Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Flying Orchestra

The Flying Orchestra

Let's review what the Hypergeometrical Standard Model has done to the Universe.

The Hypergeometrical Universe Topology places the whole 3D Universe flying at the speed of light as a 3D Hyperspherical Shell or Shock Wave Universe. There has always been some silly statements about the Universe having a tune (being in tune with the Universe)... :) or having a frequency or any other half-backed concept along those lines..

By introducing the concept of dilator as coherences between deformations (modulations) of a 4D space metric, I was able to create the chords associated with difference particles. Simple reasoning about which rotation axis in the four-dimensional space was used to replace funky Quarks like the Strange etc... Delta particles are supposed to have strange quarks, I believe., and of course, they are easily represented by the Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

I am able to explain them and everything (Theory of Everything) without any new construct!!!!!

This is a clean model based upon simple concepts of spinning, 4D volumes and 3D projections of those volumes.

By associating with each particle in the Universe a simple chord which gets repeated over and over again until the particle decays, I was able to associate a Musical Instrument to each particle in the Universe.

Since they are traveling at the speed of light along the Radial coordinate, I can claim that:
I've just thrown the Whole Orchestra along Their Beautiful Song at the Speed of Light....:)

Not only that, I also told you what the song is about....:)



PS- Just a comment about Art Imitating Life...:) If Spielberg where to redo his Encounters of First Kind, the tune played by the alien spacecraft could be recast as the sequence of notes associated with each member of the Hyperon Family...:) That would be a great script....:)

Another Art Imitating Life event was Law and Order yesterday... On that Theory of Everything episode, Stephen Hawkings kills another scientist just to keep the failure of his theory of everything from the public. I was amazed..:) Just kidding...:) Stephen Hawkings didn't kill anyone...:)

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