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Comment #2 on the Silver Surfer

Comments #2 on The Silver Surfer and The Hypergeometrical Universe

Anonymous said...

Ok, I see it. I guess it explains the lateral motion. But what about the radial? If one was to take a "surfer" analogy literally, one would have to assume a presence of a force perpendicular to the plain of "surfing". I.e. the only reason a real surfer can move forward is because of a gravity pulling him perpendicular to the surface of water, water resisting it, and a moving wave. So, if we live on the edge of a 4D shockwave, then there should be some force pulling us in the fifth dimension, shouldn't there?


First of ALL, let me thank you for asking me such meaningful and thoughtful questions.

This is a wonderful question, Anonymous...

I prayed everyday for such an event, and finally got my prayers answered ...:) He sent me a real Surfer (I mean, a Real Physicist...:)

First, let me remind you that the force on a Surfer is also trying to reach equilibrium or relaxation and that althought there is a Force and there is motion, if one disregards friction between the surfboard and the water and changes in height, there isn't work been done. The Force is just a boundary force or virtual force not unlike the force the ground exerts on us. The same is valid for the hypersuperficial force :).

First I will give you the short answer :

Radial (and lateral) propagation is driven by restoring metric forces (I calculated the 4D space deformation spring constant in my Grand Unification Paper). One can surf a transversal sea wave (where Gravity is the restoring force) or a shock wave (longitudinal wave) from a Supernova explosion (pressure being the restoring force). There are dissipation, acceleration and masses in these analogies, but in my theory there are only dilatons (traveling metric modulations) and dilators (coherences between 4D stationary deformational states). NO accelerations or masses.

This means that we don't necessarily live on the edge of a wave as opposed to being one with the wave. This means that dilators also propagate as any solitonic wave, carrying angular and linear momentum with itself. The breakdown of a Zero Angular and Linear Momentum (at the Beginning of Times) into a very large number of dilators with nonzero Linear and Angular moments is not much different from the problem of searching for your Soulmate...:) or other half... Fortunatelly our other half would be in the other side of the 4D Hypersphere...:) (due to linear momentum)...

I created the Silver Surfer analogy to make it easy for people to understand how motion and tilting of local space are related...It is a usefull paradigm to exemplify my correction to Newton's First Law.

What makes the 3D Hyperspherical Universe and its contents (dilators) to propagate radially is the 4D metric restoring force. There it is, you have what you were looking for... a force after all..>:) But there is no mass to go along with that force... just volumes (displacemente volumes) and no accelerations - just a constant propagation velocity (c)...>:)

Now the long answer.

Let me give you a map of my reply - today I have the Flu and my long answer will be short

As a guide for you to understand better the theory here are the key words:

a) Hypergeometrical Universe Newton's Second Law
b) Quantum Lagrangian Principle and the Wisdom on a Grain of Sand
c) Mention the Hypergeometrical Standard Universe

In the paper about the Hypergeometrical Universe Grand Unification, I used my version of Newton's Second Law to recover all the Forces of Nature (which is just one). At that time, I didn't mentioned the energy from space deformation because I wasn't ready to explain the Hypergeometrical Universe Standard Model.

The Quantum Lagrangian Principle goes hand in hand with the Pseudo Quantization of Time.

The standard model replaces the Quark representation of matter with a Dimensional Chord Representation of Matter. There are several levels of complexity and I have been delving little by little into higher and higher complexities.

If I get better, tomorrow I will post the Twisted Delta Triplets (Delta Hyperon Particles having the same decay channels and different levels of Twist - spin..:)

It is fun.. I hope you will enjoy.



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