Sunday, August 19, 2007

Criticism and the Scientific Method

Criticism and the Scientific Method

The most important thing in Science is criticism. All ideas, including what we now consider our beautiful theories, be they Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chromodynamics, The Standard Model, Einstein General and Restrict Relativity etc), should be the subject of criticism.

I was almost forgetting Newton's Laws....:) They should also be the subject of analysis. Did I mentioned that I corrected Newton's Laws...

As I mentioned at the time, I would rather not have done it, but they had to be modified, reinterpreted such that Science could get a better footing.

Any new model should either show some indication of its potential as a replacement of current knowledge (like String Theory) or show a real improvement upon current views.

I mentioned String Theory because it doesn't even replicate current knowledge, that is, it is not a theory in which for a given limit one can recover current models.

A few days ago, Dr. Randal was praised for correcting Einstein in a model where she showed that Gravitation would decay exponentially between Branes and inversely with the square of distance within the Brane. That would be a great achievement if we knew that we live in a Brane.

This is the lousy science that my theory competes with. One makes a hypothesis and derives some conclusions. That would be alright. The hype is not alright. Everything should be stated as a conclusion made within a very, very hypothetical model with no footing on reality.

The broader the conclusions one can derive within a model (broader in the sense of touching several areas of knowledge) the more credibility the model should be entitled to.

In that sense, my model is quite credible and I invite again... since criticism is always welcome... meaningful critiques.

I posted the two I received. They are few and far between. I wish to receive a peer review, that is, to engage a real scientist on a rational discussion. That is not too much to ask for and that is the minimum any real logical framework deserves.

Scientific ideas shouldn't disappear just because someone call them names...:) Arguments are the only things that matters when it comes to the Scientific Method.

I posted two emails from "readers" in hope they will follow up and teach me something I don't know.

Criticism is the only way to improve ideas and that include my ideas.



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