I say eventually call me smart...:) Vanity and lack of intellectual courage will always preclude early adoption..:)

This is just the difference between half-baked and fully-baked ideas.

Crackpots and scientists will come with half baked ideas and that will always be fine. I, as a layman in this field, had to come up with the whole Chimichanga...:)

I hope you are enjoying the Feast...:)


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