Saturday, November 03, 2007

Area 51 - Where is my MapLoco

Area 51


What have you done to my MapLoco Visitor's Map????

This was to be expected...:) Aliens always keep a low profile...:) If discovered they get a wedgie from their superiors...:) I had to redo my MapLoco, by now it should have a filter for anything Alien...:) thus eliminating the track record of Alien existence...:) Only Aliens would have the powers to cajole MapLoco to erase my data there...:)

This creates a conundrum....:) If I can't detect Aliens in the future, that will mean that they actually exist...:) Not unlike proving the existence of God through His total disregard for human suffering...:)



ps- the rethorical logic statement above is aimed at emphasizing the logic behind an Alien Existence Proof...:) and not a theological challenge..:)

I don't discuss theology in this site, but sometimes I use theological arguments to emphasize something or to engage people...>:) The engagement that I seek is always intellectual and target at my theory....:)
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