Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Comment #3 - The Forest By The Trees

The Forest by the Trees

Anonymous said...

You know, I like your analogy about modern physics studying shadows on a wall. I for one feel that we can't see forest through the trees. However, sooner or later we'll get there.

By the way, I do recall reading an article by some gentlemen who proposed 5D universe with fifth dimension being absolute time. He also proposed that we move with the speed of light in that dimension and cannot detect it. In many regards it as similar to yours, except that it was not a sphere and he did not account for any expansion. I'm trying to find a link, but to no avail.

You may also find this link (Matter is made of waves)interesting.

By the way, Anonymous, I am enjoying thoroughly our conversation. I created this site for this, but nobody said anything that could lead to a conversation.

Given that I have a strong sense of humor and that my two idols are Dr. Steven Colbert, DPA ( Doctor of Performance Arts) and Dr. Stephen Hawking, PhD, I thought you wouldn't mind if I call you Dr. Hawking, since Dr. Steven Colbert is surely working on his own Theory of Everything right at this moment. Anonymous is soooo impersonal...:)

In doing so, my readership would benefit immensely from the attention grabber...:) People have sooo little conviction and no attention span these days...:)

So, Dr. Hawking, after all my explanation about the Surfer and the 4D wave, I am still not happy with my answer. I have to add that you were right, the analogy breaks down under close scrutiny (the search for a Gravity equivalent) and the better analogy is just a lateral wave inside a wave... :)


I am very fortunate that my writing's were quite inspired since the beginning. Please take a look on the first blog on Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Forgive me for some ramblings directed towards scientists. I was a scientist in the past and still am one at heart. I couldn't believe the lack of respect I was exposed to while trying to engage a single one in a conversation or to skim through my paper or to read the abstract...:)

Tremendous lack of curiosity, arrogance or both....

That said, I always had the hope I could reach one of the better ones, real scientists who could recognize a good idea when briefly presented.

In the revision of Newton's Second Law, I recast F=m x a as a product between volume and strain to give a measure of Stress... Needless to say, I am not a Civil Engineer and 4D Stress is ill defined in that specialty, so I had to create new entities which are very close related to Stress, Strain and Volumes...:) and use extensivity arguments.

That law expresses now that the stress is the same on both cross-sections shown above. The strain differs from one cross-section to the other. In the XYZR we are seeing the whole 4D Volumes adn the 4D volumes scales the intensive property 4DStrain. In the XYZTau we are seing the 3D projections (Shadows) which are used to scale the 3D Strain. As you can see after all, we live in a World of Shadows.

By the way, Dr. Hawking, I will call you Professor Hawking as a sign of respect to my idol...:)

I also thought about the Universe as traveling at the speed of light when I was a kid but drop the idea by lack of supporting concepts. The skinny 4D wave is simple but creates its own intellectual resistence (not on myself).

It indicates the existence of a perfectly circular Universe that cannot be traversed and also of a Delta Quadrant (which lowers the respectability of any theory..:)

Notice that the whole theory wouldn't be much if there wasn't an Hypergeometrical Standard Model, A Girlfriend on a Swing (Time Quantization which is the basis for Quantum Mechanics), The Cosmological Coherence and the Flying Orchestra.

Thanks Professor Hawking, this has been a nice dialog.



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