Sunday, July 01, 2007

Encounters of the 4th Kind....:)

Encounters of the 4th Kind....:)

I might have a less than perfect personality, some weakness for chocolate, popovers (Popover Cafe in 87th Street and Amsterdam)...:) but one thing I can never be called: not persistent ...:)

Below is another attempt to an encounter of the 4th Kind and the opening of a communication channel with intelligent people.

Dear Professor Hawking,

I know how to read and read your request for not submitting ideas or crazy theories…

I also know that scientist are extremely impervious to someone’s else ideas.

I also read once that if a “scientist” reads an idea that makes sense its truthfulness will become evident immediately…J

My theory is quite simple, but extensive (it is an extensive argument which includes a new standard model in addition to a Cosmology, Grand Unification and Cosmogenesis). To make life easier, I normally focus my argument only on the Grand Unification and Standard Model.

The theory proposes the 3D Universe as being a lightspeed traveling shock-wave
expanding radially (at the speed of light). Our 3D motions are the just lateral motions and are induced by interaction between dilators. The fourth dimension is not compact. The 3D hypershell is thin, thus no aberration is observed.

Dilators are modeled as coherences between stationary 4D deformational states (on a rotational 4D double potential well). Spin is not an intrinsic degree of freedom, and it is instead considered to be the rotational perpendicular to R (the radial direction) and X(Y or Z).

Electron and Proton are modeled as two phases of this fundamental coherence and they are called the Fundamental Dilator. Neutrons, Hyperons are more complex chords of dimensional notes.

I hope your curiosity would be peaked enough to lead you into inspecting my work.

The work is presented in this blog

The Grand Unification paper was published in this book:

The pdf for Grand Unification is below

Any feedback, channel of communication or questions would be greatly appreciated.



**Automatic Reply**

Your email regarding "Ideas and the need for a Giordano Bruno" has been received.

Professor Hawking very much regrets that due to the severe limitations he works under, and the huge amount of mail he receives, he may not have time to compose a reply. All e-mail is read, however we do not have the resources to deal with the many specific scientific enquiries and theories we receive.

Please see the website for more information about Professor Hawking, his life and his work.


Sam Blackburn

Graduate Assistant to
Professor S W
Hawking CH CBE FRS

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical
Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge,
CB3 0WA.
United Kingdom.
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