Thursday, November 01, 2007

Area 51

Area 51

Well, well.... I have been writing about the Meaning of Physical Existence, The Nature of Time,How to Solve all Energy Problems of Mankind, How to Control Gravitation etc... and I've just provided the Proof in the Pudding (The IMPOSSIBLE Vacuum Permittivity)...:)

It was just a matter of time before they would notice my work...:)

I've just received a visit from Area 51...:) More specific from the Whiteman Airforce Base in Montana...:) I don't know if it is there where they moved the Aliens to, but I suspect they might be trying to make contact...:)

I knew that my theory was receiving Alien attention. It was clear that Satellite Provider is not a place on Earth...:) Now Area 51...:)

It is about time...:) Bring me to your leader...:)

By the way, I suspect I know how he looks like...:)

I couldn't resist....:)

Jokes aside, please feel free to ask any questions.... Any signs of intelligence are always welcome...:)

Every time an idea from the 25th Century comes by, it should be clearly explained...:)

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