Thursday, October 02, 2008



As you might have realized, I write about my theory in this small corner of the infinite cyberspace. It is very peaceful here...perhaps too peaceful...:) I, as any real scientist, thrive on challenges and collaborations.

Most of the time, I take a positivist posture in evaluating problems and providing solutions within my own theory. This is not a fair and balanced review of literature.  There is a reason, I believe I reached much further on the goal of explaning Nature.  There is no point in spending time discussing how a Theory of Everything should look like (should it include M-Theory, Supersymmetry, Quantum Gravity etc, etc...) What is the symmetry of the Universe Hamiltonian...:) etc..

Currently this has been settle down in some scientists' minds but I believe that that symmetry shouldn't be settled without considering first my Lightspeed Expanding Hyperspherical 3D Shockwave Universe and of course my Hypergeometrical Gravitation and Electromagnetism equations...:)

That said, I have to remind you that being positivistic (asserting my theory explanations as a matter-of-fact) is not a bragging or thoughtless posturing but a challenge to the readers to come up with questions and/or good scientific counter-arguments.

Nobody can say I don't play a fair game and don't put my cards right on the table...:)

Please, wake up...:)  I've just corrected Newton, Einstein by proposing those pesky electromagnetism and gravitation laws...:)  and calculated the Age of the Universe from unexplanable data from the Pioneer Anomaly...:)

This cannot be taken sitting down... :)

You should have a position in favor or against it...:)

Spill your beans...:)


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