Sunday, August 19, 2007

Faster than The Speed of Light Propagation

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

A few days ago I learned that some German scientists had proven Einstein wrong...:)

They created a tunneling experiment and observed instantaneous tunneling propagation of an electromagnetic field or photon.

In the Hypegeometrical Universe, the 4D space is criss-crossed with a dilaton field with wavelength equal to the Compton wavelength of the Fundamental Dilator (one atomic mass unit). That wavelength is basically the size of the nucleus.

In my theory photons are modulations of the dilaton field source position, that is, a photon is a modulation of a modulation or modulation squared...:)

As in the case of any modulation or wave there are two velocities: group and phase velocity.

The phase velocity is limited to the natural speed of the medium. The group velocity is another matter. It can be infinite without breaking relativistic rules.

It is my understanding that the recent news are just about Group Velocity in a tunneling experiment where the Photon is not a particle - just a wave or better a waving wave.


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