Friday, November 09, 2007

The Nature of a Photon

What is a Photon ??

The most intelligent people debated this for a long time and reached the conclusion that a photon is not a particle, is not a wave, it is as anything else a duality particle-wave entity...:)

As you might imagine a photon is not what you heard before...:) at least not in my theory...:)

It is not a particle nor a wave...:) amd amazing enough, it is also not a dilator...:)(everything else in the Universe are dilators)...

In fact, it is a wave on a wave or a modulation of the source position of a dilaton field...:) The dilaton fields has a very specific wavelenght (4D wavelength equal to the Compton wavelenght of the fundamental dilator 1.00785 a.m.u.). This wavelength permeates the whole universe and it is the clock behind Quantum Mechanics...

This is a very short wavelenght - the size of a nucleus...:) How come we see the light (visible wavelengths) out of such dilaton wave..>:)

This is a simple problem... Electromagnetism is carried by a phase modulation of a very high frequency carrier... It carries linear and angular momentum of the source as it easy to see from my derivation of the Biot-Savart Law...

In another blog, I provided an alternative explanation for Action-At-Distance paradox. In that blog, I proposed that spin information didn't have to travel instantaneously if the spin of the two outgoing photons were defined at the origin, that is, the electronic coherence would decay due to its interaction with the polarized dilaton fields from one of the detectors...

I left a door open for instantaneous communication, since group velocity can be infinite under certain conditions and I see photons as a phase modulation on a dilaton field....:)

So there might be subspace instantaneous communication after all..:)


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