Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius said...

Hm... I like Anonymous. It’s like those voices in your head that make you turn only to find nobody around. :) And I have too much respect for Dr. Hawking to carry his name. I abandoned physics quite some time ago in favor of pursuit of digital happiness. However I do remain a scientist in spirit. So how about Dr. Zaius? :)

You know, I was thinking about your proposed shock wave and something makes me wander. If it's a true shock wave, such as in supersonic flight, then there'd have to be some entity continually generating it. If on the other hand it's like explosion or waves created by a pebble dropped in the water, then it should diminish as it moves forward, it's wave length and amplitude decrease. This would lead to some interesting phenomena in our universe. Poof?

Welcome, Dr. Zaius.

The Nature of the Shock Wave should be mundane... I would first consider all the standard, mundane boring, expected flow of events before concoting a superluminal, dimensional rip, m-branes collision crap or any other possible scenario. I believe the most likely event, if they explain what we observe might be as good explanation as any...:)

I concoted the simplest scenario on my Cosmogenesis. I don't talk too much about because I think it is trivial.

I will give you a very brief description of what is in the three pages paper on Cosmogenesis.

The cruxial event is the decomposition of an initial metric fluctuation of circa 100 km 4D Radius.

Check the calculations on Size doesn't Matter.

The Cosmogenesis process is the result of an irreversible decaying process above the Supersymmetry Condition. There is a minimum Universe Radius below which Gravitation and Electromagnetism have the same strength. The 4D Radius is something between 100 Km and the minuscule Universe where Gravitation equals Electromagnetism, this is as good estimation as I can do or bother to do.

The irreversibility of a metric fluctuation depends upon two characteristics of the metrics: a) dimensionality and b) fluctuation characteristic length.

Characteristic lenght is easy to understand - it is the size of the displacement volume of the fluctuation. In my model, two points separated by 100 km would be suddenly infinitely close to each other.

This metric fluctuation can decay but the reversibility depends also upon the dimensionality of it. Zero, One dimensional fluctuations are totally reversible. Four Spatial Dimensional Fluctuations would yield an 3D Universe like ours.

I proposed an rapid dimensional transition of the Initial Fluctuation from Zero Spatial Dimensions to 4D Spatial Dimensions, followed by the decay of the initial fluctuation eventually into 10^82 spinning dilators.

Spin creates electromagnetism, since the different phases of spinning results in "charges". Zero spin matter creates Gravitation. At time zero there was only non-zero spin dilators (no stable matter).

I expected just ligthspeed Radial propagation and lateral diffusion.

The initial burst of Gamma Radiation from one radian away from where you are know reaches you Doppler shifted as the Cosmic Microwave Background.

The beginning of times can be seen from any place if you look far enough (one radian).

With respect to that site, I will tell you later what I think.



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