Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Twisted Deltas - The Puzzling Delta Plus Plus

The Twisted Deltas - The Puzzling Delta Plus Plus

The Delta Zero was complicated but the Delta Plus Plus is infinitelly more complex.... It is a puzzling particle with two positive charges...:)

I am sure this will jogg your Brain a lot..>:)

It decays into a Proton and a Pion Plus as expected. The puzzle is how come the addition of an extra charge doesn't change this particle 3D Mass...:)

The reasoning to explain such aberration is similar to prior thinking. Let's start by looking at the Delta Plus Plus assignment:

A close examination reveals that Delta Plus Plus and Delta Plus differs just by the addition of an extra positron moiety within a positron group. This means that the new positron does not requires the addition of new transmutation transitions. I realized that this would add and extra 0.5 MEV/c^2 (positron mass) to the Delta Plus mass. That extra mass might be compensated by the higher "nuclear" moment of inertia. Since the lifetime of this particle is just one or two de Broglie steps, I doubt its mass can be well defined. The mass I was able to find had no decimals or precision beyond one MEV/c^2.

Similarly one could have a Delta Plus Plus Plus or a Delta Minus Minus with basically the same mass as all the other Deltas..:)

Below are the decay products:

This further relaxes into:

I hope you are having fun...:)


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