Sunday, August 19, 2007

Linear and Hyperbolic Spaces

Linear and Hyperbolic Spaces

This is a brief explanation about a very complex subject of TauXYZ projection. The choice of an imaginary time creates the hyperbolic projection framework. Lorentz transformations are nothing but rotations by imaginary angles thus the hyperbolic cossines used in projections and the hyperbolic tangents used in relativistic velocity addition.

In the RXYZ projection, space is linear and cossines and tangents are just fine...:)

Somehow most people with some scientific background and knowledge of relativity still misses this geometrical interpretation, which is self-evident...:)

Although the math behind the projections is self-evident, the nature of time as perceived by us is not. I tried to explain my thoughts on some of the blogs, but at this time I have larger fishes to fry...:)


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